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  1. I know. I have to congratulate you on this one griffon, you have us all scratching our heads here. That's my job! I told everyone that this time around it was going to be much more difficult to place anything until you knew everything, but since it's "'Tis the Season", I'm feeling a little giving right now. Here's a little teaser of information that no one else has seen before until now... UNCOVER MY SECRET. -griffonj2022
  2. I SO would like to give everything away, but you're going to have to wait for the birth of the Beloved!
  3. I, unfortunately, have some very upsetting news to report. My computer, quoting my mother and brother, has "died", resulting in the possible loss of Parc du Tarbes, future projects, and everything that I have been working towards for months. Now, I highly doubt the computer has really "died", but I'm hoping that I will be able to get on it, take the files off for the parks and upcoming attractions, and save them to a disk, flash drive, or even upload them to the Game Exchange if necessary. I really hope that I can do that, or else everything will be lost... If that is indeed the case, the release of the new attractions for Parc du Tarbes will still occur, only in a mini-version of the park without the two roller coasters most likely. I'm praying that the computer didn't shut down 100%. If it indeed has, I don't know what I'll do! -griffonj2022
  4. He's got it. Cut the h out of there at the end and you're set! I'll only give you one clue to this puzzle because this clue is really hard and confusing because only I know the real meaning of it. But, you have to find it out later... Jesus had twelve apostles, right? That's what they want you to think... -griffonj2022
  5. That looks like an awesome addition after the break run! I could imagine flying down toward the water like that, having some serious !, and then getting slammed into my seat on that turn. That's great!
  6. This picture.... Talk about your head and foot chopper!
  7. Man...you're so close. You have to be really careful with these, because if you aren't, then you will be so confused! Here, I'll help you out by not italicizing the most important part at the end.
  8. Car? What car? Or are you speaking in French? Anyways, guess who's back! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- November 27, 2012 BONJOUR MES AMIS! It's seems like only yesterday that Parc du Tarbes announced VauTour, and now we're already talking about season 2013! I cannot believe how fast time flies now, and I've missed all of you! Since VauTour's opening, not many changes have happened around the park. VauTour is still tearing the sky, along with offering riders a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I have had over 99 times this season! It really was great getting to ride the raptor almost every week this summer and take flight on the first wing coaster in France. While you may have seen some of those photos before, I can't help but take pictures of that beautiful attraction! LynX is doing well, giving riders that 0-50mph launch multiple times per day. Plus, since VauTour's opening, the line for the ride has become shorter, allowing for ride after ride after ride... Don't ask how I got this shot! The biggest rumor around the park this summer was that L'AIR was going to be dismantled! No worries though, because if it is true, the park would move it to a different location for operation. The ride was just constructed in 2010, so I don't think the park plans on letting go of the ride just yet. (I still can't ride it, makes me so sick... ) Ignore the smoke! I was on the train for a little ride around the park... Another odd addition was the construction of a...church? Near the entrance of the park, close to the train station, and right near LynX and Le Tornado, this little church was placed right in there for no apparent reason! Nonetheless, I named it Electric Chapel due to the fact that it went up so fast. I didn't go to the park for about 6 days, and when I returned, there it was! Hey, do you think it has anything to do with a new ride they're putting in?! But, now we're approaching on 2013! Coming to the park next season is DELUGE, the first water attraction in the park! While the Swan Boats on the lake do count as a water ride, this one is much more exciting and thrilling. I can't wait to see the massive wave this one makes! And is it weird if I got something like this from an anonymous e-mail today? Looks like roller coaster track for some reason, yet it's really confusing me. It's titled "Cross my Heart, Hope to Die...". Any ideas? Because I'm so confused! Hope to hear from all of you soon! -Griffin
  9. Thank you so much! Can't wait to show you what I've got in store for the park! Merci beaucoup, Monsieur! J'adore parler en fran├žais quand je peux! But, getting back to English for now, thank you! I really want to make this park something that would be a true, real-life experience if it was actually 'alive', and your support and comments really help it become a reality. Hope that you stick around for all of the fun in the coming months! Now, just to warn everyone ahead of time, the game that will be played with the next mega-attraction coming to Parc du Tarbes is very thick, heavy, and could be taken offensive to some. I, being the boundary-pushing psycho that I am, have decided to up-the-anti on this one and go with a topic that I know nothing about - religion. For me, it's going to be really fun to twist and meld the story that I'm telling this time around based off of a pre-existing belief system, Christianity, and see what you all come up with. What I am planning and creating right now is going to be entirely, 100% fictional based off of prior ideas and beliefs from others. However, I have no intention of offending anyone in the process, and if I do, just avoid the topic until I release the attraction. I want everyone to intensely(!) play along this time by commenting, giving opinions, and suggesting answers, but if it's a topic that is important and sacred to you, I don't want to step on anyone's toes. I'm doing this as a heads up for everyone, allowing for minimal conflict when the game starts to get heavy and fun . Just hope that everyone is ready and willing to step up to the 'challenge! So, before Griffon returns tomorrow to give you an update on what's been going on at the park, I thought I'd set in stone something that the park has been hiding for thousands of years... Here we go again! -griffonj(is so excited!)2022
  10. I really love this shot of the soon to be released attraction dubbed Project Fury. The way the track twists and bends looks spectacular to me! "BE JEALOUS"
  11. Possibly... I tell you, I just get these ideas from out of nowhere...and here's another... "The siren waits thee, singing song for song..." Anyone interested in this one?
  12. Feel the rush in 2012! An original creation from griffonj2022
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