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  1. thanks for the pics it looks like a really great coaster.the first of many great coaster's in 2006.
  2. is it ok if someone over the age of 18 comes with me to the camp out?but the person is not related to me and is given permission by my parents to watch over me? CHRIS-O
  3. im going to work that day. i will just play the stranded six flags worker and camp out with all the TPR member.
  4. i might be going not 100% sure about it. my mom said i can skip school i just have to convince her come. chris"why cant robb & elissa be my parents"-o
  5. i want to go really bad but im 17. what if my parents sign a paper saying i can go?
  6. how can you even compare these 2 coasters.there basiclly two diffrent types of coasters the only thing they have in commen is the word "HYPER".
  7. I couldnt have said it any better myself Jahan. The only thing keeping me around tragic mountain is the love for coasters and the friends you make there kinda like a second family. ~CHRIS-O
  8. lines will not be that long on friday. just be prepared that some rides might be running one train.so try to hit x,goliath,riddler and batman those are the ones that get long later in the day.
  9. Horizon Park has 2 coasters a vekoma slc named TYPHOON.and a wooden coaster named blazing bronco.So far there are two themed areas pirates cove & the northern outpost. here is a few pics This is a pic of the entrance. a pic of blazing bronco. blazing broncos station pirates cove midway. here is a pic of TYPHOON a shot of TYPHOON'S overbank turn. check back for more updates.
  10. nice pics jahan i like your new work shoes i would of loved to be apart of the coaster bash but i had to go to work at 9:00am
  11. This is a B&M invert I built on RCT3 its named steel viper it has. In order [1] loop [1] twist [1] cobra roll [2] corkscrews well enjoy CHRIS-O [InvertedRollerCoaster]STEEL VIPER.trk
  12. yes lets call it the TPR network im sure if robb & elissa had the money there would be a chanel like that. it would run of there all there dvd's over and over again.
  13. when its snowing in the east and all the parks are closed. i can still go to sfmm kbf & disneyland while everyone on the east coast is snowed in.i would have to go with the wild west on this one. imo the best rides in the west are x,ghostrider,goliath,riddlers,scream,silver bullet,xcelerator,colossus,medusa,batman,deja vue,viper,roar,v2,desperado,speed,titan,texas giant,superman krypton coster. the list goes on and on
  14. not all boomerang's suck deja vue is a great example that ride kicks butt.
  15. i think GOLIATH at sfmm has the best.you fell some G's at the bottom of it.
  16. that sucks that ride was so scary the poles would sway and it would make a loud noise right before it shot you up. rip thrill shot on another note when its torn down what will take its spot? i think a drop tower of some sort.
  17. name the previous TWO names of acme atom smasher and grinder gearworks?i have 3 for gearworks Electric Rainbow,Gordon Gearworks & Turbo.for atom smasher i have 2 Subway & himalaya name the two former locations of the CURRENT circus wheel as well as its previous names? Baile de las Flores & the jolly roger when it was the jolly roger it was were goliath's entrance is at when it was the Baile de las Flores i think it was next to viper what did Dive Devil replace?it was a theater for shows no it was the jolly roger and Baile de las Flores
  18. what was circus wheel originaly? how fast do the cars at granny grand prix go? nam the Eight separate themed areas with that have there own distinctive attractions? name three past shows at sfmm? name the coasters that were in the park in the year 1980? what is the largest investment that sfmm has ever put in?
  19. colossus can run 3 trains on both sides so in total 6 if they run anymore the trains will start to block.meaning if there is a train in between two breaks and other train trys to enter that segent of track it will be stopped at that break.and has to be reset by a ride operator. i should know i worked at that ride for 7 months.
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