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  1. TPR certainly has the most lively discussions. I've tried the whole rollercoasters sub-reddit and it's just dull.
  2. I've only ridden on TC twice once in row 2 and once in the row in front of the most rear. Only about one or two of the 4 "laps" dueled. But in all honesty, I do perfer TC over Joker. RMC's aren't normally straight and TC having a second lift hill is pretty funny, it gives you a chance to talk about the ride during it and psych yourself up for a duplicate drop. Meanwhile The Joker it just drops you down and never lets up even when it's going slow. I guess the rapid pace and element after element of joker isn't something I really enjoy. It reminds me of Kong in that regard. ::holds up flame shield::
  3. They aren't too bad normally. I've had the dining pass for the past 2 and a half seasons. The worst I've been in was Johnny Rockets next to Taz in later 2015. Something like 35 mins it felt like from lining up and getting the chicken strip basket. Just think they were woefully understaffed and somewhat unmotivated AKA: Six Flags being Six Flags.
  4. Yeah given me and my dad didn't renew our passes for 2017 the price is fine but we are fine skipping a year. I'll be sure to try and get my fill on The Joker and that could very well largely rely on just what they are doing for "off season" operations. days in November and December are dead months usually, like half as crowded or even less then weekdays in summer.
  5. Does it feel like it ends faster than Goliath? I don't know if it ends faster then Goliath as I haven't been on that. But I know The Joker can sometimes feel like it won't even make it up onto the break run. I guess when the track is "cold" and the train is only like half full. I think it's been getting more consistent in speed as the season has gone on. Meanwhile when its like 4 pm on a 85+ degree day and the train is near full. God the thing haul's butt trough the entire course. during those times it feels like it's less then even 50 seconds from the first drop.
  6. So if you are renewing, do you have to make it to the park by October 28? I got in far enough without actually ordering and I recall it being a similar date. kinda 50/50 if I really want a 3rd season pass in a row. The first flash/labor day sale got me. Thankfully this time you don't need groups of 4 or more, well long as your a pass holder.
  7. Oh I know it probably won't happen, I just think it would add to the experience a bit. Even just 20 ft would make a big difference, and allow you to fall a full 150 ft. Plus, I just like the idea of launching out of a pit with the smoke effects. Would add something unique to an off the shelf ride. It sounds cool but just having people be seated in a pit, attendants going down to check restraints and then the possibility of the "smoke" not clearing out. Then atop of that 3 drop towers already existing in california one being at least tied for the 2nd tallest in the world. I just don't think it's a great idea. I have a fear of heights and even Lex Luthor's Drop of Doom surprised me in how tame it is.
  8. I'd be happy with a new screen, somehow the one they currently use feels like its the same one they opened with.
  9. Went to the park for the last weekday of summer operation. Went on the joker once around 3 pm-ish. the line wasn't bad at all but the purple train was up in the repair station. So what should of been maybe a 20 min wait or so became around 38 mins of waiting. They killed of The Joker's Flash Pass and so are now letting people onto the stairwells so while the line may seem short on the outside there's maybe another 25-50 people on the stairs. other then that it was just bumper cars and a double ride on cobra. My main reason for honestly coming was for Pokemon Go as well as taking advantage of our season dining passes. Got a bulbasuar at the parking lot tram station around 11:05 am and a Dratini on the path heading to Seal Cove from the front of the park. Later on found a Scyther near the bumper cars. Pacific Rim was closed. No idea if it was due to lack of staff or if they are setting it up for a fright fest haunted house/maze. Oh White Water was open but the first and only good waterfall was not on. I barely got wet on the ride.
  10. It's a completely different ride and situation but AFIK we still don't know for a fact what went wrong with The New Texas Giant RMC ride at six flags when a rider was flung from that ride. Since then the case has been settled and no information has come from that. My point here is sometimes they never reveal details to the public and in this case they might not given the boy's age, respect for the law maker and his family, etc. To me it seems like a perfect storm of all the varying reasons why something might not ever be made public.
  11. You must have low standards for ride ops. Your necromancer skills are insane, but Six Flags as a whole seems to have low standards for ride ops anyway.
  12. All three guests were hurt. That leads me to believe that this accident was caused by something more than just the small size of the boy. However, it seems like the survivors are not going to be great witnesses, so the investigation may not be able to reveal exactly what happenend. the injuries of the two women he got matched up with to ride really makes me think the boy could of been decapitated now. I think the only good news I can draw from this report is hopefully the kid died on impact or at least was knocked unconscious until death so hopefully he went as painlessly as possible.
  13. Worse than making ANOTHER The Land Before Time sequel when the last one was released 9 years ago? That's the best you could do? If you wanted to make a terrible sequel joke you could at least go with this flaming turd (which I consider to be, without hesitation, the single worst movie ever made)... *image redacted* I'm pretty sure nobody that's seen it would really disagree. Anyway wow, we really steered that off topic. How can it be the worst movie ever made if it has Jack Black in it? Okay, I see your point.
  14. Kong is getting remov, I mean getting a Samsung VR addition in late september. Now, how would you possibly ride it defensively now.
  15. So how was your day at the park? when I went last time. superman, joker and V2 were all closed after being opened for like 15-25 mins. They all reopened later though thankfully. I think riders or ride op's really had to screw up. 3 coasters going down, at the same time? (I know it's possible but come on.)
  16. Go to pokevision to help find them when they show on your radar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk PokeVision seemingly got a cease and desist letter on Saturday or Sunday, july 30th/31st. I tried using Pokenotify on my S7 but it never finds anything, a few days ago it was sending push notifications at least every 60 seconds. Pokemonfinder works for me, but it only shows pokemon within 1km of you and I just got it this morning on the google play store. but yeah Niantic is removing all trackers including their own. They haven't said the footsteps will be gone forever, but they haven't said they'll ever be brought back into the game either. also verison 0.31.0 or whatever its called on apple's store front is currently ranked 2.1/5 People are not happy with Niantic's actions and utter lack of communication.
  17. it's well worth the attempt to try and get on at least once, I've never had a bad time on the ride itself. You're right to be nervous about the jokers computer issues but there's no way SFDK isn't trying to fix the problem. But given the summer season is kinda almost over maybe they aren't going to be in a super rush to fix it. The good news is both trains were up and running again before i left thursday and i did get on row 9 with about a 18-25 min wait. so hopefully it'll be dual train operations until wheels have to be replaced.
  18. im back home over here in Stockton. we left the parks parking lot around 5:10 pm. my ride count was row 9, right side on Joker around 3-4 pm, decently short line with maybe a 18-20 min wait. a ride op called me out as a single rider and put me on row 9. 8th time oberall so I didn't care where i sat. It was cool seeing 4 cars do all the turns and elements slightly before hand. But i had my new S7 phone in my pocket and even with the armorbox case I had on it I still kept my hand over my pocket holding it shut. other then that I hit up penguin 4 times and and bumper cars once as well as superman with a exit pass i was given by guest relations for being kicked out of jokers line even from the shaded part at the entrance for the breakdown early in today's operation. i was literally right behind the turnstill and showed them that photo I took of the stuck train on the break run. it wasn't "stuck" there but was held there for a long time, around 5-7 mins. other then that I saw the tiger show again, got the teriaki bone-in chicken wings at the sports bar and other meh food off my dining pass. All the while hitting up the "40" pokestops in pokemon go. Not nearly as many Go players as I was expecting,
  19. It's been the restraint and control system since the ride launched. They've been having problems on both trains with restraints not registering as secure even when they are. I don't know if that's the only problem, but it's been recurring. yeah. Both trains are up and running now
  20. It's officially down everyone got kicked out. edit: this was at 11 30 am not 1040 am
  21. Testing is ultra slow. Not sure what mechanic is waiting on. It's something with the computer system from the looks. I can't see anything wrong with the trains. Only green has tested. Purple was unloaded. Not left station yet.
  22. Joker is running bother trains and opened on time today. In line now.
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