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  1. ummmm no there is no way any worker at colossus could not tell you were screams was at when its right next to it.The question i want to ask you is how could you not find scream when its right next to it???? chris-o
  2. "sigh" OK Dude its a easy fun job just do the best you can and be nice to the guest dont end up on a sfmm update as a "LAZY WORKER".Just try to listen to your lead and be safe.Remember if you have any questions just ask any of us coaster nerds that work there. I would be more then happy to anwser any of your questions.Im sure jahan would be to(I think). When you start working just tell me what ride you work at then we can meet up and talk about how awsome robb is. chris-o
  3. colossus my favorite There are 2 big reasons colossus does not run both sides 1)does not have enogh trains 2) stafing And yes both sides are working fine.If you have been there the last few weeks you would have notice that they have been switchin sides every couple days. And we actually were going to run both sides tatsu opening weekend but are stafing sucked so we ended up running only one side. But in the next couple weeks we should start running both sides at least on weekends because stafing is getting better and we got 5 good trains. Chris-O AKA colossus expert
  4. ^LOL if sfmm becomes a freeway DAD:lets all go to magic mountain next week. SON:dad didnt you hear they turned it in to a big freeway? DAD:well lets go to bakersfield and go cow tippin. SON:cool dad your the greatest. Chris,save the mountain OR ELSE,-O
  5. SFMM+8 CaLP-16 WOF -4 CP -12 SFOT +11 SFOG 17 PKD-5 BGT 13 SFNE+10
  6. Do you have pictures? If you dont have proof then dont assume. And it would not be open this time of year due to SFHH being open thats the reason it was closed down.
  7. TATSU was half way threw construction when he was turned into sf ceo.But i saw shapiro when he came down to sfmm and he talked to a crowd of a 100 or so workers he said "if i took over sf 5 months early there would be no new coaster's for 2006". I have another question where's robb and elissa when we need them the most? ^^Its not the pay its the job in general i do what i like and i like what i do and many supervisors make more than 100 grand tell me where you make a 100 grand with a high school diploma. ~Chris-O
  8. i can tell you one thing sfmm will not go down as easy as astroworld. im really jumping the gun but my job is on the line and im mad.and if you have ever tried to find a job in so cal you understand where im coming from. ~Chris-O
  9. I think this will bring a huge uproar in the amusment buissness.If the park is torn down or dismanteled.I work at sfmm and i know many people that love there jobs more then life and will stand infront of a tractor or a crane and not allow anyone or anything to touch this park.I dont think shapiro understands why housing is in demand in valencia,its because sfmm is there many buissnessis relly on this park and many peoples lives do to (workers and so on).It depends if shapiro wants a quick buck or wants to get that cash and more in the upcoming years. imo i think the park has turned around alot.the only thing that sfmm needs help is with is staffing they need to hire more people not just enough to opperate the rides for the month. And if it comes down to this park being torn down i promise everyone here that i wll be stannding at the front gate not allowing them to touch anything. ~CHRIS-O
  10. Which ride do you think has the best airtime hill? ~Chris-O
  11. I am a ride op at sfmm and i will tell you the coasters are alot easier to operate then all the flat rides.For one thing alot of the times you are at the ride by yourself and it gets boring and you have to do many more things at a flat rides.At coasters you usually have a crew of 6 or 7 and you get to be at panel.The rides i hate most to operate are buccaneer and atom smasher. ~Chris-O
  12. Nice to here some goods news about thrill shot. ~Chris-O
  13. Nice to see that you guys had fun.When i saw vipers line i thought the ride was open but none the less that is a long lins for viper. Chris-O
  14. I already have played. ~MLB 06 the show ~Pursuit force ~Socom fireteam bravo All of them are pretty good games. Im going to be buying 2-3 games this next week. Has anyone played or owns any games that are any good? please list them ~Chris-O
  15. Hey guys took a few pics but i dont have time to upload them.check back tommarow or later on today. ~Chris-O
  16. In 2006 you had a few projects which one do you think came out the best? ~Chris-O
  17. cool,i never knew there was a queue behind that wall i also thought it was theming. ~Chris-O
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