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  1. OMG i want to meet my co-worker 4718 and robb and elissa you guys go like every week u guys need to drop by colossus some time. and 4718 i want to ride DD but the leads and sups are always are like were to crowed or some lame excuse like that.u think u can let me on.
  2. ATOM SMASHER is open again i dont even know why thats good news cause that ride sucks
  3. your going to belive a dippin dots seller.there not even in ops they should be telling you what the new flavors going to be in 5 months not a new ride
  4. you know what would be a great ride to put in flashbacks spot? SWAT but its already going to SFNE i think
  5. well i was at scream yesterday. and i heard it from two guys. they were on the train when it happen the one guy had blood on the sleev of his shirt and was laughing about it.i was like wtf what if you got hit.
  6. sfmm spokes person: we are prod to anounce are plans for the 2006 season we will be opening the only flying coaster in california TATSU.and sky tower will re-open.LOL
  7. well i heard yesterday from a co-worker who has been working at the park since screm came out. that employees are alowed to go. he said he went to screams.
  8. i have a question how do you get invited to media day? cause i want to go really bad
  9. ya the colossus crew is the best in the park. LOL colossus backwards is so much better with the mantinence key in.its so much faster
  10. ^you guys are over reacting i work at six flags because i love roller coasters any person with common sense knows if you work any where you get special insentives i dont get medicare or a raise.i get free tickets and not have to wait inline.i treat guest with all the respect in the world but after i take off my uniform and go into the park im considered a guest too.and news flash were not the only park that does it either so its not just a SFMM thing.
  11. man it had to be one of the most crowded days in sfmm history.i opened on saterday 9.00 to 5.45. and i saw screams line from colossus panel and it was at the coke cool zone it was like 3 hours.after i worked i went to the park a nd went into gotham and there was no room to walk at all if someone threw a punch there could have been a riot.but i got threw the crowd and got on batman no wait lol im an employee there is no wait for employes.batmans line was actualy around 3 and a half hours long.then i saw the hypnotist the funnist thing i have ever seen in my life.rode blood falls then the asylum and goliath.then i went back to colossus backwards for the last ride of the night.a bad night to ba a guest but for a person with exit clerance to almost everything it was great.
  12. im at<<<<<<<<<< i get to scream alot but not this month we need all the people we can get for backwards and forwards. whats was your minor area
  13. ill be thur but ill be working that sucks visit me at <<<<<<<<<< backwards
  14. hey what time did you ride colossus backwards on sunday
  15. last weekend at sfmm the mechanics were doing block on x.the brakes at the bottom of the first drop were closed to tight and the train went half way up the raven turn then ended up getting stuck at the bottom of the drop.ive been told that x will be down for about 3 weeks.they will have to take the train and put i back together on the transfer track.
  16. i know what u mean i was transfered 6 times 1)colossus-batman 2)batman-goliath 3)goliath-gotham 4)gotham-scream 5)scream-colossus 6)colossus-tidal wave most the time it was for lunches it was the hardest day of work ever
  17. it looks like the haunted house on the mountain will be operating during fright fest.and they brought new sipports they are bright orange.
  18. i think the sfmm b&M flyer should be a great ride using the the hillside. its going to have a custom layout its going to be grrrreat!!
  19. so ya they put the backwards trains on colossus.and might run them this friday when the park is open to 1 AM.
  20. hey guys visit me at colossus my name is chris theres 2 of us im the lighter 1 hope u guys have fun
  21. that is very true if orient wasnt there no fat peps get to the new ride but that means shorter line
  22. this ride is going to be huge.it starts at the top of the summit and goes by rapids crossing then over roaring rapids. and ive been told it will go as far as psyclone.im so excited i get to go to the opening party woo woo. nice pic
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