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  1. I only have Cedar Point maps. However, I could trade a large souvenier map (costs $1) for a couple regular maps. PM me if interested. Also, I'm interested in SF maps and maps from parks in or near Ohio. (Penn, Kentuck, Mich, Indy)
  2. You have no idea how much I agree with this statement. On a hot day, I want to cool off without being wet for the entire day. On CP's three water rides, you get soaked, soaked, and soaked. Now where can I just cool off? Answer: the mister in line for the Magnum.
  3. Was I the only person who thought "Bill & Ted" when they saw this thread? Anyways, great TR. Both written AND photos! That picture of Supreme Scream ROCKS!
  4. Yes. The hype for this new 500000 foot aquatrax standup wooden boardwalk NO TRIM LAPBAR launched GCI intamin gravity group coaster is making everyone go crazy!
  5. Really nice! Didn't you say you don't post your parks? Anyways, there's a nice layout to your park. The buildings are great! Keep up the good work.
  6. Great coaster! Although Intamin hasn't really made any stand-ups since B&M left. Also, I wouldn't really worry about the pre-drop. It's about on par with the one on Apollo's Chariot.
  7. ^ Exactly. It's not as thrilling, has a low ridership, and with the main target being kids, it's also not very appropriate. (For TPR on the other hand...) This was my first year riding it and it was very disappointing. It made me think of the awesome one at Geauga Lake. Why don't we have that one?
  8. Same with Geauga Lake, Darien, SFA, and SFNE. Coincidence? Small news blurb
  9. Clerks. It saddens me NO ONE in my grade has seen it.
  10. Sorry for bump! Mission Hill and The Boondocks. If you haven't heard of Mission Hill, go watch it! It's kind of like an intelligent, realistic Family Guy. It's hard to describe. Honorable Mentions: Spongebob (Hillenburg episodes), Phineas and Ferb, old The Office, Mythbusters, Nitro Circus, and the Rob Drydek shows (Fantasy Factory, & Big)
  11. Here's what's next: SCR1.BMPWhen I entered the park, I took a ride on what I think is the park's crown gem, Lightning Bolt. SCR2.BMPNice first drop. SCR3.BMPThese hills are BURSTING with airtime! SCR5.BMPAfter LB, I went to the Zamperla Mad Mouse. SCR6.BMPIt's average. SCR7.BMPThe back country has really improved. It's not a parking lot anymore! SCR8.BMPB:TR. Pretty intense. It and Dust Bowl have the heighest height requirement in the park, 54 inches. SCR9.BMPFirst drop and black-out loop. Seriously, it's intense! SCR10.BMPTwisties! SCR11.BMPInsert long coaster train joke. SCR12.BMPHere's the building cover the new ride parts. SCR14.BMPIt's hard to see from here, but there are pink posts just beyone LB. SCR15.BMPBut wait, what's that... BTW, I do realize it's 1994 when this TR was posted. It went to, uh... ACErs Monthly!
  12. Not extremely bad. I'd say around 45 mins-1 hour from Milennium. Dragster might be a little bit more, while Maverick will have an extra 30 minutes or so. Everything else could be anywhere from walk-on to 30 minutes, depending on when you ride them (Raptor line decreases a TON around 7 or 8).
  13. Wow, just the other day my friend and I were jokingly telling kids that "this ride (had an accident) in Wisconsin and everybody died" at a ghetto fair. I think I jinxed all these ride malfunctions. Oddly enough, I was at CP a month ago waiting for Troika when some kid's restraint popped open. It was the same type of ride as this one. It was an OMEN!
  14. Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, & Donkeys! First time I've seen the "donkeys" part actually used. Anyways, whose idea was that? It sounds more like a drunk 18-year-old made that up as opposed to some entrepreneurs. "For just 50 cents a day, you can stop Donkey cruelty..."
  15. You're mistaken my friend, TPR knows AND loves Heide Park. Anyways, nice pictures. The ones of Big Loop and the ones from the observation tower were great! I look forward to more TRs from you! By the way, don't say you like Vekoma. Everyone here hates Vekoma!
  16. Hello, I have a question about TPR shirts. How long do they generally take to ship? I put in an order on June 15th or so (during a trip; I believe they shipped on July 7th) and I haven't gotten my shirt yet. I feel like you may not have gotten my order because I lost connection at least three time during the transaction. Thanks!
  17. ^^ Some people are referring to it as an "Iron Horse", but I think Iron Donkey works better. IMO, a double up is a weird thing to have after a first drop. With the steel tracking it should be a good element, but the double-up is more of a midcourse element, you know? That's like a first drop going straight to a corkscrew. The Efteling GCI has a crazy triple-up I hear, though.
  18. ^ Thanks a bunch! Trust me, you'll see some custom rides soon...
  19. I'm all about Lightwave, but that's just me. Both look super fun and are great additions to their respective parks.
  20. Okay, Michael Bay. Can you promise us inversions? Yes or no? Most of the big Premier LIM coasters have them, but from the looks of your coaster, I'd assume no. It's great either way; the theming blew me away!
  21. Thanks. I've been reading some tuts and viewing other parks. Just a word about updates; I'll update every two to four days with a new year every week. I know I'm kind of rushing it, but I'm really bad at being patient while building parks. Oh, and I have a question for the experienced RCT2 users. I know you can change rides with 8cars, like making a swinging ship into a scrambler, but could you change a swinging ship into a custom ride like a chaos? Will it detect the ride in my ObjData folder or am I out of luck? Thanks!
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