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  1. This is huge news and shows the committment cedar fair has to the park. I know cedar fair has a long list of expenditures they'd like to add to the park (new waterpark entrance, connecting the back of the park to timbers) but they've all been delayed due to the city water, city sewage, and employee shortages. Now that all three of those are seemingly resolved, look for the park to expand much more than in the past 5 years.
  2. Who's your source of you don't mind me asking? And where will it be placed in the park since you're in the know?
  3. I still think this park ends up with Knotts Screamin Swing where falling star once was
  4. Where'd you read that they may be getting rid of their screamin swing? Because I know for a fact that the park has been looking for a ride to replace the junior go karts the last two seasons since it's quite a nightmare for employees and cedar fair is looking to get rid of go karts from all parks chain wide, the park was very close in fact to getting gr8 sk8 from Knotts last year to replace junior go karts but it went to California's Great America instead unfortunately. Hopefully this time around we can get it since it'd greatly improve the flat lineup.
  5. Oops! I meant to say a Sky Screamer/Funtime "StarFlyer" type of swing ride - at least 250-300 feet (unless there is a height restriction.) That being said, I love Screamin' Swings too! I would be happy with one at MiA, especially if it could swing out over the water! A screaming swing would fit perfectly where Fallon. Star once was and it'd be very cool to swing out over the water. But unfortunately that makes too much sense so it'll probably never happen similar to the path behind wolverine wildcat.
  6. Yeah, that was probably a little extreme. But seriously, this park would probably be in much better hands if it was independently owned again. Too bad the area doesn't really warrant financial sustainability for such a thing. From experience the park is in much better hands with cedar fair than it was with the previous owners. The things we now take for granted in the park like parking booths, landscaping, new paint, real fences, etc would not be there if it weren't for cedar fair. In fact I don't think the park would have anymore rides even if it was owned by the Jourden family again because in both cases Camille Jourden Mark was and still is the general manager. Her and her husband, the head of maintenance, make the final call on new rides and unfortunately they are extremely conservative when it comes to new rides, which is the main reason why the park doesn't even have a drop tower of any kind. The park was best off with Rojer Jourden the parks former owner in charge before he retired and handed the keys over to his daughter, he was the man that had grand plans for the park and turned it from a petting zoo into a full on amusement park. His original plans like many have said involved a five year expansion that included shivering timbers, mad mouse, Big Dipper, a new hyper coaster, a new hotel, a new campground, and numerous other things that he planned to add in order to turn the park into a destination. However before these plans came to fruition the park was sold to Cedar Fair, who had a more competitive offer than Six Flags. Rojer retired and his daughter Camille after a few years learning under Cedar Fair was given the general manager job once more. Overall she's done a great job turning a profit and keeping things steady however she isn't going to be the one that brings giant rides to this park unfortunately.
  7. Guess I just never heard about it maybe. You sure it wasn't just a rumor? Not like it matters. Everything about this park is just speculation. Nah you never heard about it because it wasn't something that was ever officially announced by the park, but most former employees knew about it
  8. The park had ordered the 200 ft Windseeker to replace the falling star the following year after all the other parks received theirs. However with all the problems the the Windseekers experienced the park delayed/cancelled their order. The park definitely has a much better waterpark than Valley Fair's having been to both in the last month and anyone that tries to say that Shivering TImbers is behind Renegade in anything is kidding themselves. But back to the discussion I would say the park is certainly in line for the next coaster among the second tier parks like Valley Fair,WOF, CGA, and Dorney. Now whether thats 2016 is anyone's guess but from what I've heard this is the current pecking order.
  9. Not to take this thread too off topic but I'm kind of curious what proof you have that Valley Fair is going to receive an invert in the next two years considering all signs point to water park expansion? And to get back to Michigan's Adventure I'd argue in a lot of ways it's better than Valley Fair, especially in the wooden roller coaster and water park areas, but to get to your point about what the park needs I would say the parks management from when I've talked to them had been pretty content with the size of their current children's area especially since they already struggle to have enough ride operators as is. A drop tower has been brought up by cedar fair but the parks current gm and her husband the head of maintenance both do not like them, so I'd say that's not going to happen in the near future either. More dining, a new water slide complex, a roller coaster, or even the 200 foot wind seeker the park previously ordered but cancelled are all posibilities for next year. However don't expect a Halloween event or even fireworks until the township decides to ease up its heavy restrictions on the park, and also the park has concerns about whether they would be able to even fully staff the park for a Halloween event since most college kids would be back in school during that time period.
  10. The park doesn't do fireworks because it's against the noise ordinance in the township it's located within unfortunately
  11. The parks building a brand new training building, new employee lot for HR, and an employee drop off area on the land they purchased last year. They hope to have it all done by opening day, which to be honest would be pushing it a bit considering all they've done so far is clear trees. So it looks like this along with the new bumper cars and more fun tv's are the park's cap expenditures for this year.
  12. ^The park opens usually at 11, except for a few days at the beginnings of the year when it opens at 10.
  13. The park has a 125 ft height limit except for specific areas that have height limits above 200 ft
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