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  1. Want a little Christmas gift? Jump in bed, and cover up your head, because RevenGe is coming on Christmas... Just a reminder that this is entirely fictional! Sorry about all of the religious references again, but this is the main focus of what I'm doing here, so pay close attention to it! Want me to release the attraction a day early? If so, comment on this thread 50 times by 15:00 tomorrow afternoon, and the legend may just come to life! -griffonj2022
  2. Incredible...wish I had the time, talent, and CS sets to make a station like that!
  3. Working on filming something very exciting right now! I cannot wait until Christmas! Got any ideas as to what is really coming to Parc du Tarbes ? -griffonj2022
  4. Someone knows what's coming to Parc du Tarbes...a kiddie coaster! Regardless, you've got a great start on your park here. I remember making projects like this and thinking they were the best thing I've ever seen! Just keep at the work your doing, slowly expand and grow from it, and you'll be making incredible things in no time! Stay true to your original plan and designs and you're good to go. Good luck! -griffonj2022
  5. Is everyone excited?! If this thread gets 15 comments by tomorrow at 15:00 (3:00 P.M.), then I will release something that no one has set their eyes on besides me. Think you know what's coming to Parc du Tarbes for Season 2015? You have no idea what's under the water... -griffonj2022
  6. I used Nuclear Fish's Particle Effects. I just placed the blocks for a waterfall at the top of the drop, messed with them a little to make it seem like the water "flows" right over the top, and voila! Pretty simple solution to a difficult effect.
  7. If you thought you've been confused, take a look at this! I'm just as confused as you are...
  8. I'm sorry, but I kind of have to show this picture for it all to make sense. I promise this is the last religious image! Like I said, I apologize for the religious images, but this is the last one! Sorry! It'll all make sense in the end.... -griffonj2022
  9. I know that she's very "controversial", but don't pay attention to her, pay attention to the music. That's what's going to help you!
  10. I apologize ahead for this, as I know some of you are going to hate this song, but I just had to do it.
  11. No, it definitely is not...http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=47259&start=3330
  12. ^I am dying to get my hands on that CTR! It looks spectacular! Can't wait for the release...
  13. Thanks! I love getting complements on a park that was put together in over a week with no intention of ever being created. Just shows how really devoted I am to my work! I have used so many CS sets in this park, and when I get the time (cross my fingers) I'll make a list for you. If I haven't gotten back to you in a few weeks, just PM me and remind me! Thanks again... -griffonj2022
  14. Oh no, it's nothing like that at all.. MeMeMe is currently living in Quebec, so he thought it was fitting to talk in French a few pages back. What we have said has been: What we have said was easily able to be translated by Google Translate or another translator, as is by no means meant to be negative or kept secret. Also, this momentary speaking in French is not permanent, but it has happened in other threads as I have seen it before. Others have spoken in Spanish, French, German, etc., but it was only for a brief time frame. I never planned on having this entirely in another language, however, I have no intentions of not incorporating it here and there. If this is a problem I can surely convert the whole thing entirely to English, but I apologize for any problems that this has created. -griffonj2022
  15. Vous pensez Anéantir est le nom? Oh, no! J'ai beaucoup d'autres choses faire avant je dis le bon nom! Et, quand je dis le bon nom, vous n'allez pas comprendre!
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