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  1. The Fame Factory? I think that was the name of the so-called "factory" that produced Lady GaGa dolls/robots(?) in her Grammy performance with Elton John in 2010 (correct me if the year is wrong). I remember she was created by the factory and then rejected for being too controlling and dominating over the pop music industry, thus leading for her to play the piano with Elton John...
  2. My jaw dropped looking at some of those pictures. You have quite the amount of talent that I wish I had! Your Intamin Accelerator is really impressive as well, and I can't wait to see what comes from you and this park in the future! Best of luck and welcome to TPR! -griffonj2022
  3. I know I used quite a few CS sets in THE SWARM, but I can't rattle them all off of my head at the moment. If attempting to upload it a second time wasn't successful, get back to me again and I'll make a list of all the sets that were used! Not a problem for me
  4. How do we feel about a park logo? I can't wait to share what I've got in store for this one! -griffonj2022
  5. Mine is somewhat like an alter ego for myself. I'm ---- in normal life, but since I say that I live halfway between reality and fantasy, my screen name is a direct reflection of that. I love the name griffon, my middle initial would be j, and I would be constantly reborn until the year 2022. I really don't know where the 2022 came from, but I think that's when I would like to have a kid or something....
  6. Would you mind telling us what CTR set(s) you have used for Aerowing's station, front entrance, and l(o(c(k(e(r(s? It's looks amazing as always! (I apologize for the ('s above. It's the only way I could say l(o(c(k(e(r(s without getting lockers!) -griffonj2022
  7. I'm always brainstorming, but right now I'm working on something that I really just can't wait to put out. Is everyone interested in seeing yet another viral campaign come from me in yet a few short weeks? If not, I totally understand, but this ride is just begging for some sort of suspenseful lead-up like VauTour and La GARGOUILLE had. It's going to be similar, yet much different, and I cannot wait to show everyone what I've got! -griffonj2022 P.S. - How do we feel about a flying coaster in the near future? I may have some ideas for one...
  8. My apologies, I thought the park was opening Memorial Day weekend, not in April. I had a feeling it would be really crowded, but I'll play it by ear and see how everything goes when it gets closer to Memorial Day weekend.
  9. Do we have any idea what opening day is going to be like for Hersheypark? Since Skyrush will be opening, and it's my brother's 13th birthday, I was planning on going down as a surprise. Will it be insanely busy, empty, or not open to the public until (fill in the blank) o'clock due to Skyrush? I'm debating on what to do...
  10. This park was made for me! I know some people are going to hate the theme of this park, but I think it's brilliant, as I only use Gaga songs for my ride videos. I'm a big fan of what you guys do, so I wish you luck on keeping this park up and alive, one griffon to another!
  11. Any idea when these will be done? Sorry, I know I'm kind of annoying, but I just can't wait to get my hands on these! A "Journey into the Black Forest" would be really cool riding these trains...
  12. Storm Runner for the win! It has everything that you look for in a ride, and every time that I get off I can't walk for the first few steps...no other ride has done that to me!
  13. ^Funny...I read that at started singing "show me your teeth" too. I really like the color choice there, it's a winner!
  14. Those clues look really similar to the ones from Parc du Tarbes in La GARGOUILLE's viral campaign... Anyways, the ride looks interesting, as it really reminds me of California Screamin' by the structure and ride style. Can't wait to see what you've got!
  15. I laughed so hard the first time I read this...I just thought to myself 'They have no clue!' If anyone has any questions about La GARGOUILLE, the park, or anything involving Project RevenGe, post them here, as Griffin and I will be doing a Q&A session on New Year's Eve! -griffonj2022
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