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  1. It seems like a lot of people are talking like a RMC of Roar (West) will happen yet it's still a rumor, a soild looking rumor but still just that word, rumor. Anyways if RMC does do anything with Roar I hope for a few air time hills but mostly those extremely banked turns. I already love the banked turns Roar already provides so if they can get it to do a turn nearly completely on a car's side I'd be down for that. Mainly since I doubt i'll ever get remotely close to a line for Outlaw Run.
  2. RMC could just not add a inversion to Roar if they alter it, They could just make it be northern California's airtime machine or do the crazy banking turns and what not. Though even that would be more extreme then Roar is now. also this year I got my friend, his little sister and her friend in the park for free on bring a friend day (my dad and his GF got the other 2 in). me and my friend sat at the front of Roar while the girl's were behind us. I think they would of still gone if it was a RMC but if it was I'd likely have to tell them it's a bit more extreme then Medusa even though it's shorter and has less inversions. Neither of them even touched superman but mainly due to what looks like a painfully slow barrel roll. (It's not that slow, only looks like it off ride.) I guess the biggest reason for them to RMC it is the whole "constant re-tracking" issue and the fact it seems to break down for short periods of times whenever I go. Plus it is over 10 years old and approching 20 quickly. Also goldstriker at CGA is from the same company and likely spanks Roar in everything. So maybe they feel a need to start a little competition with CGA across the bay.
  3. My money is on another case of unknown about aneurysm, but only since the same thing happened back in what 2001 on Goliath? In any case, it's terrible.
  4. I don't think they care about what guests and 3rd party people say. Workers at the park or maybe even other cedar fair parks fine, sure. Either way already seems like a open and shut case to me given it was a maintenance worker, so unless they are just on trash detail they should of known better. Though anyone who gets hired at a park should know not to go into restricted ride areas. The guys just lucky he didn't end up like the teenager who got his head decapitated back in 2008.
  5. If Roar is RMC'ed I can only assume it'll have a inversion somewhere. I don't think roar is considered a family coaster at all but it's certainly tamer then kong and medusa and I think this would be bad for people who are scared of coasters. It was grizzly greeased lighting, the demon and top gun at CGA that finally got me hooked onto coasters and in that order. this is why I still like roar, it's not extreme but it's not tame either. It's a solid middle ground between a family coaster and something like a B&M hyper. anyways if the rumors are only getting more serious. I'll be sure to get dozens of rides in when I can.
  6. The news article robb posted says" She was subsequently taken via airship with a parent to Northridge Hospital." I can only image someone had a brain fart while writing and couldn't think of what a helicopter is called.
  7. Could also be Le Monstre in Montreal. But my totally uninformed guess is Iron Boss, it seems to "fit" the RMC style the most. I don't see SFDK getting another coaster for some time. Likely will get a family coaster when that happens anyways.
  8. Roar is still a fine coaster IMHO. is it amazing? no. Is it terrible and needs to be torn down ASAP? *hell no*. SFMM got the RMC and it was needed and warranted. Roar always draws enough people every day to not deem a retrofit necessary. SF:DK has space if they decide to take out Kong and they can expand that foot print by maybe moving dare devil dive which apparently isn't getting much foot traffic for it being 2015's attraction. Maybe I don't give general public not enough credit? plus honestly I like roar, it's one of my reasons for always going. i'd love for it to be RMC'ed but perferbly not when i'm holding a valid season pass.
  9. I can only imagine how that went... 1st drop: What a nice of view of X2! 2nd drop: What a nice view of Superman! 3rd drop: What a nice view of Batman! I'm going to ride again so I can look at something else from 400 feet up in the air for just a few seconds! the only time I've been on it was during a VIP tour I was on and won. It just opened that year in 2012 but this was in November or December I think. But they would only let me and my party onto the side facing away from the interstate. It's so boring on that side, nothing to really see.
  10. Definitely go to superman first, as everyone starts at Medusa. Medusa never has a wait in the afternoon. You should ride Roar, as after it has warmed up it has great airtime. yep. Superman first if you get there when the park opens and are there for "rope drop". After that go on roar and V2 if you wish to ride either of those. Then i'd suggest check out any animals you want to see like peguins, the sallow dolphin pool, sealions, walrus, sting rays and sharks. then from there just kinda do what you want? Generally I just work counter-clockwise.
  11. I can't really speak to a strategy for hitting the park but I would seriously suggest you add Ninja to your list. That would be my biggest "strategic" suggestion. I liked ninja when I rode it but I haven't rode it after they cut down the trees. I still think it's worth doing just because of how rare that type of coaster is.
  12. lol @ Six flags making the App iOS 8 or above only. Surely a iphone 4 couldn't handle all of the technical stuff going on in the app.
  13. dolphin show drench and maybe the tiger show. Sea lion show is now skippable IMHO and so is the bird show. also going to the backside of the park to see the animals can be worth it. normally the bald eagle is on it's little perch (it can't fly or just barely can due to a injury, which is why its at the park.) and there's like 1 male lion and 2-3 females. plenty of tigers and a cougar enclosure. the vet clinic area so far in my last 2-3 vists has only placed their resident skunk inside of the place. For a skunk, it's kinda cute but it's also completely enclosed.
  14. if that's true it's extremely bad and one or more people deserve to be fired and/or or given 50 non stop rides on Kong. Certainly and it does sound plausible given how apathetic ride OP's on the "lesser rides" have been in my visits. I'm sure some idiots have faked stuff after boarding as well so that might play a part in it. the good news, boomerang is literally right next to first aid. Though first aid is right next to the aligator and tortise pit so if you happen to die in the park. Well, they'll save money on meat... right?
  15. Thank you sir. I'm going ride Drop of Doom 15 times in a row. It's the closest I will ever get to skydiving. I was surprised by how boring I thought it was, I really hate heights but it's restraint system made me feel perfectly secure and when a Superman car('s) launched up the tower I just laughed at the swaying of the tower. It's a nice ride but I thought it was going to be the most scairest ride in the park for me, but Goliath still holds that spot. I guess Steep lifthills do me in.
  16. Assuming the incident reported is true, that is likely the case---per the state law, they have to keep it offline until it's confirmed what happened with the guest. Anything beyond "normal first aid" has to be reported to the state and the state has to give the OK. Anyways...saw a report today of a 3hr posted wait time and no single rider open. Ouch. don't they have 4 trains with the expressed purposed of the 4th to be subbed on when needed if one train goes down? TC is being really well recived, but it's clear SFMM still has a lot of kinks to work out. Though they did a good job with line management it seems for it's official opening day.
  17. when I go this yeah, the odds of me being a single rider are like 90% or more.
  18. got to wait a few weeks and see how things progress with people lining up for it. I'm also thinking that at 3-4 hours long people won't re-ride thus they leave the area and the line just gets shorter throughout the day. Hopefully it'll mirror Medusa at SF:DK, stupidly long line early on in ther day then a ghost town in comparions around 3-5 pm.
  19. it might. also it does say people who present a season pass can get a wristband for the event too, "A valid discover card or a season pass".
  20. Isn't the discovery ERT after the park "closes". As for moonsoon falls it was running for at least part of the day when I was there last but that was about 2 weeks ago. All the water rides have been opened and active for over a month now.
  21. from what I heard on here from people who went to filming days they are still trying to figure out how to duel/race them with 3 trains and that's without hundreds of general public guests filling the lines. Keeping a 4th one on hand only to be used in case of one trains failure is a good idea to me.
  22. timing of mechanics of the lift hill('s) or of the crews shoving general public in? the last time i went to SF:DK I got in the back row of Roar and the old couple directly in front of me the wife tried to sit down with a napsack bag. I really wanted to shout "Really!?" but held my tongue. then they were shutting the gates and she was standing in the middle of it not sure to exit from the entrance or the exit. Meanwhile the ride attendants aren't doing a whole lot. Hope TC never gets to that point of workers not caring and ejecting people from the line before they get in line let alone inside of the boarding area.
  23. Sundays will be less crowded in general people go to church, have work the next day, and so on. sundays or the middle of the week have been the best days for me, though I've never really seen SF:DK be dead asides for this really odd day SF:DK opened to honor vetrans day last year and it wasn't the actual veterans day. I think it was opened friday- sunday, closed monday then opened on tuesday. that day was good for the first 3 hours and then the park got filled up decently like it always does as the day wears on.
  24. yeah, you're likely right. Frankly I would of rather them save whatever money they used to buy this ride and the money used to power and maintain it to go into faster constuction of the area's getting upgraded. Though, the sea lion show is worse now theme and story wise I forgot if they even addressed the drought in it but the trainers didn't seem that into it. Plus what happens when fright fest rolls around? will they even rework it for halloween? It being Six Flags and all, I somehow doubt it. hopefully 2016 sees a dark ride, reopening of the 4D action theater or the park introducing bears. They usually do a different show for Fright Fest, though I can't remember exactly what it was. I'm definitely going to be eagerly awaiting the 2016 announcement, hopefully it'll be something more exciting. Side note: are they still doing Cirque Dreams? I haven't heard anything about it so I wasn't sure if that was over. The last time I was at the park I thought I saw there was a show in that stadium, but I didn't know what it was. well every time I went to the fright fest sea lion show, it was the same show (same tricks) but normally one person was dressed and acted like austin Powers and i'm not 100% sure but I think last year one was supposed to be dr. brown from Back to the future. It was just overall more comedic and unexpected. Last time I was at the park they were still doing Drench as the only dolphin show. next time I go I'll ask about the Dreams show which I have yet to see myself. also I wish I could do the media day thing but I wouldn't be able to make sure I'd go, I don't have a real video camera, my best still shot/video camera is 12MP and kodak from like 2008 and I wouldn't be able to process/upload them until I got home anyways.
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