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  1. Evolutionary in it's design. ®EVOLUTIONARY in it's potential. REINVENTION BEGINS.
  2. Well, as they say, all things must come to an end. Phase II, The DNA of griffonj, came into my head in February of 2012. I got the idea for iDNA early that month, and from that point on rides that reflected my personality, traits, characteristics, and my "DNA" itself were designed and produced. I waited until N9NE was completed to begin releasing Phase II, and when iDNA was announced, I knew that it was going to be a lot of work; but, with great efforts come great rewards. While the DNA Phase is coming to a close, it's time now to reflect back on all that I have done so far. It's also an opportunity, for me, to give out all that I didn't tell you. 1. iDNA This ride offered a lot to start off with. It was that hardest video to edit to date at that moment, and it was also a really quick ride that didn't ever let up on the speed or energy. iDNA was a chance for you all to Experience Your Sequence, or figure out what you like most about the ride. It may be the inversions, the layout, the colors, the imagery, the music, etc., and I know that even though it didn't reveal much about me, it revealed a lot about my intentions of the phase. 2. Mutation Mutation basically described how I take everyday layouts or rides and alter them to become "mutated". Believe it or not, this ride was inspired by Alpengeist. The track bending and twisting through the rocky terrain came out of thinking about Alpengeist's final inversion and helix in the rock work. Mutation also dealt with multiple themes: wild and untamed actions, intensity, lack of responsibility or maturity, and straight up craziness. I loved building my first inverted coaster too. It was a lot of fun playing with that crazy first drop! (which alluded to more like it in the future...) 3. SkyRush SkyRush is my favorite ride in reality, so changing it a bit and mixing it up for my own purposes was a way to say "This is my favorite ride, but here's how I see it." SkyRush also illustrated the idea of how I've taken well known attractions and names and changed them to become a creation of my own. I've gotten a lot of scrutiny in the past for doing so; remember THE SWARM? Can you say hate comments? Anyways, SkyRush was a redemption from that, but it was also a really fun and playful design that came as a closing to summer. It also featured my first splashdown, and who doesn't love getting a bit wet? 4. DARE Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. DARE. DARE was a way to show how intense and daring I can be at times. It also played with the idea of disorientation and not knowing what to expect next, a theme that I think I use very well to tease unreleased attractions. Multiple people didn't like the editing for this video because of the changes to the POV, but I could care less about that. The video was meant to illustrate how chaotic the ride is and it's unpredictability. My DNA runs off of unpredictability, and DARE was pretty unpredictable. Overall, it was a daring ride with a daring response from everyone who watched it, but I still loved it regardless. 5. LOCUS LOCUS wasn't originally going to be part of the DNA Phase. I had planned on putting a Verbolten recreation at spot #5 instead, but ultimately decided against it. LOCUS was then designed and produced, and it's one fun flying coaster. I loved the interaction that guests had with the ride in the queue line, and how it seemed to soar over the terrain in such a smooth way was a plus. LOCUS was a center point of the phase, a way to reconnect and focus the ideas and main points, and I think I did it effectively. It's also my first flying coaster! Are there more to come in the future? 6. NeurENRG This ride was one of the more basic in the phase to be honest. It had a special trick - a steep launch - to lure people in, and the color scheme was actually quite eye-catching. The sheer speed of the ride is something that I love, and the idea that it illustrated was one that happens to me every week. The rush of an idea into your brain is always riveting, and hopefully this ride made you feel the rush too. 7. DiVE I've been waiting to do a Dive Machine for years, and when I got the opportunity to finally release one, it was quite easy to do! DiVE is based around the idea of a person, or object, diving into the water and rising back up to the surface. In reality, I'm a swimmer, so this ride hit close to home with the athletic and aquatic themes it was telling. My DNA comes through in a more literal sense on this one. 8. AXiOM Disorientation came through on AXiOM too! The constant, rapid-firing of inversions on the rider was something I've done in the past, but not to this degree or intensity. AXiOM means "an evident truth", and since I'm constantly searching for the truth between reality and fantasy, AXiOM offered me a chance to do so. Originally, I think AXiOM was going to be named Amplify, but along the way I changed it because it wasn't really fitting. It works with the DNA theme in a literal sense, but in a symbolic sense, AXiOM was a much better fit. 9. Bourne Ah, Bourne. I love Bourne. I originally got the idea for Bourne back in August, and knew that it was going to be a Wing Coaster that had an inverted Pretzel Loop as the first main ride element. It took a few designs to finally get it right, and the finished product that I've released above it something that means more to me than N9NE did. Bourne, an experimental design, was created to illustrate how boundaries and obstacles that stand in the way can be broken. Rules that apply in the real world don't have to apply in the RCT3 world, so why do we use them? When I was researching names for the ride, I kept hearing Born in my head. I googled and googled the meaning of born with different spellings, and after days of searching, the word bourne came out. It meant "a boundary, a limit, or an obstacle", and at that moment I heard "Break the Boundary" in my head. Bourne was then born, and it's my favorite design I've done - so far. Now, here are some things about the DNA Phase you probably didn't know... And with that, the door in my "hallway" for the DNA Phase slowly closed, and now, is shut. It's been a long, yet great and inspirational year. I'm really sad to see this middle phase end, but I'm graduating from high school, so while both doors close, the next two open. Tune in tomorrow at 3PM EST to see what's hiding behind door #3. "A hy-brid can withstand these things, my heart beats with bricks and strings, my DNA could mean anything..." -griffonj2022
  3. Bourne Break the Boundary Within life, there are limitations in almost everything we do. There are a set number of gallons of gas you can put into your car, a limited number of items you can have to go through the express line at a grocery store, and even a maximum on how long your body can go without food or water. But have you ever thought about a place where boundaries and limitations don't exist? Meet Bourne An inventive and experimental B&M Wing Coaster that breaks the boundaries of what modern roller coasters are accepted to be. Bourne, an archaic term meaning a boundary, limit, destination, or goal, was designed to show how limitations within our world affect our everyday lives. But, there is a place where these boundaries and obstacles can be overcome; a place where endless opportunity and inventiveness is available. That is the environment in which Bourne resides. Featuring the world's first inverted Pretzel Loop, a vertical drop, a Flying Snake Dive, keyhole elements, and another world's first, an inverted corkscrew, Bourne takes realistic roller coaster layouts and breaks the boundary that was once accepted. Fly through multiple head and foot choppers, soar through keyholes, and kick the glass boundaries that occur throughout the whole experience of Bourne to become a part of the ideal environment. When initially designed, Bourne seemed almost too futuristic, too intense, too outgoing, too extreme, and too exciting. Yet when faced with the future that griffonj2022 has in front of him, this is the long-awaited "key" that unlocks the doors to PHASE III, a new project from griffonj coming JUNE 21, 2013. Bourne also completes the DNA Phase, a year-long set of attractions that delved into the DNA of griffonj and produced nine designs over the course of July 2012 to June 2013. Bourne offers the closing of one book and the opening of another, a transitional design that breaks the boundaries of what is acceptable in the RCT3 realm. So there's only one question remaining: Are you willing to Break the Boundary?
  4. Thanks guys...keep it up! How willing are you to Break the Boundary?
  5. Alright, since tomorrow is the big release of #9 of the DNA Phase, I thought it was only fitting to have it be released on page 9 of this thread. If you all can get this thread to page 9 by tomorrow at 9:00 AM, I'll release the attraction; if you don't, I will wait until you do. How bad do you want to see this ride? You could post favorite moments of the DNA Phase, past attractions that you enjoyed, or take a stab at what you think is coming tomorrow. And, iff you get me to page 9 tonight, I'll reveal the final puzzle piece... C'mon TPR, get me to page 9!
  6. Here's piece #8 to the puzzle... I am SO excited to release the finale of the DNA Phase. Months of work, imagining, creation, and design have gone into it, and when it finally comes out it will be like releasing a labor of love into the world. When I watched the completed video for the first time, I almost cried. I cannot wait to show it all off to you, so be ready at 9AM on TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013! Oh, and if anyone PM's me the full puzzle with one piece missing, I will personally send you piece #9. After that, you've broken the boundaries. Are you willing to do so? If you are, solve the puzzle!
  7. Sorry for double posting, but I can't contain my excitement for #9! Here's piece #7.. PIECE #7 Are we putting everything together?
  8. Wow you're doing awesome! Here's piece #6, keep it up! PIECE #6 Anyone else willing to give it a try? Think you know what's coming on JUNE 18, 2013?
  9. Thank you! I wanted rapid-fire shots and quick movements to match the nature of the ride, as well as the song itself. Glad you liked it! Here's piece #4 in the puzzle... PIECE #4 Anyone put the pieces together yet? Post them here for special prizes/videos that haven't been released to the public yet! And if you put the pieces together correctly, #9 might be coming earlier than expected. We'll see how good everyone is at breaking the boundary.
  10. Shot0205.bmp Shot0207.bmp Shot0212.bmp Shot0214.bmp Shot0207.bmp Shot0201.bmp Shot0208.bmp I wanted to release AXiOM unannounced without any teasers or such because I feel that unpredictability is lacking nowadays. AXiOM last summer in an attempt to feature a beyond-vertical drop, but unintentionally resulted in a ride that had nine inversions. The inversion count wasn't planned, showing how my lucky number nine can show up at any time. The ride was also designed not to be a B&M design; think of AXiOM as more of a Gerstlauer/S&S looking attraction (think The Smiler trains but longer) with thick track. The ride itself looks back onto Undertaker with the idea of rapid-fire, slammed into your seat inversions mixed with moments of extreme airtime or sharp turns. One moment you could be smushed into your seat in a concrete pit and the next you're spiraling out of control through a corkscrew. A sharp rise into a Zero-G roll leads to a fall into pit, only to be flung upside-down twice in a positive-G filled Batwing element. The whole purpose of AXiOM is to peak rider excitement with the speed and forces while disorienting them at the same time. The metaphoric background of AXiOM mainly deals with how I am constantly searching for the truth in life. The number nine is always with me, but what's the difference between reality and fantasy? Can I meld the two into one, or must I select one over the other? The ride also deals with the theme of life being one big mass of information that we have to weave through in order to get to the core. AXiOM, with these ideas in mind, hand you the key to the next, and final, ride of the DNA Phase. This ride isn't something that I plan on taking lighthearted or releasing at a moments notice. #9 is considered to be the finale for the DNA Phase, but at the same time it is a "gateway drug" to PHASE III. If you're keeping up with the puzzle, here's piece number three below... PIECE #3 Enjoy AXiOM before looking deeper into #9. There are boundaries that have been set in the past by multiple people, including myself, but they're about to be broken. -griffonj2022
  11. r+n=m shaped letter There are five letters total, and you almost have four of them; think of Wall-E maybe. That's a pretty good hit to give you. Anyone else willing to try?
  12. You're pretty close! Check again and see if you find anything different. You'll love the surprise you get if you name #8 correctly!
  13. If you can name #8 you may get a sneak peek at what's in store for next month. Here's a hint...check the video for DiVE above. Are you willing to Turn Your World Upside-Down?
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