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  1. Maverick. So good. That said, best coasters of this season, and my new top three: 1. Skyrush 1A. I-305 3. Maverick
  2. Potential-hopefully-Future Rare Coaster Credit: Mean Streak, twice before 2013!
  3. A brief trip report: Went to the park yesterday with my wife, daughter, mom, and dad. My folks haven't been there in nearly twenty years, but this just worked out to be the perfect time schedule-wise to go for them, even though it was, shudder, a Saturday. I'm not sure if it was providence, or my pre-order of Fastlane passes, but the park was damn near dead. Millie and TTD were 15 minutes all day, and only Maverick saw a true boon to our red wristbands-Bwahaha, 45 minutes? Not today! In any case, great trip, though my mom was bummed that Windseeker was down, she was excited for the view. I was honestly shocked how light the hordes were, and I would keep it a guarded secret just how toned down the crowds are the weekend after Labor Day, but before Halloweekends. Wink wink. A brief aside: I'm sure I'm not the first to notice this, but TTD ran great today in 70 degree weather! Is high heat the reason for the seemingly normal constant string of malfunctions on summer days?
  4. Already purchased my Fastlane tickets, but anybody want to give me a guesstimate on how busy I should expect to see CP tomorrow? It's been at least 20 years since I went on a Saturday. Thanks!
  5. I thought for sure that when Thunderhawk went in we'd get that path. I think they like us riding the train.
  6. A flat or two, no doubt. Even more water park stuff would appease the masses. But I would love to see MI get an Intamin, B&M, or Premier. Honestly, a hyper wold be just fine.
  7. My last trip there in July was easily the busiest I've ever seen the park. Hopefully they keep it up and add a new coaster soon!
  8. I waited a long time for this one too, mate. It will be worth it when you get there.
  9. I love both rides. The primary difference-IMHO-is that where Maverick can cause head bumping, I-305 can cause mild bruising from the padded restraints. That said, these are two of my favorite coasters, and I would happily marathon either one of them. That said, I do think that knowing what the ride is going to do next helps immensely with both of these.
  10. Humble Beginnings: How Cedar Point and Intamin Went From Junior Gemini, to Top Thrill Dragster and Beyond
  11. ST doesn't suck, but I would definitely recommend riding in the front. It still has great ejector air, and some pretty wild elements. The helix at the end isn't aging the best, but it's still well worth riding if you end up at the park or are looking for an in between stop on a Great America to Cedar Point trip.
  12. Glad you had fun at my home park! I really think that all MA needs is a hyper and a drop tower or Windseeker and it would be a must visit park. And yeah, I know that's a lot, but a guy can hope.
  13. Yes, I noticed her tattoo and and had the same thought. WTF! Maybe Universal will be nice enough fund a new Dragon Challenge tattoo to cover the old one. I'm sure she will still enjoy the nostalgia of it.
  14. Shivering Timbers, yesterday. First drop was smoother than it's been in years! Still a few rough spots throughout the course though, along with some great air.
  15. Michigan's Adventure Monday. Very excited to ride Shivering Timbers-yet again-and to visit the rest of the park. As always, I will stare sadly at all the open space where a new ride could someday go...
  16. If Michigan's Adventure got its long ago promised hyper, that would be alright with me.
  17. I'll answer my own question, Verbolten is running, as of about an hour ago.
  18. Love the pictures. The comment about the almost getting torn to shreds on the first drop was right on for me as well. The whole ride was intense-possibly my new favorite over Maverick-but that part was an "oh shit" moment, if ever there was one. On a side note, odd how many people were happy on the ride. If you believed the Interwebz, you'd know that most were immobilized for days afterwords.
  19. For Kennywood hit up the Phantom and Skyrocket first, though I've heard the Phantom's line can dissipate in the late afternoon, I've yet to see it happen. Jack Rabbit and Racer, though old, can accumulate some crowds as well. Put plainly, KW is an odd park, and can get very busy. Based on when you're going you should be safe. For GM, X-Flight is the x-factor. I would do Superman first, then X-Flight, V2, Batman, and whatever else you want after that. Rajin Cajun and The Dark Knight can pack in the crowds too, but neither is a priority for me. If they are for you, do Cajun after Superman, and hope for the best in regards to X-Flight. In my experience Raging Bull never seems to be a long wait, and well it is by no means the worlds best hyper, is still really fun, and very re-ridable. Have fun!
  20. Hrm... I think this would just place the pain somewhere else - the tender shoulder/collar bone area. I had bruising and pain from I-305, Maverick, and Fahrenheit from their obnoxious shoulder noodles (yes, I rode I-305 with the new backpack-like soft noodles. The result is a displacement of comfort; you get held DOWN and BACK, as well). Shoulder noodles have NEVER been the solution for a coaster... I think a "part of the solution" compromise would be to add a large amount of super-padding to the lap bar. In my defense, I never said that.
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