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  1. Very cool, I'm super excited about this! Guess its finally time to get a passport. On a side note, this is just weird as hell for me. I write fiction, and actually had my first novel published earlier this year. The sequel to that novel, and a novel my editor ultimately decided not to publish in lieu of another one I had written, had a theme park featured as a place of interest. This fictional park was called Pine Island, and featured a pair of new roller coasters that led my protagonist there. One of those coasters was called Leviathan, and it was a 300 foot hyper built by a fictional version of B&M. I wrote this in September of 2010. Not that that I think I'm prescient by any means, just wanted to share what I thought was a nifty and weird story.
  2. A hyper coaster and a drop tower seem like great fits to me.
  3. Shivering Timber's, and it was just as fantastic as it always is.
  4. A quick question for you guys, what should I expect waits at the Point to be like in the last week of August/first week of September?
  5. I was actually gonna mention this, glad I read through the post. I would have loved for a hyper to be at MiA. Since they still have a lot of room for expansion, it's still not out of the question. That would make me so happy.
  6. KD would be my pick as well, I've been to all the rest save for Dorney. KI is really fun, and MA has a great ride in Shivering Timber's, but it's more of a home park or a bridge park than it is a destination. That said, Wisconsin Dells, Indiana Beach, and Six Flags Great America are all relatively close.
  7. Every time I'm reminded of this it makes me sad. Sigh. Maybe someday.
  8. Rode Shivering Timbers today just minutes after it stopped raining. I've ridden ST a ton of times but never like this. Ejector air on every hill, seriously an almost scarily furious ride. It was great, and kind of overwhelming. I've been a big fan of ST for a while, but this took the cake.
  9. He was riding next to his nephew. It would take a very callous person to subject a family member to something like that.
  10. You would see pictures of people losing their minds because what looked like half of a man was thrown from the train. Bet there weren't a whole lot of hands in the air after that!
  11. If the on ride camera is located after the point where this happened, the pictures have got to be insane. And if the camera was able to capture it...
  12. And it was mentioned by Bert on Opie and Anthony, as well as on Rogan's podcast, plus the Rolling Stone article is real. Just because it's on wikipedia doesn't mean it's not true!
  13. Did anybody hear Bert on Joe Rogan's podcast? The guy has had a crazy life! From wikipedia: Bert Kreischer (AKA "The Machine") is an American stand-up comedian, actor and reality television host. In 1997, he was featured in Rolling Stone magazine as the "top partier" at Florida State University, the "top party school in the US", while he was in his sixth year of college.[1] From 2000 to 2001, he was the co-host of the FX Network variety show, The X Show. A segment that aired on the show, Ass Wax, where Bert had his hair removed with hot wax, led Bert to gain his own show on the FX Network, titled Hurt Bert, in 2004.[2] In the same year, he had a role in an episode of the police drama The Shield. When Bert was 22 years old he ran with the Russian mob. He talked about these exploits on April 5th 2011, on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #95 and Opie and Anthony on June 28, 2011. On January 19, 2011, Bert appeared as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience and revealed that the story of National Lampoon's Van Wilder was loosely based on his own life. After the Rolling Stone article was written about Bert's "party" lifestyle, he had gotten the attention of Oliver Stone, who had wished to develop a film based on his life. Upon receiving numerous script submissions, the deal had apparently fallen apart and all the writers had retained the intellectual rights to their work. One of these writers had supposedly changed Bert's name on his/her script and sold it to National Lampoon which eventually became the basis for Van Wilder.
  14. Very fun trip report, thanks. I have a quick question about Indiana Beach, and I was hoping someone could answer it for me, assuming no one minds a quick thread hijack. I look like a weirdo. I'm covered in tattoos and have huge holes in my lip and ears. I'm used to GP questions occasionally being stupid or ill timed, and only rarely rude. But Indiana Beach kind of freaks me out. I'm not sure why exactly, I'm just nervy. My worst experiences appearance wise were in Pennsylvania, and I was never nervy of a butt kicking by any means, but it was still terrible. Should I be freaked out about going to Indiana Beach?
  15. Just over three hours for Magnum in 1989. I was so freaking scared. That day was seriously the ultimate poster child for the "Dumb Stuff Overheard from the GP" thread, everyone had a story about how dangerous the new roller coaster was. It was so awesome.
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