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  1. I'm more looking forward to the winged seat riding around those hills , but what A.J. said could very well be true. I'm going to be there on Saturday too, and I'm hoping the ride will deliver as much as I expect it to! Only 4 more days until the ride opens, and my brother turns 13 too! What a cool birthday present....
  2. QTF...100%. The speed on this coaster is something that I could only imagine in RCT3, and now it's finally coming to life!
  3. It will be my brother's birthday, so I'm hoping that the ride will truly open on that day so we can go. I've been planning it for months, so I'm praying it becomes a reality!
  4. Does anyone have any idea of what the park is going to do on Skyrush's opening day? I was planning on going down for it's opening day, but have no idea if the 26th is the day that the ride opens to the public or if it's just a media day...anyone know anything else on the subject?
  5. Cannot wait to ride it on the 26th! The airtime looks amazing, and I'm sure that it won't disappoint in any way. I'd really like to see how fast it goes around the turns and the zero-g transition too.
  6. I told you mine was completely different... But I cannot wait to see yours come to life! It looks incredible, and I really like the first inversion/drop/helix - very creative. Anxiously awaiting the next set of pictures to over!
  7. Really hope Hersheypark sticks with this date...planning on surprising my brother and taking him to the park. He turns 13 on May 26th, so why not kick off his teenage years with a ride on Skyrush on it's opening day! Now that's what I call a cool birthday present.
  8. Beat me to it! I've been starting on a Wing Rider named Mockingjay within a park themed to the books... Hopefully it won't look like were scamming each other though, because I would really like to put it out this summer too. Anyways, it looks great, and can't wait to see the finished product!
  9. After reading The Hunger Games and starting Catching Fire, I can't help but get tens of hundreds of ideas for some sort of themed land or park based on the books in The Hunger Games trilogy. If any of you have read these books or seen the movie you would completely understand what I'm saying. I could work with District 12, the Capitol, and the Arena that the Games are played in. I really get ideas about the mockingjays and the tracker jackers, developing two roller coaster designs out of the names in my head. I would love to do a project on the books, but I have a lot to finish for my own sanity before I tackle them. Maybe in 2013 I'll give everyone a great introduction into the country of Panem, but only if "the odds are ever in my favor."
  10. I completely understand. The writing portions above are just introduction into the basis of the park and the story I'm trying to tell. It's quite the extensive project that will be revealed piece by piece, ultimately leading up to the New Attraction reveal for the In-Between section of the park in 2012. Don't worry, there will be lots of pictures along the way, and I hope you'll stick around to see what IX(IA VALLEY) puts out! -griffonj2022 P.S. - The IX references myself, as IX = 9, or my lucky number.
  11. I have to say, this is the kind of thread that I should do because of all the idea vomiting that occurs with me! Regardless, the stuff that you create is great. I love the Verbolten-esque style ride, and would love to see what comes out of it. I also really like the hyper coaster in the first post, and hope that comes to fruition someday too. Like I said before, I really think this type of thread is a good idea for people like you and I. Our brains are getting so many ideas, designs, themes, and stories that we don't have enough time to get them all out, but here is a perfect place for you to do it! Keep up the great work... -griffonj2022
  12. ^^Any idea on how you got that double-colored spine for the track? I've been wondering where I could get my hands on something like that...
  13. That's just what I was thinking. The blurry shot is an amazing achievement in RCT3! Props for that...
  14. I love your Intamin CTR, so YES! Keep going with these CTR's because they are completely amazing!
  15. Pure NoLimits awesomeness. I loved the out-of-the-box design, flowing hills and turns, and the double down reminiscent of Apollo's Chariot. Blending the old and the new is hard to do, in reference to B&M's previous Hypers and new Giga, but you did it in such a seamless and inventive way that it looks like it's been around forever. Everything about this ride screamed "VISIONARY!" to me, and it's perfect. I prefer the lift over the launch as that's more B&M's style, but it was still something that I couldn't take my eyes off of. Amazing work! -griffonj2022
  16. Are you ready to BE JEALOUS on ? Click the link to discover what grrt and griffonj2022 are truly enVious of...
  17. The first lift and drop remind me so much of when I was working on VauTour much like you are on this project now! I just want to remind you that when working with Wing Coasters, you have to keep one big thing in mind - legs and feet. The riders are riding parallel with the track, having their lower bodies hang below the track. Your wooden structures, although very cool with the theme, might cause some amputations for being so close to the track. Just something to keep in mind! Keep up the good work too! I love myself a good Wing Coaster...
  18. "Born This Way" apparently... I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next! This would be a really cool project to see pulled off in RCT3 as well.
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