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  1. how many trains maximum can colossus run? Theoretical- maximum # of Collossus trains, 10 (2 tracks, station, lift, p-lot brake block, end brake block, brakes waiting to enter station). Funny thing is the reason given for replacing the camel hump with a brake run was to increase capacity yet I've never seen a full compliment of trains on the tracks since they butchered the thing. I wish you all could have ridden her in her glory days w/ a full compliment of trains, the camel hump, and trains actually racing - what a beautiful coaster she used to be!
  2. this coaster looks pretty bad http://www.rcdb.com/ig1218.htm?picture=20
  3. Which ride in the park uses the greatest amount of power? superman the escape Where is the one place left in the park you can still see the Trolls? the exit of sandblasters Which ride was used for Olympic Training at one point? sarajevo bobsled How many Horsepower is the moter on Swashbuckler... And for a bonus, how much power does the park use to run the ride and the lighting system? i would guess between 45-55 horse power.i have no clue about how much it would cost to power it. What used to be house in the current playpass processing center? which one are you talking about the one near the main gate or the one near flashback? i got one how many trains maximum can colossus run with both sides open?
  4. Where can one hear the steady sound of typewritters in the park today? GOTHAM CITY Name the main moose in MooseBurger Lodge? i would guess wally moose. In which area can one hear the soundtrack to Last of the Mohicans? i would say rapids crossing
  5. how you play when you awnser a question correct you get to ask a question of your own it must be involved with sfmm in some way or another. 1)name three flat rides that have been removed from sfmm?
  6. wow looks great cant wait to ride it in july when i go out to WOF.
  7. once again i have to go for the B:TR clones .i think there better then silver bullet but how did they beat nemisis.
  8. guys i doubt it opening this year.sky tower is opening in march and freefall in may.i think if anything this year we will know the fate of flashback.
  9. i have to vote for sfmm because of the coaster's they have the best collection of any six flags.
  10. even though it was not my first coaster that would go to gold rusher at sfmm.but wind jammer yellow was my first coaster with a inversion i didnt really want to go on it but was forced.in the end i thought it was pretty fun.
  11. umm guys it says teal http://www.sixflags.com/parks/magicmountain/Rides/goliath.html
  12. im going for all the B:TR CLONES even though its a short ride it gives you a head rush IMO
  13. Hey guys have any of you worked at an amusment park? and if yes what rides have you worked at? if not what park would you like to work at and which ride? i currently work at sfmm as a lead at TIDAL WAVE.
  14. im not surprised look what six flags magic mountain has to offer. soon to be 16 coasters not including flashback.
  15. the meeting was very interesting i agreed with him on alot of things. like that how alot of the workers could not speak english and how people line up to hug a hershy bar at hershy park and how we never have enough entertainers out in the park. i got really mad when he said that he wanted push admission to 73.99 and to get rid of the hand stamp re-entery. plus no more coasters for the next few years RIP xtreme park
  16. 1)silver bullet 2)montu 3)batman:TR@sfmm 4)raptor 5)????? only been on 4 hoping to get on great bear and alpengist this summer
  17. well i work at sfmm and the 50ft tall mr six banner under the supermans slope is up for auction and the highst bid is 658.00. and i hear there giving all the mr six merchendise to th e employees.
  18. MR SIX hasn been six flags mascot for the last couple of years the new owner dan snyder decided to get rid of him saying"it did not apeal to famlys and children only thrill seekers".how do you guys feel about this and is this going to make six flags better?
  19. omg less then 1 day left im so exited i hope they announce it at 12.00am thursday morning
  20. oh ya my names chris a tall white guy with spikey hair i was probley at panel or load. ps.was the line long
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