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  1. I was totally there. They rode it a grand total of 110 times. But its lame they took 15min breaks every hour so they didnt do it straight.I wanted to jump in and ride it for the last 4 hours but i had to operate it. GOSH ~CHRIS"lost my virginty to colossus backwards"-O
  2. Ive gotten stuck on Batman:TR,superman:TE,colossus,goliath,and evacuated off psyclone's lift.This all happend at sfmm. ~Chr!s-o
  3. umm ya I dont know if you have noticed but the only good ride open right now at knotts is sillver bullet.Xcelarter and ghostrider are closed. knotts-5 coasters open Admission 31$ i would not pay 30$ to ride boomerang sfmm-15 coasters open Admission 60$ i would pay 60$ for scream,goliath,viper,riddlers revenge,batman, and x when open. lol Chris"more bang for your buck"-o
  4. I remember when i was 13-15 i would always go to sfmm every friday after school.It became a ritual and then every summer i would take a trip to cedar point.But then when i was around 16 i just stoped and got a job at sfmm as a ride op. chris-o
  5. i work there but im a cedar point fanboy lets get that straight. lol plus theres only one park in so cal you can finish in 3-5 hours and thats knotts. chris"knotts sucks"-o
  6. lol jahan why dont you come back to work for one more night. this fridays oddessy night and i pretty sure the sups wouldnt mind. lol chris-o
  7. your just a kbf fanboy And where would they put a hyper? every time knotts gets a new ride they end up taking out 1 or 2 to install the new one. how do you compare sfmm to kbf there two diffrent types of parks kbf-7 coasters and only 3 are alright sfmm-17 coasters only 16 operating and at least 11 of them are up to par ~chris-o
  8. You guys pick one whats your favorite dont name them. IMO sfmm has the best collection scream-may be a clone but very fun batman-may be a clone but really intense,better then some other inverts. Riddler-everything i like in a coaster tall,fast and long tatsu-just only the best flyer ever
  9. What park do you think has the best B&M collection? Name the park the rides (it has to be more then 1)and why you think its the best. Chris-O
  10. well at my ride ive been hearing alot about bush gardens coming to the park. Chris-o
  11. ~my top ten are~ 1~Goliath-sfmm 2~tatsu 3~xcelarator 4~batman the ride-sfmm 5~riddlers revenge 6~x 7~colossus 8~scream 9~ghostrider 10~silver bullet ~Chris-o
  12. Its really cool how many people really liked him as a person and a animal activist.And how people are responding to his death all over the internet. RIP Steve"croc hunter"erwin
  13. best steel-Goliath best wood`colossus worst steel-california screamin(i dont know why people like this ride) worst wood-pyclone
  14. in order 1 BATMAN:THE RIDE SFMM 2 GOLIATH SFMM 3 Ghostrider 4 space mountain 5 indiana jones
  15. ^ya but its bumper cars thats kinda the point. Chris-o
  16. Great News I just heard that when mark shapiro went to the sfmm on wednesday.He decided to ride a few of the rides and check out the parks progress so around 2 or 3 pm he gets in colossus line when it was only running one train and he got really angry. so then he said "how does a ride that has 6 trains and 2 tracks only run one train" he ended up waiting in line for about 10 mins or so but he was still pretty angry or so i heard.So i hear he demanded for the ride to be running both sides with two trains on each side by his next visit.
  17. Six flags has many gotham city themed areas in there parks. which one is your favorite and why?
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