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  1. I think it's silly but I think the three broomsticks looks the best to me. Really does look like it's from the movies totally reminds me of it from prisoner of azkaban.
  2. Can anyone please share the link to this deal? Maybe contact six flags and ask if you can possibly get in on the deal too?
  3. I'd gladly take the roasted turkey legs over a vegan option that only serves to take food away from the animals in the park. Should get the fish n chips next time and eat it in front of the fish tank. (but darn that no food and drinks sign.)
  4. Just remember. I just hope that even if it's a colossal failure, they at least learn why it was a failure so it can be fixed in the future.
  5. I saw that side cold stone store open last season a few times. not often, but it was. (I go look at the outlet store often.) You're to funny.
  6. SFDK subtly recognizing that Kong might beat the crap out of you, especially in latter rows? Came here to post this, but I guess I'll show the headline of it. i.imgur.com/k6PNTJc.png
  7. Doug's photos are freaking great. Was it the last bring a friend free day or something? Also they normally opening the fairgrounds lots for parking when the parking lot is officially deemed filled.
  8. whoa now, SFMM had at least two good wooden coasters. They just aged poorly.
  9. "Titan" fries n shakes. For the DC area because they rebrand one of the old rides to Teen Titans Go! branding to attract the tweens.
  10. I was at SF:DK this past Sunday and over heard some other guy buying a dining pass. I guess there's a regular one (lunch n dinner) but it doesn't come with a blue 2016 cup or the snack option. Might also come with more limited choices. However if its 50 dollars for the gold dining pass, that's a pretty good deal if you actually like the food. mine was like 80-90 dollars or so during the 2015 labor day sale BTW.
  11. I think mine was Demon at California Great America back in maybe 2003-2004. Fun ride given back then I feared coasters. Now the only one that instills fear in me is goliath at magic mountain. Still never gone to the front or back row.
  12. Went to SF:DK today 2/21. Pafrk was pretty busy but not packed either. Everything to the bumper cars had decent lines to them. that said, I went into guest relations to find out if gold meal pass gets 20% off item at the clearance shop (it does, apparently). But while there I saw they had a new verison of the season meal pass menu out, but only on a single laminated sheet. licorice ropes, sno-cones and "good humor bars" are some of the new snack choices. Chop Six and JB's sports bar will also offer a lot if not there whole menus for meals. Garlic fries are also now a snack. The one thing not on the list I still would like is the roasted turkey leg. PS: you can get just fortune cookies, as a snack from Chop Six.
  13. Because it is small. The chairs only go up to something like 130 feet, maybe 135 at most right? Stupid height limit.
  14. I don't think six flags cares if joker and medusa have similar colors, they are likely just focused on getting the RMC coaster up and running and trying to improve the re-opening of the theater to out compete CGA across the bay.
  15. Two NFL teams, Two NBA teams, a NHL team in san jose. non sports things in the bay area peirs, aquariums, science museums malls, like at least 3 golf lands in the bay area (mini-golf), a lot of state parks, yosemite isn't that populated in the winter and I hear getting a campsite at Camp 4 (rock climbers perfer to camp there) is easy. though if anyone goes i'd recommend having micro-spike crampon's for their shoes. CGA closing and everything getting removed would suck for people who come here and however many local fans, but the bay area could easily survive without it.
  16. Are you saying that California's Great America has become the "Six Flags Astroworld" of Cedar Fair? If they aren't saying it, I'll say it. I don't know what Cedar Fairs goal was when they took over management but apart from a new CGI and this upgrade to the theater. I'm still unsure what there plan is other then get as much money as they can, and that could easily come in the form of selling/getting out of the area. I don't know why I love to hate on CGA, other then having Six flags passes for the last 2 years and levi stadium "next" to it. I always had a fun time at the park when I had passes for it.
  17. I saw the drop a few weeks ago on Pacific rim's soft opening. it always looks dinky in photos because the 80 degree "drop" doesn't last too long before it curves into the turn. However the drop on roar was always fun and this is going to be just like that only with a great inversion for the first hill. I can never remember what they are calling that first inversion, it always sounds like a skateboarding trick.
  18. The Machinist is one of the more disturbing movies I've seen, Bale really committed to that role. Glad I've forgotten most of the movie, not because it's horrible but because it's just eerie.
  19. I likely won't get on the first public train, but I'll apply for the whole b-roll commercial shoot stuff if six flags does that again.
  20. Yeah the one at SF:DK was closed on the 9th there as well, signage 100% removed. Not that I care since it was never on the dining passes.
  21. Medusa, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. One of those two trains is a bit rough.
  22. I was there this past Saturday and I didn't notice any notable progress being made on The Joker from the last update I saw here or elsewhere online. I'm hopping it'll open in march but six flags corporate likely only demands it's opening day be on memorial day which is may 30th.
  23. It hasn't been embarrassing in the least yet, but I've gone on the road runner express at SF:DK a few times. Anytime my friend goes to the park with me and it's busy I'll try to encourage him to try it because it technically is a rollercoaster and the wait isn't nearly as long as even Cobra. The last time I was embarrassed was last Saturday. I go to SF:DK to check out Pacific Rim "5D". Get inside the park right at opening and go right for Pacific Rim. I end up being the only one in the line. when i get buckled in, put the 3d glasses on over my existing glasses. ::Loud speaker:: "belt on, glasses on. Are you excited!?" and i let out the stupidest "wooooo" and give thumbs up. Then of course I got on it 3 more times throughout the day, even though it's just barely okay since that theater is finally operating again.
  24. Maybe Dollywood will install the worlds first "Double D" simulator. Two different meanings here. double D or Edd with Double D.
  25. I thought so! This is exactly what's been bugging me with Simex-Iwerks nowadays. Most of their current library consists of re-edited movies that they label as a ride. I mean, I could give Happy Feet at CGA some fairness as they took parts of the film that seemed the most like a ride. But the other recent "ridefilms" (especially given what I heard about the new PR ride) just looks like lazy effort. I understand making new content can be expensive, but why even bother with using IPs like this at all if you're not going to do something interesting with them? With the new dinosaur craze going around I wouldn't mind them bringing Dino Island back, although I will say the film (or at least the CG in it) is a tad outdated. Also, wasn't 7th Portal made especially for CGA? Granted I never visited SFDK as much as the other California parks, but did it really play there? I don't think 7th portal played at SF:DK but I know it was at least fun at CGA and better then the stupid spongebob thing they replaced it with.
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