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  1. very impressed Dude i would like to say this is one of the best recreations of any park ive ever seen.I cant wait to see how Goliath and Scream come out. keep up the awesome work ~Chr!s-O
  2. Are you kidding me the park was really crowded(for thanksgiving)today riddlers line was near the entrance and tatsu's wait was over 2 hours.idk where you got your info from but ya it was wrong. i wouldnt put my money that the park would be empty super bowl sunday not everyone watches football. ~Chr!s-O
  3. no thats why its a B&M contest the only types of coasters B&M make are invert,sit down,stand up,hyper,flying,dive machine and floorless.if you make an xcar you will be disqualified. yes submit all files here before the deadline. Chr!s-O
  4. Dont be sad shockwaves sister coaster viper at sfmm is much better. ~Chr!s-O viper
  5. True it brings new life to the movie district.That area of the park has been kinda dead with only riddlers open and stuff. ~Chr!s-O
  6. I have wild. But its not fair to the people that dont. Its more of a challenge imo. To try to make a good coaster without wild.But if everyone says they have it i will change the rule. ~Chr!s-O
  7. But geting rid of the flags logo hurts six flags inc that makes no sense at all.Thers are 3 parks that will be losing the SF name.Thats 3 less parks to promote the six flags brand.Its a end of year sale for the new 2007 merchendise this happends every year but everyone going all crazy because the parks for sale.People with too much time make this stuff up and it never seems to amaze me how everyone belives them. ~Chr!s-O
  8. contest (RCT3) This is a B&M coaster contest the only guide lines are below. You must post pictures and a download of the finished coaster by 12-1-06.Please make sure to post what custom scenary you used as well. The last day to sign up is 11-26-06 fellow TPR members will vote between 12-2-06 to 12-8-06 winner will be announced 12-9-06 just added You can now use the extended coaster in wild and your coaster can go underground.The reason i changed it was because everyone seems to have wild expansion and would like to use the extended coaster. RULES coaster must be -Inverted -Hyper -Flying -Floorless -Stand Up -Dive machine -Sitting MUST HAVES must have 7,8 or 9 rows(except dive machine 1 or 2 rows) must have 4 seats across inversions for inverted,floorless,stand up minimum 4 max 7 can be any height Sitting minmum 5 max 7 can be a launch coaster can be any height Dive machine minimum 1 max 5 can have 1 or 2 rows can be any height FLYING minimum 1 max 3 can be any height HYPER must be taller then 200ft no inversions Automatic Disqualification -No deadline extensions if late you disqualify yourself extras(not mandatory) theming custom supports custom scenary GOOD LUCK SIGN UP LIST colossus Top Thrill Dragster kennywood!007 asr Milkchan LOVE SFKK xascher Timpow F1shyes jjeerr jten11 coastakid ComplexAudio99
  9. I would have to go with stand up i find it a little uncomfortable but you can do so much more on a stand up coaster and usually there really long rides.Im also a huge fan of floorless coasters especially in the front row. Chr!s-O
  10. I went to work today and had gotten sent to scream to find that it was running three trains. The most ive ever seen since it had opened.I also heard about a big plan that was brought up during an meeting to put either gravel or grass under the scream during the off season.I wont belive it untill i see it of course. Chr!s-O
  11. best--riddlers revenge i love the flatspin over the queueline. worst--ninja it just sucks ~Chris-o
  12. I was totally there. They rode it a grand total of 110 times. But its lame they took 15min breaks every hour so they didnt do it straight.I wanted to jump in and ride it for the last 4 hours but i had to operate it. GOSH ~CHRIS"lost my virginty to colossus backwards"-O
  13. Ive gotten stuck on Batman:TR,superman:TE,colossus,goliath,and evacuated off psyclone's lift.This all happend at sfmm. ~Chr!s-o
  14. From what i know. Freefall & orient express both should open this weekend for fright fest and circus wheel should re-open the week after that. X is going to be closed all fright fest and should re-open sometime in december due refurbishing trains and broken lift. colossus will be running both sides this weekend one forward one backwards. Thats all i know ~Chris-O
  15. umm ya I dont know if you have noticed but the only good ride open right now at knotts is sillver bullet.Xcelarter and ghostrider are closed. knotts-5 coasters open Admission 31$ i would not pay 30$ to ride boomerang sfmm-15 coasters open Admission 60$ i would pay 60$ for scream,goliath,viper,riddlers revenge,batman, and x when open. lol Chris"more bang for your buck"-o
  16. I remember when i was 13-15 i would always go to sfmm every friday after school.It became a ritual and then every summer i would take a trip to cedar point.But then when i was around 16 i just stoped and got a job at sfmm as a ride op. chris-o
  17. i work there but im a cedar point fanboy lets get that straight. lol plus theres only one park in so cal you can finish in 3-5 hours and thats knotts. chris"knotts sucks"-o
  18. lol jahan why dont you come back to work for one more night. this fridays oddessy night and i pretty sure the sups wouldnt mind. lol chris-o
  19. your just a kbf fanboy And where would they put a hyper? every time knotts gets a new ride they end up taking out 1 or 2 to install the new one. how do you compare sfmm to kbf there two diffrent types of parks kbf-7 coasters and only 3 are alright sfmm-17 coasters only 16 operating and at least 11 of them are up to par ~chris-o
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