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  1. my favorite band right now is panic! at the disco but my favorite song of all time is detroit rock city by "KISS"
  2. my first ride with an inversion was wind jammer red. and it was a loop
  3. thats so cool i drive right by that place everyday. i always wanted to know why there were statues from gotham city there. ~Chris-O
  4. so what its just a gay day lol sfmm has one every year.but its a private party. ~Chris-O
  5. my old lead worked at scream when that worker was hit by a train in the helix. they were safety riding and he rode the train that was right after the one that the girl was hit by.he was the first one to see her corpse. and when you walk by the helix you see white paint on the floor thats were all the blood was at. spooky ~Chris-O
  6. It says scheduled ride refurbishment. Six rides on that list are going to re-open for sure within the next year. The two that no one is are sure about are Flashback and the Metro. I'm hoping that Dan Snyder will have these rides fixed to their old condition. ~Chris"Dan Snyder fan boy"-O EDIT: Made post readable. Please use proper capitalization and punctuation.
  7. i think its true. i hear the operations manger keep running his mouth about flashback and how its going to re-open in the next year but i will not belive it untill im on that train. ~Chris"wishing he could ride flashback 1 more time"-O
  8. this says flashback and the metro will be opening in the near future. ~Chris"BETTER THEN NOTHING"-o
  9. just the other day i walked up the lift.the gate for the lift hill was open and no one is around so i decided to walk up it.i also walked up the employee exit and checked out the station to be surprised that everything was in a great condition the train just needed to be emptyed out they were filled up with water.And the panel look just the same as the pic posted on the preveous page it just had some water damage. ~Chris-O
  10. why do air and nemisis have such lame drops? the rides look great but were do they get the speed at. ~Chris-o
  11. The reason im asking for the most famous coaster in the west instead of in north america.Is because I think everyone is going to say the coney island cyclone. so i just wanted to narrow it down to the west coast. so what do you think is the most famous coaster in the west? ~Chris-O
  12. advice to all if your going in the next month expect deja vue,revolution & flashback(alot of people dont know its closed)to be closed the lines should not be to bad but some rides like x,riddlers,goliath & colossus get really slow when there only running one train. and if your going tomorrow good luck i think its going to be raining. ~Chris-O
  13. i was on TN and i was listening to In The Loop and heard somthing about the site so i then just clicked the link and made my way over here. ~Chris-O
  14. try making up your own coasters and names.the coaster that looks alot like deja vue and the lim coaster named x-celerator look cool or sound cool but have been done before try being more original. but besides that great job. ~Chris-O
  15. a movie i cant wait to see is the bench warmers it looks so dang funny.
  16. i gotta stick with b&m on this one.They have such a varity of coasters.
  17. thanks for the pics it looks like a really great coaster.the first of many great coaster's in 2006.
  18. is it ok if someone over the age of 18 comes with me to the camp out?but the person is not related to me and is given permission by my parents to watch over me? CHRIS-O
  19. im going to work that day. i will just play the stranded six flags worker and camp out with all the TPR member.
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