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  1. Same here. They should have fixed Cyclone and replaced Mind Eraser with an RMC coaster. Selling that piece of crap for scrap metal would have gotten them about $200,000 dollars to put toward the new ride. Scrap metal isn't the only fate for an old, unpopular SLC. I'm sure there are parks that want parts for SLCs and maybe even cheap SLCs. There must be a market for parts - those rides are more cloned than Dolly the sheep!
  2. I'd like to know this too. I've heard more forgiving than Toro, is this true?
  3. Ugh. Why have a test seat if there's a good chance that it is too big? I understand slightly smaller, but larger?
  4. I did notice that Apocalypse has a preshow (read: video screens) in its queue line. It is a post-apocalyptic "settlement" leader holding a gun rallying the settlement to defend itself (this is all filmed in front of the coaster.) I forgot what comes next, but I believe it is pretty much the guy shooting his gun at people invading the settlement and beating them up. This repeats itself. Is my memory accurate? EDIT - I see other preshow videos online. They only show the "gunfight scene" after a much longer intro. I know that the preshow changed when the ride became Apocalypse, but has the it been shortened since?
  5. Now, why would the ride get trimmed? If it was the lift chain, the only trim that might change that is a brake before the lift. Why trim a brand-new GCI?
  6. At SFDK, we had to get a faulty on-ride photo flash drive replaced. We got it replaced with our photos and also got photos emailed to us. However, at SFMM, it took forever for them to validate our SFOG pass for early entry (they said they can let us in, but the automated scanner doesn't work on other passes.) Yeah, parks are different.
  7. I like it. The original ride has clones - not in California, but elsewhere. SFDK's is unique, though, because of the hangtime you get. Although, SFDK doesn't use the holding brake, but that isn't the fault of the modifications - it has the brake, and SFGAm's doesn't work either, if I've read correctly (although SFDK's deteriorated much more quickly.) As for ugliness, it certainly looks unusual, but it is almost the "Gatekeeper" of SFDK in appearance, it goes over the entrance.
  8. Hmm... no dividers? I've heard of "troughs" in the floor, but I thought individual squat toilets tended to have dividers...
  9. Are China park bathrooms all squat toilets? I guess they are, just asking.
  10. ^I remember seeing some sort of ties to a griffon. I think Gatekeeper is supposed to a generic "guardian." The guardian is a griffon, of course, but the theme is quite generic. It is supposed to be, it's a "general" theme to set the mood for the park. Would TPR pull pictures taken from the Skyride or Giant Wheel? Technically, CP doesn't allow photography on those, but I don't see why.
  11. Do you find Gatekeeper more thrilling than Raptor? I'm not Danderson, but even if GK is a bit forceless and has some weird restraints, it has a unique layout. Hopefully, whatever Valleyfair gets, it isn't a typical cookie-cutter repeat of B&M elements a la Raptor.
  12. Mystery puddles... I just hate those. Along with peed-on toilet seats.
  13. When a company (any company) has proven that they can do a better job based on the past, patrons have a right to complain. I'm not saying you don't have a right to complain, but threatening to boycott a company that's proven to provide some of the best coasters in the industry is just a tad out there. Robb threatened to boycott Six Flags? I thought he just got angry at them - quite reasonable, considering how many hoops they had to jump through to get KidTums measured after the ride ops measured her improperly. Personally, I think boycotting SF is a bit much. I mean, I understand that the operations are hit-or-miss and frequently bad, and customer service is atrocious when you need it quickly, but it would involve cutting yourself off from what are some great parks (that may be run horribly, but still have some pretty dang nice rides.) Let me think... 5 year plan for CP... now, let's ignore the whole Rougarou/Mantis thing... OR NOPE! Let me base this on 2 things - A - 2015 rumors, and B: Fun TVs which say that the park will not be getting a thrill ride, coaster, or family ride in 2017. I don't see why they would lie, but I don't see why they'd do that... This is also a combination of my semi-pipe dreams, of course. So if I had SIGNIFICANT influence over the park's plans, but what we know has to be put in place (2017 exclusions and 2015 thrills,) here is what I'd do. We assume CF wants to work with B&M and GCI for coasters, but is eagerly looking at RMC as its coasters become successful and will begin to open up to Intamin as the decade closes. CP: 2015-New thrill flat and/or redone coaster, such as Rougarou (rebranded, possibly renovated Mantis.) I am making this off of 2015 rumors and the fact that McClure said this will be a thrill-oriented ride. 2016 - Iron Streak (RMC Mean Streak.) Eden Musee building is dismantled to but a new queue line area in the infield of Iron Streak. The "boneyard" where extra Gemini vehicles, etc. are stored is moved elsewhere. If possible (construction cranes might be difficult to get near here),old-style (Space Spiral-like, but modern and less maintenance-heavy) observation tower in the infield of Iron Streak. 2017 - Family-oriented plans, similar to 2014, but not quite as huge. Maybe 1 or 2 smaller flats. Maybe a dark ride. This could be switched with 2018. 2018 - Year for minor park improvements or small flats. Could be switched with 2017. 2019 - Dark ride in the old Picnic Pavillion area or pirate ride area. 2020 - CP turns 150. I think this would be the perfect occasion to install a coaster based on the famous Cedar Point Cyclone of long ago. GCI could provide this. Maybe, just maybe, we could have another company, maybe get Intamin to make its triumphant return to Cedar Fair or have RMC build a topper track woodie with a more traditional feel (yes, I know that Mean Streak would already have been transformed by RMC, but I can dream.) With Iron Streak, CP would have Blue Streak as its only woodie for several years. As for location, the "new Cyclone" couldn't really go on the beach. Assuming the pirate ride building was used in 2019, the picnic pavillion is a viable place (although one would have to take care to make the coaster very visually distinct from its neighbor, Blue Streak.) If an area near the front of the park or a beach is not needed, CCMR could be demolished for this. During these years. CP should do research into less strict height restrictions, starting with "moderate-level" coasters. Iron Dragon could go with a 42" restrction, as could CCMR if it got new restraints. Blue Streak may or may not be able to go to 44"-46". It's getting late (or early, I mean.) I might provide my KI 5-year plan, but I have to get to bed.
  14. I'm not sure about Wicked Twister since I didn't get to ride it when I was there last year, but I'm a 6'2" guy and I use the back buckle on Possessed. Possessed has very loose restraints, but the ops will staple you. As for Twister's buckles, they seem to now be screwed onto the third-to-front position, which is the closest to the belt (easiest to buckle.) I guess Possessed might have physically longer buckles. Twister's new system seems less roomy than Possessed. More like the new belts on SFDK's V2 (which are still fairly large sized.) Also, the test seat was redone to make it more similar to the real thing (it used to be much smaller than the already-small seats - the buckle on the test seat was between the back and front buckles on the real seat.) Or at least I think it was redone.
  15. If CF wants to ever do business with Intamin again, VF would be a good Mega-Lite candidate. It would be their second-largest full-circuit steel coaster.
  16. I just fit on Wicked Twister. The test seat and real seat are now of similar size, and it seems as if the belts are longer or the buckles are closer. Can anybody confirm?
  17. Not familiar with the term "under administration." Probably embarrassing myself...
  18. Why did they do that anyways? Too intense? Did the park ever say that?
  19. ^ All the parks on that list except maybe Dollywood are not theme parks. CP lost its record to SFMM, not SFGAdv.
  20. By cruel do you mean refusing to help staple you even if you are a millimeter away?
  21. Wow, she's (probably) ridden more woodies than me! Just a benefit of being related to one of the most well-traveled coaster enthusiasts in the world!
  22. I barely fit on Toro (it's. 50-50 chance that I need to be stapled by the op, but I usually don't need more than one push) and I fit on TTD and MF (although I sometimes need a bit of time or help on the belts due to the side clasps.) I've been walk of shamed on Wicked Twister (but not Possessed or SFDK V2) and the CGA Woodstock Express. I am 5'2" and quite heavy, but I'm physically smaller than my weight would make you think. Would I probably fit on Bizarro?
  23. The title said Goliath lol. It is the SFMM one. Yeah, name your pix properly. I think there should be a rematch, but it's your call I guess. If no rematch, Tarheel can go. I'm not home now, so can't make a good layout pic.
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