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  1. I went on this a few years ago with my mom. It was so bumpy we bumped heads! It was worse than it's big cousin Mean Streak (And I thought that was bad!). Hopefully the OMFG turns will be fun.
  2. Found this- Well, it is a genuine Vekoma. A genuine Shenlin w/ helix. It has an almost identical layout, with a helix at the end. Another golden horse, which answers the question "Where did the Inverted Hairpin coaster in Rollercoaster tycoon 2 get inspired?" RIPOFFS- From Beijing Shibaolai Amusement Equipment, comes more ripoffs. This one is the Shenzou Coaster. The model is Hanging Coaster the "Hand roller coaster". Has anybody ridden one of these.
  3. http://www.rcdb.com/9463.htm 2012- multi-launch coaster. Cheetah hunt clone? Maybe. Intamin? Probably. Well, we have almost a year to speculate.
  4. Chinese companies CONSTANTLY rip off Vekoma. Like this- Flare Meteor @ Fantawild Adventure Golden Horse made it. Is it a bird? A plane? An SLC? No, a rip-off! To make the Chinese barf up their lo mein noodles, the 4 inversions are in quick succession. The back car is even a rip off of Vekoma's restraint system. We can only hope that it won't bang your skull to pudding. Some inclined-loop-helix thingamajig with the 1st drop in the background. The riders anxiously wait to get their heads beaten up by a vekom... er, Golden horse ride. As far as I know, the ride- -Goes up the lift -Drops down and turns 270 degrees under the lift -Loop, cobra roll, and twist -Inclined-loop-helix thingamajig -Brakes Have any of you rode a vekoma ripoff? I've only been on a genuine Vekoma (Thunderhawk @ Michigans Adventure), which is actually a (gasp!) decent ride!
  5. I know, just wanted to post different angles of turns. So, I just found 2 complex turns, noticed they both went 180 degrees, and posted them. Cheetah hunt's figure - 8 looks kinda ugly to me.
  6. The winners for "most complex way to make a 180 degree turn"- The 2nd one is a parking lot.... I mean Jet Coaster.
  7. Reminds me of the Spongebob eurofighter in the Mall of America.
  8. I was at coastermania the past 2 days. When Walter Bolliger of Bolliger and Mallbiard (B&M) finished his speech, one of the questions he was asked was- Will Cedar point be taking a "dive" into the future? Simply, he was asking about a dive machine. They just said something, ignored him, and moved on. But I heard that Mr. Bolliger's face turned red. Simply put, one of B&M's founders has just given away the Cedar Point Secret. ADMIN EDIT: I merged this with our Cedar Point discussion thread where any Cedar Point stuff should be discussed.
  9. Great news! Layout essentially finished, ride set up for track merging, and rookie support work almost finished! The ride has a tunnel over a road like Ravine Flyer II. It has several merges to the Parkitect SkyRider's Giga track. If you want the SkyRider, it is somewhere in the topic for Stoksy's Excitement Point. He says it is the only place to download it. Please make criticism consturctive! GigaG
  10. New RCT2 project - unfinished, unnamed. Notes- Interface - I am using RCTModified Colors - going to be changed Supports - my first support work Wish me Luck Screen Copy of SCR10.BMP The unfinished design
  11. How do you do those "1x1" curves on RCT2 and RCTLL coasters?
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