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  1. Not a bad plan, but I'd reverse the order of Sidewinder and Fahrenheit. Storm Runner and Sidewinder are close, granted, but Fahrenheit can have a very slow line.
  2. 1. Montu 2. Raptor 3. Batman-At SFGAM 4. Great Bear 5. Fire
  3. The Skyrush restraints-at least in these recent pictures-seem like they will be more of a thigh restraint than a lap one.
  4. June 10th is a big Graduation Day for many high school students in the Virginia Area. I would guess that the park would have moderate crowds. If I had to guess lines... I would say Apollo at its peak would maintain a 40 minute to an hour wait. Griffon's line never gets over 45 mins on crowded days especially when running three trains. Aplingeist is always of worry, on slightly busy days the line can run through half its switch backs and get at least an hour. Loch Ness is always a must ride, but by midday dues its slightly slower operations it can happen across a 30 min to hour line. My recommendation. Get your coaster riding in by noon and then take in the scenery of the park, go to Festhaus, go ride DarKastle, see the Celtic Fyre show... Lines after noon are rather lengthy until around 430 to 5. As said above, the enigma is how is the opening of Verbolten going to after those lines? toss a coin cause I cant predict that. The coaster is said to be able to churn through 2400 riders an hour which is not too bad. It will have 5 trains running and each cycle is around 90 seconds (rumored, I do not know). Its line could be 2 hours, it could 30 mins. won't know until opening weekend. Thanks to everyone who responded. The plan so far is to be in King's Dominion on Sunday and Monday, then drive to Williamsburg for a mixture of historical stuff to appease the wife, and a day or two at BGW, with us leaving town on Friday or Saturday. I'm pretty stoked, never been to either park.
  5. I'm going to be in Williamsburg the week of June 10th, what should I expect in terms of lines?
  6. I'm really curious to see how the Skyrush restraints feel, and if they're more or less accommodating than something like the Millennium Force lap bars.
  7. The guy holding his temples is great-looks like an old Excedrin commercial-but the stoned looking fellow in the front row with his tongue out is tops for me.
  8. No, they don't. Edit: I suppose those ones do, now that the fog has cleared, but they onlly fill in two seat increments. The traditional four across B&Ms have a single gate, and very little bitching.
  9. I'm on team TPR hitting Michigan's Adventure, can't wait to see some of you folks there.
  10. It's just a radio edit that some stations use. We have two pop stations in GR, one allows gun, one doesn't.
  11. Cedar Point in the early nineties was the worst for making out I've ever seen, it was horrible.
  12. New book is out next week, and on the Skyrush list. Wonderful.
  13. Sorry if this has been discussed to death, but does anyone know the height requirement for Wild Eagle? The Dollywood site lists it at 50", and that just seems impossible, I can't recall ever seeing a B&M that wasn't 54". http://www.dollywood.com/ride-q75-Wild_Eagle___Coming_in_2012.aspx
  14. Well said. There are lots of good rides going in this year, but this one still stands out as a must ride.
  15. Odd, my employers at RIT have yet to notify me of seating options.
  16. "Shotgun." Who in the RIT group would like to ride in the front row with me?
  17. I'll be right there with you. Next spring cannot come soon enough! Oh yes- I'm turning the entire weekend into RIT weekend... Starting off in Florida, then to Pennsylvania, then to Illinois... But being one of the RIT 24 certainly doesn't hurt either! I am so glad I filled out that application! Any excuse to go to HP is a good one, and this is an amazing excuse.
  18. I'll be right there with you. Next spring cannot come soon enough!
  19. They were built ten years apart. Just have fun riding them
  20. Skyrush by far. Being one of the junior researchers is definitely enhancing the excitement.
  21. You should have no issue at all (obviously can't speak for Skyrush).
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