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  1. Cannot wait to see the construction begin. This ride looks phenomenal!
  3. ®2 INCUBATING. Never has our planet experienced a true supernatural encounter. The human race has always fantasized about, one day, coming face to face with an extra-terrestrial creature. Shot0061.bmp We didn't expect how soon that day would come. Deep within the recesses of our planet, researchers and scientists have discovered a cell unlike those of any other being on Earth. This cell is said to be home to multiple beings, twisting and morphing around each other. At least 8 of these creatures reside inside the cell. Shot0054.bmp The cell is surrounded by security systems and tactics to prevent anything from the cell escaping. These systems, the most advanced and secure, will be sure to stop the extra-terrestrials from getting out into the human world. At least, that's what ID LABS is telling me... Shot0068.bmp The EXTRINSIC Experience COMING SOON TO OUR WORLD.
  4. I think it looks great! I love the huge sweeping turn over the water, and the airtime hills/double down look super fun. Can't wait to see a POV for this one.
  5. Yes, it's a very tame airtime on the main camelback on GateKeeper. The best airtime is hanging 170 ft. in the air on the wing over
  6. I just walked down memory lane for a bit and watched all of the old videos for the DNA Phase. Did anyone notice how in almost every video created for Bourne, a swinging, spinning ride comes into view near the airtime hill over the water? Anyone know what the name of that ride is when you initially build it in RCT3? Revolution. I'm always giving you guys clues toward what I'm doing next...look carefully! -griffonj2022
  7. How busy does the park get during the "Christmas in July" part of the summer? I'm looking into going down to the park this Saturday and was curious to how much of a mob scene it would be...
  8. A full unedited POV will be coming no later that Wednesday of next week. Along with the POV will be a main video for the ride (think about how Bourne's videos were laid out) and another film called Night Flight. Thanks for the comment!
  9. There comes a time in everyone's life where the Wizard of Oz Effect takes place, or when everything that was once thought of as black and white changes into color. That change, an evolution in a way, creates an entirely new vision for the person whom is experiencing it. Shot0001.bmpShot0013.bmpShot0021.bmp METAMORPHOSIS is my Wizard of Oz Effect. Imagine undergoing an entire transformation in how a ride is designed. Imagine changing the way you look at elements of scenery that could interconnect with the riders and the experience as a whole. Imagine reinvention in the supports, footers, track connectors, and even the train car itself. Everything that was once black and white is now changing into color. Shot0030.bmpShot0042.bmpShot0044.bmp METAMORPHOSIS has a simple purpose - to reinvent oneself. METAMORPHOSIS asks it's riders to evolve along with the ride, changing and growing into something entirely different from past experiences. Featuring a world's first Zero-G/Vertical Drop element, multiple inversions, airtime hills, quick transitions, dual launches, and a massive Inverted Hammerhead turn over the water 150 ft. below, METAMORPHOSIS challenges it's riders to take on a new design with only a lap bar to keep you contained. Shot0003.bmpShot0007.bmpShot0020.bmp This new, inventive, and creative attraction is the first ride of THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE, the third and final phase from griffonj2022. METAMORPHOSIS is also the first attraction in a set of three coming this summer within ACT 1 - EVOLUTION; the premiering ride begins to show evolution in the design and style of griffonj2022. Shot0022.bmpShot0004.bmpShot0033.bmp Everything is changing from black and white into color, are you ready to do the same? Shot0043.bmpShot0031.bmp METAMORPHOSIS "Evolution has begun..." 4,329 ft. 1:30 75 mph 55 mph Launch (2) 4.9 +G 1 -G 1.5 Lateral G 175 ft. Drop 5 Inversions Shot0040.bmpShot0023.bmpShot0038.bmp ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to PHASE III everybody! This ride is a departure from everything that I've done in the past. What I have done is good, and some of it looks great on film, but this time, I wanted it to be different. I wanted to change everything I thought about the game and evolve as a designer. Within this attraction you will see me use different footers, track connectors, trees, rocks, paths, walls, lights, rides, and scenery sets to compose what is now called METAMORPHOSIS. She's been sitting in her cocoon for about 9 months now, and she's ready to take flight. The release of METAMORPHOSIS will actually come in multiple sections. Today, you're getting the ride video and images to view. Next week, a main ride video will be released (think of Bourne's video that links to the other ones), as well as a separate POV video and another film called Night Flight. You can guess what that video is... Today also coincides with the announcement of ARTPOP, the next effort from a musical artist that I follow. The ideas that run within THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE are correspondent with themes found within ARTPOP, so the announcement today and the release of METAMORPHOSIS could be considered ironic, lucky, or fate. Nevertheless, it's another correlation to my creative influences for you all to think about. So enjoy the ride now, for there is more to come in the near "soon"! Be sure to comment! -griffonj2022
  10. ^Yes, it was on performance and not quality like usual. Thanks!
  11. Anyone care to take a ride on METAMORPHOSIS early? Comment below the name of the first ride I released back in June, 2011 with the ride that it was modeled after and you'll be given access to the POV. Just a little fun before the release tomorrow (crossing my fingers)!
  12. Shot0316.bmpShot0315.bmpShot0317.bmpShot0313.bmpShot0314.bmpTake Flight - July 12, 2013
  13. For the past couple of days, whenever I play the game the whole screen is amplified. It's like blown up. All of the buttons are huge, images become distorted when I zoom a tiny bit away, and it's evident even on the loading screens. Anyone have any advice for me? I'm thinking uninstalling the game might be the way to go, but then I would have to reinstall all of the CTR and CS sets that I use. Also, I will check the settings on the screen resolution to see if that's the problem, but if not, any ideas?
  14. It's been three years since I've last been to Cedar Point, and I hardly remember every single ride experience that I had in 2010. So, for July 2nd-4th my family and friends went out to Cedar Point for the holiday to ride the coasters and take in the park. After a dull 7 hour drive in the rain, we finally arrived! In total, the three days there were great, albeit some showers on the Fourth. We got to ride every single ride that we wanted to, got into the park early, visited the water park, and even ate at Famous Dave's in the marina. Below I've included each coaster in alphabetical order with the number of times ridden in parenthesis. I've also added some commentary, and then a final review at the bottom! Blue Streak (2) - This classic woodie still gives a great ride! The hills are all full of negative G's and floater airtime, and each valley pushes you right into your seat. After 49 years, Blue Streak still gives the same feeling a modern wooden coaster does. I hope to see this ride stick around for many more years to come, as it truly is an iconic ride for the park itself. Very rickety, but very fun. Cedar Creek Mine Ride (2-3) - Man, does this thing lean! The whole structure moves a good foot when you're watching it off ride. But, it's a great starter coaster for kids. To me it feels a lot like a wild mouse in the curvy parts after each lift hill, then kicks into gear once you drop off down to the water below. It's still fun! (even though I'm in brace position the entire ride...) Corkscrew (1) - Another classic and iconic attraction for the park. I'm not very large (5'9"), but I had a hard time fitting into this ride and the mine ride above. Transitions into the inversions felt kind of jerky, and the corkscrews were full of "whoa's!" from the group. Only one ride was necessary for this one; we can say we rode it. It seems to be overshadowed by it's bigger brothers, but it still manages to have long waits on occasion. GateKeeper (5) - I have never ridden a B&M Wing Coaster before, so GateKeeper was my first experience with the wing-over drop and the whole type of wing ride. LOVE IT. It's a very neat idea, and also terrifying to be inverted 170 ft. in the air and hanging out of your seat! I loved every second of it. The Immelman actually offers airtime pulling out of it if seated on the left side, the camel back hill does indeed have airtime, and the flat spin is great on both sides. It really feels like you're sitting on the wing of an airplane. The keyhole zero-g part of the ride is so disorienting and it's all a blur. It goes by so fast your brain doesn't have time to process what's happening! The second zero-g near the towers is much easier to process because you take it so slow, and the hangtime coupled with the towers seeming to hit your head/feet is exceptional. The ending to the ride is kind of dull, but the helix offers a close call with the ground on the left side. Overall, the left side definitely trumps the right side. The entire experience seems to be better when taken from the left. When riding in the fourth row on the left side the vibration was really apparent on every single low point of the ride. Anytime we headed downward toward the ground and then back up again, the whole car rattled, and your head felt like it was being shaken up and down like a little kid with a snow globe. Didn't have this rattling in row 2, 3, 6, and 7 on the other rides taken on GateKeeper. My brother won a front of the line pass for GateKeeper via the Plinko game (he also won another front of the line pass for Millennium; he has all the luck in the family) so we rode in row 2 of the reddish train last night around 11:00 after the fireworks. The restrain didn't hurt nor push down like it did on the four rides before then! Maybe that train was the first one to be modified? I remember screaming "It doesn't hurt!" on the airtime hill and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the ride. Overall, GK is a great addition to the park. Cannot wait to go back to ride this one again, and hope we get more in the states on the eastern seaboard. Gemini (4-5) - These racers are really fun! I didn't expect as much airtime as the ride had, but the back and front rows of each car can be a little jarring. The middle is much more comfortable. I suggest front car, middle row on either train. The airtime you get on each hill is amplified from the train pushing you over each one! Good fun with little to no wait! Iron Dragon (1) - Iron draggin...it's a slow Arrow that is everything that Big Bad Wolf wasn't. My brother thinks it's the s**t and he's 14, and I think it's slow and old. However, since this coaster is a dying breed I can see why they keep it around. It's a good starter for younger ones, and it's great-looking finale over the water is fun to watch. Magnum XL-200 (6-7) - Magnum is a true airtime classic! The last assortment of hills that end the ride are so awesome, and night rides are a MUST for this ride. You can't tell where the tunnels end or begin, when you're going to crest over any hill, or what is even going on! A great ride that's full of fun and forces. We laughed so hard on this one that one of us almost peed our pants. Mantis (2) - Oh boy, the trims were off of this one. I remember riding Mantis back in '10 and hating it, but riding in row 4 one evening the ride surprised me. It was forceful, but not too overbearing, and the little "airtime" you get just before hitting the break run is really cool. However, it's a headbanger at moments; my ears were red and warm after riding the first time. The second time we rode we were in row 2, and man, I was blacking out on every single inversion. The loop was all stars, the dive loop grey, the incline loop a blur, and some turns I got so dizzy I don't remember it. If you're looking for insane forces, ride in row 2 is all I can say. Maverick (2) - This ride really is "wild". It's very whippy and full of quick, fast transitions that either pin you down or throw you out. The first drop is spectacular, only to then be slammed into your seat and thrown around a bit before being thrown out again! A true beauty among Intamin blitz coasters. The only negative about it is the restrains - I don't like Intamin restrains only for the fact that this specific type tightens as the ride progresses. Fahrenheit has the same issue. But, it's worth bearing the pain for! Mean Streak (1) - I was anticipating a back-beating on this one, but Mean Streak turned out to be much more smooth than I remember! It still has a wooden coaster feel with that out-of-control, constantly shaking ride, but much better than the last time. An improvement! Millennium Force (4) - This is the best ride in Cedar Point, hands down. Every single moment of Millennium Force my hands were up, and riding towards the back of the train is much better than the front. Nighttime rides are also a must on this one since almost the whole ride is in darkness. It's indescribable! A true work of Intamin perfection. Raptor (1) - I love me a B&M Invert, and Raptor lives up to the type. It's full of positive G's and dizzying helixes, and I'm sad I only got to ride it once. It left me with a bit of a headache, but it's so great that the headache was entirely worth the flight. This one's a keeper! Top Thrill Dragster (2) - Speed is the main focus on this ride. It goes so fast and is over so fast that the experience is hard to remember in it's entirety. What strikes me the most is the acceleration - you think you're at 120 mph, but you just keep getting faster and faster to the point where the track and the sky are so shaky the meld into one, and the next thing you know you're looking at Millennium Force far away and 100 ft. below where you are. It's a pure adrenaline rush. Riding the Dragster at night is much more thrilling than during the daytime too! The only thing that scares me about this ride is how much it moves. Both of the base track (incline and decline) sway back and forth, and while in line for Magnum I noticed the whole tower swayed. No more rides on Dragster for me after that! Wicked Twister (0) - I was bummed this ride was down all three days we were there. Anyone know why? All in all, it was a very successful and fun trip! Start in the back of the park and work your way toward the front, and by mid-afternoon the lines for GK and Raptor are around 15-30 minutes. If you have early entry and are staying on CP property, take advantage of it! We rode Millennium Force one morning and were allowed right into the line once stepping of the train via a gate to the main line; use the beach entrance and not the one by Magnum to get there faster. Skyhawk is much better than maXair, and WindSeeker is terrifyingly high and fast. Also, be sure to use lockers for stuff before trying to get in line for GK, TTD, and MF. Attendants will stop you before you get in line, so save the trip of walking to and from the entrance. Be prepared for bugs EVERYWHERE too! If anyone has any questions about the trip feel free to ask. And yes, Cedar Point truly is the best amusement park in the world!
  15. My family and friends are here at the Point until Friday, and GateKeeper is spectacular! The whole wing coaster idea seems great, but riding is even more thrilling than watching. I seriously freaked heading towards the keyholes! Review and pics to come later. Lines are long for the "main" coasters (Dragster, Millennium, Maverick) but others are bearable. The park also has set up Plinko games outside of some of these rides with two tries for $5. My brother played and won free front of the line passes for two on Millennium Force and GateKeeper! Great fun and a way to skip long lines if you're willing to take a risk.
  16. Thanks for the advice. I've ridden Mean Streak in the past and suffered a back-breaking ride a couple of years ago that I want to avoid.
  17. Shot0306.bmpShot0309.bmpShot0308.bmpShot0304.bmpShot0307.bmpShot0303.bmp METAMORPHOSIS 7.12.13 I planned on releasing METAMORPHOSIS this past Friday. However, my computer is fried and has hard drive/system errors, and at the moment we're letting it rest until we come back from Cedar Point next weekend. Therefore, METAMORPHOSIS is coming July 12, 2013. I'm not revealing a lot about this ride in the images because I want a lot of it to be a surprise, but you can get some sneak peeks at what you'll be experiencing on METAMORPHOSIS in a few weeks. The Butterfly Effect is also pretty obvious now when you watch it back, alluding to a butterfly changing as a metaphor for me changing in my designs. Within METAMORPHOSIS you will see me use multiple different scenery sets and try new things; I'm excited to see how it finally comes together! For now, I'm going back into my "cocoon" and quieting down again until the 12th. Get ready to evolve with me...
  18. Anyone have advice for the best seat on Mean Streak? I'm going to the Point next week with my family and I know Mean Streak can be a killer, so I was wondering which seats are optimal for a smooth ride. I'd rather not feel like I'm getting beaten in the back by a bat...
  19. Thanks for your opinion! I totally get what you're saying. I agree that it has been confusing with all of the videos and images that I'm putting out there, but it does connect eventually. You'll understand the ideas and imagery within The Butterfly Effect when the first ride is released, and I promise to show off more of my skills ride-wise soon enough. A lot of work has gone into the first ride (redoing supports, multiple attempts at a station, tree placement, etc.), and hopefully it turns out well!
  20. THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE Evolutionary in it's design, ®evolutionary in it's potential. 1. THE WEBSITE. The creation of a website was something that came out of a NeurENRG moment. I kept looking for something more interactive, ultimately deciding on an app for Apple and Android products, but canned that idea due to lack of interest. A website, however, seemed more fitting. It allows for constant change and evolution, interactivity with everyone who uses it, and offers me a place to put things to "test out" or release hidden projects. I've also fixed the problem of having to register for the site at the beginning, that was unnecessary. If you would like to browse the site, feel free to. You only need to have a login for ®EVOLVE, an extra page of the site where I will drop exclusive content that I haven't before from time to time. THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE 2. THE NAME. Why call it THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE? When I first started Phase I, I wanted that to be called The Evolution Phase. But, when you think about it, you have to be born before you can evolve, so I locked the idea away for a later date. In October of last year, I saw the first element of the premiering ride for PHASE III, and I knew that it would show evolution as a designer, so I finally had the opportunity to use that name for a phase. The revolution part comes in when you get into tracklisting, as the "middle" section of the phase won't be designed by me, but will be designed by you. You will hear me refer to the phase as both THE EVOLUTION PHASE and THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE; they are interchangeable. However, the phase correlates to my real life as well. Remember how I'm always searching for that place between reality and fantasy? I think I found it. Friday, I graduated from high school, and yesterday was my graduation party. These moments in a person's life and evolutionary. You're evolving from one person into another, and revolutionizing your world as well. It's a connection between THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE and real life, a place where reality and fantasy can meld into one. 3. THE RIDES. As I mentioned, each ride will show my evolution as a designer. A lot of them launch, more than once possibly, and hopefully they will all be released on time. I've got a set time schedule out for the summer before I go away to school, so I'm hoping that each ride is put out on time before then. Only three are coming this summer, and then more in the winter, and then next spring will finish out the phase. Be sure to check out the website in the link above and tell me what you think. It's been a long, working process, and I hope it turned out as great as I envisioned it. Soon, very soon, The Butterfly Effect will be released - a short film that explains some of what's going to happen in the first ride of THE ®EVOLUTION PHASE. Ready to evolve along with me? -griffonj2022
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