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  1. Winged or Dive coaster taking up vipers spot, going over the white water ride and extending into daja vu's old footprint, then comes back to complete the loop. Possibly costs too much but that's a lot of space to work with.
  2. yeah i saw it here on this link: http://www.myfoxzone.com/story/29960992/new-rides-announced-for-six-flags-over-texas-fiesta-texas . At the end of the Joker's description it says that the "Joker will also include unique features based on its Batman branding. For example, riders will brave "Harley Quinn's Tunnel of Fear," an underground section that will be filled with fog, lighting, and sound effects." I'm just wondering where it's going to placed. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but this sounds more like the queue line theming than something on the actual coaster. Like the Batman:the Ride queue. I'd be fine with that too, since its less work needed to be done on the coaster itself. I want this thing to be open ASAP.
  3. So what is Ninja like these days at SFMM, Is it a bare hillside or are you at least swinging/flying trough shrubbery? My friend finally got a SF:DK pass with me so hopefully we'll head down to magic mountain during the "off season". He's never been there before and IMHO Ninja is almost a must for someone who's never been there let alone never been on that kind of ride.
  4. Very likely closed for the drought/(aka operating costs, my Theory). in 2014 after I got my pass in the labor day sale the first time I went it was closed and they were building up the walls on the platform for fright fest. I'm willing to bet it wont be open again for the 2015 season and it's been down since like mid july. it's always a somewhat popular ride but that thing uses a LOT of water and they can't recycle that water forever. What I don't get however, is why the hell is that first waterfall *always* on when the ride is closed and devoid of water.
  5. Well unless six flags ever confirms that at a corporate or park level, I wouldn't really take that as 100% truth. Not sure at SF:GA but at SF:DK the gate attendants are barely trained high schoolers or collage aged kids. I mean, last time I was at SF:DK the guest relations had zero idea they we even doing ERT after the park closes and had to call up a park manager or something to find out what rides were to be opened. I think we are seeing the reason why you can get almost a year and a half of six flags for 51 bucks.
  6. So last night I ordered 4 season passes from their seemingly annual sale. I'm sure the order went threw but they never sent any e-mail confirmation and I ordered the passes paperwork through USPS. Seriously not liking them right now. Paying 322 dollars for 4 passes and a season meal thing and they can't even give you a simple confirmation via e-mail? edit: had to call them up to get a confirmation e-mail. Apparently they don't like aol.com domains.
  7. Maybe the Harly Quinn tunnel (if they do add one) will be pre-lift hill *and* along the entire lift hill?
  8. 1. they did for me last year. I brought my friend in september in 2014 on my 2015 gold pass. It was insanely packed, the worst i'ver ever seen it. worse then my last visit even. Would not recommend doing this month's bring a friend unless you really want to. 2. I never tried using it at six flags magic mountain, but they after dffrent bring a friend days then SF:DK so my guess is no. SF:DK was "attached" to Water world at cal Expo but six flags sold that off and it's not a independent water park. It was a fun park but its like 65 miles away from SF:DK. It was a very strange concept to me though it was a really nice perk for valley residents. also to reamake the pointSF:DK season passes do not work at water world @ cal expo. six flags no longer owns that water park.
  9. this article? "The Discovery Kingdom conversion will likely change Roar's jerky ride into a deliriously smooth coaster experience. The Joker should also offer other IBox signatures, such as loads of out-of-your-seat airtime. But it will also include unique features based on its Batman branding. For example, riders will brave "Harley Quinn's Tunnel of Fear," an underground section that will be filled with fog, lighting, and sound effects. Enhancements like that begin with Six Flags' design team. "We start the crazy ideas and bounce them off each other," says Hudson."
  10. the "step up, under-flip, inverted fresh California sushi mahi mahi roll" is a new element that RMC and/or six flags named themselves. but in all seriousness. It's the very first element after the first drop on "The Joker".
  11. the park i'm going to miss is the "tunnel" and the banking turn that gets you close to the outside of roar's exit, where you can wave or yell at people waiting by the exit. Doesn't look like Joker has either, other then the first section being close to the security gates.
  12. If you look closely, the upper half is a straight drop. It doesn't start to bank until past halfway down, so the air should be sustained as long as it would be on a fully straight drop. If I want airtime on the first drop at SF:DK, I'll get on the back row of Medusa. But RMC always sounded good at trying to maximize ejector airtime.
  13. Jamba wasn't terrifying but I thoroughly enjoyed it as a kid. might be false memories, but that thing provided airtime too from what I recall.
  14. If SF/SF:DK wants to replace Medusa's zero g-roll with a Stall, I'm all for it. the "weightless" feeling is cool from it, but it last what feels like a second at most. He's talking about Medusa Steel in Mexico, not Medusa at SFDK. haha oh, well I still stand by my comment.
  15. If SF/SF:DK wants to replace Medusa's zero g-roll with a Stall, I'm all for it. the "weightless" feeling is cool from it, but it last what feels like a second at most. Also while I was at SF:DK this past sunday and doing my marathon of superman at opening, some guy behind me mentions to his friend the worst part of superman is the big drop from the top portion of it. you're pretty much going straight down and it turns during the diving. The part isn't painful to me but it's very jarring. Anyone else feel the same. ( referencing the part right after the slow corkscrew roll)
  16. That was me who suggested it haha. I think it'd be nice to do all that but with no off season, when? They got time to do it over weekdays, and it's not like they need to get it done before the public sees it.
  17. My last coaster was Medusa at SF:DK yesterday. It was a horrible afternoon/evening there. Second year in a row I saw a horrible, jam packed bring a friend day. Remember those scenes from jurrasic world where people were shoved up right onto each other? Yeah, that happened. Only there were no peterdactyles to carry off the strollers taking up 25% of the pathway.
  18. yeah, apprently the fairgrounds parking lot was half full but there waas a "code of the west gun show" there too. However on my way out walking down the path I saw people leaving SF:DK to walk across the street to it. From, the top of Medusa's lift hill, the parking lot seemed about 30% fuller then regular sundays. The very worst part of the day was the tiger show stadium was packed for its last showing. Me and my small group (3 total) we're trying to get to the wildlife theater in the backside of the park. Well, half of that aisle was blocked by people screwing around with their strollers and half was people trying to get out of odin's temple of the tiger stadium. this was as bad if not worse then trying to walk trough the main concourse of the Oakland A's stadium during a sellout game. If they had the shortcut path open to the west side of the park from the clearance store, I would of taken the back side of the park to get to wildlife theater.
  19. so, so many people on sunday 8/30/2015. I did 5 rounds of Superman in the middle isles as a single rider, but I still had to wait in the general line. 2-4 hours after the park opened, everything had a 20+ mins line and the shows were packed. didn't even stay for the chrruo ERT because, it was only 30 mins. By the the general public got (who's left after the park line "closes") on Medusa it would be 7:30 by then. So the ERT would of only netted maybe 3 rides on medusa if that.
  20. If this is real hopefully in 2017 or 2018 they add in a family coaster. Maybe a launched one like the seaworld's have. Cobra will be the tallest coaster at the park without a invers ::breaking news:: SFDK's matience workers are twisting the track of cobra to provide a inversion. Also the park is changing their name to Six Flags Inversion Kingdom.
  21. I know I hit all of the fright pass ones last year, twice. The monsoon falls one sucked, not sure why that was. The actors were decent. I think the best one's last year was slaughter house farm (white water maze) and nightmare manor (bumper car maze). 3rd best was the shark experience maze, but only since it was pitch black in it's entrance.
  22. Are we sure it isn't just that Crap-tacular scare zone they had by the food court in 2014? they had some clowns there, a light fog machine and metal bars forming a small path way. then the zombie clowns or whatever just kinda ran from bars to bars trying to scare people.
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