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  1. Yeah aren't those CTRs from the Revolutionary Rides website? They look like them, but still the ride is awesome. Yeah I'm waiting for a waterpark expansion, or some Mr. Freeze clone or something. Can't wait to see what happens...
  2. Does anyone know a good logomaker that's free that you can use for RCT3? I want to make my own logos but I have no idea how to do it for RCT3 other than a free logomaker.
  3. ^Thanks. I do go back and read them and see how I basically state the same thing over and over sometimes. My coaster reviews will come later today or tomorrow when I can get a chance to write them all out.
  4. Well, I just got around to the time to finally post a review of everything, seeing as I went out to the Point for the holiday weekend. We got three days at the park with very low crowds (except on the 4th!) and great weather, albeit some heat on the 5th. Since I'm only doing my Shoot the Rapids review now, later I will rate each coaster out of 10, state the wait time, and my opinions on the ride. That fire is such a shame, seeing as that building was a main one for CP. I wonder if they'll rebuild it on the same site again or leave it for ride land and have it built off the CP peninsula? Hmm...just a thought. Oh, and Mean Streak is a great ride, but while on my trip I just figured out where you have to ride it to not feel like your lungs are collapsing or your back is being crushed. It was very painful my 2nd and 3rd times on the ride but my 1st I was very happy! Seems like they're is a good spot to ride it on each train that not many people know about? Shoot the Rapids - Walking into the Frontier Trail I always think back to what Cedar Point looked like before all of the mammoth coasters and extreme thrill rides. Passing by Fort Sandusky and all of the old buildings gives me that sense of history throughout the park compared to the inaugural 10th year of Millennium Force ( ) and the building of yet another ride. Passing by Millennium Force's 310ft. tower and the huge arched turnaround, Thunder Rapids is hidden off to the left in the wooded area where no one really goes. Off to the far right, we see Snake River Falls sporting it's new, fresh coat of paint, making it look brand new this season. And in between, we find this open area of buildings and lockers, along with a new Trex decking area for viewing of riders plunging into the jets and rapids below. They seem to be soaked, and Shoot the Rapids looks like the perfect addition for the park, and the section that it's in. Walking into the new area we pass by the on-ride photo and gift shop, along with a 'Famiily Dryer' and lockers for storage. All of these buildings and huts seem to seamlessly blend in with the Frontier Trail and the newly constructed ride. We continue on past all of this and dispose of our shoes outside the entrance with many other sneakers and sandals. Next, we enter under the misted entryway with the ride's name, "Shoot the Rapids", and slogan, "This river runs wild!", written on a paddle. I have to admit, this logo is one of the best I have ever seen, seeing as it's mounted onto a mini water tower, and how realistic it looks. Walking through a 5 minute queue before crossing the train tracks, the wait was only a maximum 15 minutes. It went by fast, seeing as we all watched the boats slide down the final drop into the 'rapids' and shoot gallons of white water into the air. All 7 of us would easily fill a boat, along with another single rider who was one of the first riders on Diamondback at Kings Island, shown on his shirt (Missed the chance to talk to him ). The ride attendant at the front assigned us to our rows, with me being in the 4th row alongside my mom, who was terrified to ride. After the boat departed and a new one came in, we boarded the comfortable Intamin boats, pulled down on the comfy, but very tiny handlebar, and waited. After a quick seat check, we were off. Floating underneath the final drop and slowly into the misty tunnel, we were just meandering our way along in a somewhat misted tunnel. After passing windows on our left, the tunnel becomes immediately misty, seeing as we couldn't see the seats in front of us. This disorients you, and after a few seconds you slowly come out into the sunlight. Passing by the rapids and rockwork on the right, we floated along up to the first lift, seeing old advertisements for companies and goods. This adds onto the story of the ride, seeing as we, the riders, are being given a tour of the rapids and nearby island while familes and people along Cedar Creek are fighting and feuding. The boat slowly comes upon the lift, and up we go. The lift lasts about 20 seconds, and at the 85 ft. apex the boat flattens out, only to quickly drop down over 80 ft. plunge to Millennium Island. The drop keeps you comfortably in your seat, along with enough length to give you the perfect sense of "This is a big drop". The on-ride photo snaps your picture as you're falling down the plunge, and you soon level out onto Millennium Islands new water pool. After skidding along the water's surface, the boat drops into the water, sending white water into the air and onto all the riders. The front row gets a heavy dose of water as a wave rises and falls onto their laps, and everyone else gets a raining of water onto their heads. Continuing on the route along the island, we pass my Millennium Force's overbanked turn, seeing signs stating "Turn back, ruf water ahead!" and "Turn back, keep out!" The boat floats along rickety fences and rock work, arriving to waterfalls the rain on the boat and all of the passengers. My mother next to me got a heavy sprinkling underneath one of the falls, and I got a light sprinkling under another. I expected the falls to be much more drenching, but they seemed perfect otherwise, seeing as we were already wet from Thunder Canyon before. Leaving the rockwork behind we come up to the second and final lift, along with passing by a themed house and geysers. The geysers shoot off on our right, and we passed by yet another sign stating "No trespassin'! Violators will be shot! Survivors will be shot again!" I couldn't help but laugh at that as we ascended the final lift near Millennium Force's two airtime hills behind us. The lift lasts about 10-15 seconds, and at the top we level out again. A quick little slip down this smooth hill finds us sliding in between rockwork and 'rapids', soaking every row. Jets from the side shoot out at the boat, along with it immediatly hitting the water, surrounding us in the white water we have become so familiar with. The water rains down on all of the boat, and the front gets yet another familiar wave on their laps. After meandering along in the river, the boat arrives back at the station. The passengers disembark, along with all the water that came with them draining out of the boat. We cross over a bridge over the ride, and cross the train tracks a final time, arriving at the on-ride photo shop. Seeing that the picture seemlessly fit our whole group, I couldn't resist buying it. Out of 7 of us, 6 had smiles and screams with hands up, and my mother was screaming for dear life with the death grip on both handlebars. After ordering it, the picture was done in under 30 seconds. Quite fast! We all went back and got our shoes, put them on, and headed back to the hotel for some much needed dry clothes. Overall, the ride was the perfect addition to the park, seeing as Maverick replaced the old log flume, and the Frontier Trail was in need of a new ride to attract people to the area. I had no negative comments on the ride, but my only concern was the boats, seeing as the 5th row was unable for passengers to ride in. Over time, I think CP will have this issue sorted out, and Shoot the Rapids will be at it's full potential soon enought. Great ride! I'll post my roller coaster reviews later when I get the chance...any comments feel free. Thanks!
  5. Yeah I have no idea where I got the random 141 from, but if I do try and do the show I would scale it down to 600 or 300 fountains, if possible. The little fountain on the website is really cool! Even for the minimal size it has it still packs the impact that the Bellagio fountains do. That would be a great starting point, and I think I'll put together a mini show for now just to see what I can do with the staging and all. Thanks for the advice too. Anyone know how to get better video quality for RCT3 though? That's my main problem. I have NO idea what to do with the bad video quality...
  6. Thanks...And yes I plan on doing a smaller scale version of this or another water show before I do the full show. The real show has about 141 fountains (I think!), and if possible, is what I'm aiming for too. If not, I'll just make a set number of fountains. The whole testing process and creation of the fountains is all done above water, seeing as it's easier, and then I submerge them only a tiny bit just to see how they work. While the fountains that move and 'dance' are still in the works, most of the jets and such are pretty much done in an array of colors that I have created. Again...any comments to help or not are appreciated.
  7. Well....I decided to create a topic on this since I plan to persue it and update on it every few days or so since it is summer. While i just started this HUGE project recently, I greatly appreciate any comments (good or bad) to help me make this show better. I'm only going to do the opening and closing numbers of the show since they are the main parts, and they don't include the water screens with projection. I hope I can do this and make it great! Again, any suggestions just comment. Here's a little teaser of what i've got so far. (Bad video quality, I know. Sorry!) World of Color Teaser 1.wmv The video is also on CoasterTube if you would like to check it out there. Thanks...
  8. ^I will, but I just want it in the game so i can produce the show.
  9. How do you convert an mp3 into a .wav file...i have no idea how to do that.
  10. Okay, so I'm attempting (there's the key word there, Attempting) to do the World of Color show at California Adventure in RCT3. While I'm only going to do the opening and closing themes and try to do somewhat of a recreation with my own stuff in it, I can't even get the song onto RCT3. I downloaded it off of YouTube and put it in the RCT3 music folder as an mp3 file, along with some other music, and it doesn't show up in the game at all. Am I doing something wrong here?
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