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  1. Which is why I will never ride a drop tower. it's weird the first drop tower I ever went on is Lex Luthor's drop of Doom at Magic Mountain and i'm scared of heights. While the ride was being lifted to the top of the tower just the wind alone caused the tower to sway. nervous laughter to say the least, but i survived just fine. been on it like at least 4 times now, at least once on both sides.
  2. From an e-mail from Six Flags this morning. Let's hope this is a case where a few actually means a few, and not five or six. You forgot to tell the berst part of the e-mail. They lead it off with Kong Marine World is the best name for the park IMHO. Discovery Kingdom is something I never felt exactly fits because sadly the education from the animal exhibit is pretty minimal. The workers who are staffed at exhibits to make sure people behave well only have fact sheets they read from. After the Joker opens hopefully they'll spend a year or two revitalizing the animal programs of the park.
  3. the parks social media presence have been pretty silent on The Joker since the first running of it. Memorial day is still 3 weeks away though so they still got time to test and film. I'm just so excited that I want some news, any news on the ride. Meanwhile there has been some birth('s?) and birthdays for the parks animal residents.
  4. Oh how I wish this was true for all Vakomas. I skip boomerang every time i'm at SF:DK if im that far back into the park I'd much rather check out the animals or ride the rapids.
  5. Same. I actually go every Sunday. I think the banking on that last turnaround really says it all. This things gonna be hauling äss from start to finish. (Though technically the same thing could have been said about that weird little overbank on Storm Chaser too...) When you have to compete with a coaster like Gold Striker an hour away, you better make that thing haul A$$ through the whole course! not once the GCI coaster starts shaking itself apart like Roar and Terminator/Apocalypse. I've still yet to ride gold striker personally, but I got a free ticket to the park for most of the season. I'll likely hit it and Mass Effect up at some point.
  6. I've seen the last little hill into the break run/repair station in person. There's no way there's not going to be a little pop of airtime.
  7. I tried to get a date out of the representative. She was about to blurt out an answer, but then caught herself and said it was going to be "Spring this year". Well yesterday SF:DK posted a photo on facebook/twitter of apprently the last bit of track being installed. https://twitter.com/sixflagsDK/status/725474854858678272
  8. Bit late but I agree with Goliath. I guess my theory is people ride it because it's the tallest rollercoaster in the park and not because it's amazing like it probably was at opening. Still never been on Batman the ride despite going to the park no less then 4 times and once in the parks VIP program. I just figure it's going to be another B&M Topgun/Flight Deck so i'd rather do stuff like TC, Lex, Full Trottle or really anything else that SF:DK either didn't have or can't ever have. Maybe Six Flags can rip out Kong (Hangman) from SF:DK, melt it down back into the depths of hell from where it clearly came and transport batman the ride to SF:DK and let SF:MM get a new coaster or a dark ride.
  9. Went to the park today, Saturday the 23rd. fair bit of people already there at the rope drop but most went to oasis plaza so I started with superman as always. Got two rides in before the line became like 20-30 mins long easily. As soon as I got back in line for a 2nd ride around at least 40+ people enter the line behind me. While I was in the station waiting for ride #1 a girl got off the ride and was talking to the ride op's for a rather long time, apparently her phone dropped from the ride so they had to run the train for one cycle while empty. After that I just end up doing 2 rides on White Water Safari being inserted into rafts with random people and two sessions on the bumper cars. For how often I ride em here at SF:DK I rarely get any solid hits on people. biggest news was that the big RMC crane and a little one was in action all day seemingly from when I got there to when I left at like 5 pm. I saw one of those steel grider's they bolt the track onto being lifted into place but couldn't tell exactly where it was being placed. Meanwhile I saw one guy touching up one that was already installed on the top gun stall I think. And then about 3-4 random spots of wood supports being worked on/reinforced with extra bolts? One being the beginning of first hill/upsidedown element. Just seemed like they were doing plenty of work today. Also don't know if it was mentioned for that Tour. But the coasters station is really, really colorful now. colors you'd associate with like those traveling carnivals on flatbeds and such.
  10. Due to the MycokeRewards promotion for Cedar Fair parks, I've got a code for a free ticket to use at most of Cedar Fair owned parks. Gonna wait till Mass Effect opens though to bother processing and using it though. Haven't been back to the park in over a decade now I think.
  11. We got video of trains! video above clearly shows some track is still not in place.
  12. the nursing area is inside the first aid station apparently, which is behind the exit to boomerang.
  13. it's only like 10-15 mins and only for cobra, kong and medusa in Oasis Plaza on the front/right side of the park past coldstone/lockers. They run Medusa in light rain or did last time I was there and it had light rain. No idea if they close superman in rain but if it's moderate/heavy rain I bet they would. v2 was still closed down for I matience on march 31st, which I thought was weird given spring break and all. White water safari, the rapids ride was open too.
  14. I get why they put a Reaper in there, but Mass Effect has some great world building that the last 2 games didn't take advantage of IMHO. Plus after the ending of mass effect 3, I just don't like Repears nearly as much as I did in ME 1/2. I'm hoping it's a fun ride/movie.
  15. So you think they'll bring all the boys to the park? Certainly they'll bring me. They'll have to try really hard to screw up a vanilla milkshake even at Johnny Rockets.
  16. Got to the park around noon or so, as stated it wasn't that crowded. Decent crowds but not horrible wait times apart from kong/superman. Me and my group mainly just did Medusa over and over. Milkshakes are now a snack item on the season meal pass. got Garlic Fries today to share with friend though. Will get a vanilla milkshake next time. edit: Forgot to mention two RMC workers were putting up guard rail on the right side of the track behind the break run/sub station, whatever we want to call it.
  17. I'll be at the park around at least 12:30. Gonna wear my Gravity Falls Mystery Twins shirt.
  18. as long as you bought it directly off steam, ran it for less then 2 hours and had it less then 2 weeks (from official launch) you should be able to refund it without issue. Valve/Steam made guide on how to request a refund
  19. This one..might be on you man. You start the sandbox map at 1/9th the possible map size, and buy 8 more pieces to extend your park outwards. There is more than enough space for multiple rollercoasters. And now for some funny videos... Sounds like they were going for what works for Cities Skylines while not realizing that cities work that way, theme parks don't. At least in video games. And those graphics look bad for a 2015/2016 video game. I'd guess it was a game from 2012 at the latest.
  20. Sadly I don't recall a lot of detail or just don't know how to convey it properly. But here it goes. I got to California's Great America and there's this dark ride from like the early 80's. It has a Disney World people mover vibe, like it's from the same era or at least one or two of the designers had a hand in it. One of the more weird features of this attraction is that guests can actually cause their ride vehicle to totally flip upside down for most if not all of the ride. I don't remember any theme or animatronics but the draw was 1. it's simply something to do and 2. the ride is user controlled but still on rail with a set speed. It was a really interesting dream though. Not sure why my theme park/roller coaster dreams are taking place at that park. Haven't been back there in I think a decade now. I guess I just think there's so much wasted space there and I think the park is boring for how much history it has. My last dream about CGA before this was CGA having a actual Startours ride in partnership with Disney. it having only one movie but it being exclusive to the park.
  21. Vertical towers, plural. Did they just copy and paste the ride description from it's opening?
  22. Why can't that awful show just disappear already? bBcause of people (see: idiots) like me who hate the show yet keep watching it thinking we have some sort of commitment to ourselves to keep watching this piece of shit show.
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