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  1. I wouldn't consider Maverick gimmicky at all, it really is a true world class ride I was absolutely blown away by it and really wish MM would get something similar. To me a gimmicky ride is something that doesn't really offer the rider a new experience but rather a slightly altered experience (ie Floorless, Wing Coasters, Giant Inverted Boomerang) and is either a one or two trick pony. Maverick has TOO many tricks and is an incredible unique experience to be a gimmick. To me, "gimmicky" is pretty much anything unusual that can attract the GP, which may or may not be an unnecessary component. I guess you could define it in a lot of ways. Maverick just has so much uniqueness in it, including weird elements that draw the GP in towards a relatively small coaster. And I'm not insulting Maverick - it is almost certainly my #1 steel and might be my #1 overall (of course, I do live 1.5 hours from CP, so yeah.)
  2. Honestly, RMC would be better. You already have a "template" to save a few million dollars, and we know that RMC can produce some crazy contraptions. Plus, a park like CGA would do good with a small RMC. Iron Grizzly... let the pipe dreams begin! (Well, I already started them.)
  3. Mass selfie... I wonder if I could organize that at Cedar Point?
  4. To be fair, Avalanche/Hellcat has a practically identical layout. RCDB cites the ride as Avalanche, but apparently it has been renamed Hellcat without being listed on RCDB. Or is it the other way around?
  5. Keep dreaming. Everyone hoped that YOLOcoaster would be a 6000' long terrain multi-launch coaster before it was announced and instead we got a short gimmicky coaster (at least the ride itself is really good). It's pretty apparent that SFMM and the Six Flags chain is building big, gimmicky rides without a large investment. There are a few exceptions to this, though it would be very unlikely that a long airtime-filled Mega Lite Blitz coaster would be built in the near future at SFMM. Oh really? Maverick is fairly gimmicky to a GP, but awesome gimmicky - double launch, 95 degree drop, inversions, the "dueling" as you return... the heartline roll would have been cool, but we all know what happened there. Still too steep of a price tag for Six Flags, as Superbatboy said. YOLO is way too short, but considering everything, I think they got a good deal for 6 million dollars. I can't believe that YOLOCoaster costs the same as a Windseeker... Imagine what Premier could build given some good terrain, lots of room, and 15-20 million dollars... awesomeness. Although, one must note that YOLOCoaster only has 2 high points, and they are on the same structure, reducing costs. The next highest point is the flying snake dive (I consider that element a flying snake dive a la Storm Runner) and the approach to the "top hat." The rest of the ride (which is short in itself) is either hugging the ground or built through the old monorail tunnel. About the "6000' terrain coaster" concept, where did people think that would go? Over by Ninja? Or were people thinking more of a "twsity" concept?
  6. The chances of this happening are as great as your proposal to re-do Revolution. (aka very low) ' You can't deny this is a good idea. If Cedar Fair ever does decide to do business with RMC, I think Grizzly might be a top candidate (along with Ghost Rider, Mean Streak, etc.)... still a low possibility. By the way, do you mean to insult my pipe dreams? Just asking.
  7. I think the GP wouldn't bite that. Sure, after they had ridden it it would be a different story but I can imagine the complaints about it being small when announced. Apocalypse is probably a successful ride. Yes, I know it is wooden, but that just gives the GP another think to complain about. The dumbest GP will think that woodies are all old. I can see it now: "That ride was built in the 1920s and killed 20 people in 2008, so they renamed it. Then it killed another 20 people, so they had to rename it again." So why did I mention this? Because Apocalypse is a small, "normal" wooden coaster to the GP besides its special effects (which don't always run.) Even SFMM didn't use huge gimmicks on it besides theming, an element which can be applied to any coaster, such as a Mega-Lite. A Mega-Lite is a bigger investment, yes, but couldn't you wrap it in enough special effects that people would be attracted? That first turn gives an awesome opportunity for some Superman rings and synchronized fire/water effects.
  8. ^Grizzly simply has low capacity because it has a ludicrously complex restraint system that feels like it has rusted into place (taking excessive force to pull down and lock) and is hard to push down if you have large thighs. Not to mention it is a rather bland ride, although I think it is actually quite smooth. Maybe RMC could Iron Horse Grizzly. Let me explain - and when I say "stretch", I mean the long, slow, boring hills between turnarounds, and "airtime buffet" refers to a series of bunny hops as seen on Knoebels' Phoenix. -Station to lift - Same layout, why change this? -First drop - Steeper, that's all. -First turn - Rather than the slow elevated turnaround they have now, I'm thinking a bunny hill followed by a turn that swoops to the ground. Think Steel Medusa's turns. -First stretch - After the first turn, the ride would rise into a taller ejector hill (think Maverick or El Toro's former Rolling Thunder hill.) Following this, just make the slow, long hill an airtime buffet. You could fit 2 or 3, maybe even 4 good airtime hills into there. -Second turnaround - Since this will be one of the first things riders see entering, how about you rise up, rapidly turn, and then barrel roll down. It would be like Steel Medusa's first drop - a dropping roll - that would go over the entry path. -Second stretch - Combine an airtime buffet with a low, 90-degree turn near ground level. AT the end, make a tall airtime hill (just like the first stretch, think Maverick or El Toro's former Rolling Thunder hill) -Third turnaround - Dropping off the last hill of the second stretch, I'd want the track to swoop to the ground. -Third stretch - The turn would rise back up into a final bunny hop or 2. Then there would be a somewhat banked turn near the ground. As the ride approaches its brakes on this turn, it would pop up, turn to a 90 degree bank to the left, and then flatten out. We have more than enough length to put in a long brake run or even a little hill right before the brake run after the final turn. Looking at it, the 90 degree turn might not have enough clearance due to the track on the left, so the alternative would be to stay low, pop up at no bank when you are aligned with the brakes, maybe make the extra bunny hop, and then brakes. If you think about it, a complete rethinking of Grizzly would produce one of the most airtime-filled coasters in the world.
  9. How much would the carnival company let it go for? Maybe if they somehow want it off their hands a la Big Dipper some group could get it for less than it is worth. Prince Desmond, anybody? $33.5 million is way too much... hopefully that isn't true. The ride does look impressive, though. It's a spaghetti bowl of twisted track that goes through 5 vertical loops. The GP would eat that up. Maybe SFMM could get it... no, too long and expensive for Six Flags . Maybe somebody should buy it and debut it for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Cedar Point could put this in if they ever wanted a "boardwalk" on the beach, but I doubt it. It would be cool to see, though.
  10. It has some of the concepts of a Mega-Lite, but you also have the 95-degree drop, 2 LSM launches, and a completely different, longer layout. It has many similarities, but it is extremely different as well.
  11. Hmm... Does the ride really need to be closed for the rest of the day? Must have been a serious issue.
  12. Simple - what are your fears? I have few true fears, but I am afraid of things coming into your face suddenly or sudden noises (that scares pretty much anybody.) My other fear is stinging insects - I love insects and bugs in general, but I freak out if a bee or wasp comes near me.
  13. As for the Mega-Lite proposal, let me give my marketing spin on that, just like my Revolution concept. Scenario - Six Flags Magic Mountain installs a Mega-Lite themed to Bizarro. "Superman may tower over Six Flags Magic Mountain, but his nemesis is quite the force to be reckoned with! Despite it's small appearance, Bizarro will be one of the most intense coasters at the park, twisting and turning you from right to left, all while you fly up and down steep hills designed for maximum "airtime." You and 15 other riders will be hauled up the first hill, arriving at the peak in just seconds. At over 50 miles per hour, you will plummet into a banked turn just feet from the ground before rising up and twisting the other way in the blink of an eye. Next comes a large hill, throwing you up and into your lap bar. Before you can comprehend what you just went through, Bizarro will will fling you 180 degrees into a triple s-turn, flinging you side to side as you undulate up and down. Finally, you will be faced with a set of low, fast hills, each one full of stomach-dropping negative G-force. As you round the final turn into the station, you will be in a state of amazement - Superman's new rival may not be a record-breaking giant, but he sure is powerful!"
  14. From another post here, i got Eagle Fortress. And aCoasterStory, you reminded me of Hypersonic. -Rides I never got to ride- -Son of Beast (looping) -Some of the old classic woodies that were very intense - maybe stuff that was gone long before I was born like the Crystal Beach Cyclone, the Rye Airplane Coaster, the Revere Beach Cyclone (first 100ft coaster), and the Riverview Bobs -Rides I would like to ride again just because- -Son of Beast (non-looping) -Disaster Transport -Wildcat (CP) -Rides that I never rode, reminded of courtesy of other poster (including the one right above me!)- -Big Bad Wolf (sorta) -Hypersonic XLC -Eagle Fortress -Original KI Bat
  15. I think it just has something to do with how much worse the OTSRs make it than it would be otherwise. If the ride is a 5 normally, it's a 1 with the OTSRs. Personally I've never had a chance to ride it without them and would really love to see how it is. Also although its not the most exciting or intense ride, without the OTSRs it might actually be a relaxing ride in a cool part of the park. Obviously right now it isn't. Yeah. SFMM will have to replace the trains eventually. Maybe we should start a "compromise petition" - tell them "when you must overhaul the trains and restraints, get lap bar trains."
  16. Holy crap that looks good. I should open Earth now... In other news, the city of Toledo, a bit more than an hour west of CP, has a water warning. If you pass through the Toledo area, do not drink tap water. Bathing and hand washing may be forbidden too. You cannot boil the water, the issue is a toxin which is concentrated by boiling. The toxin is microcystin, and causes nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and possible liver damage. Somehow, this toxin, produced by harmful algae blooms in Lake Erie, entered Toledo's water treatment plant. If you are passing through Toledo on your way to CP, take note- http://www.toledonewsnow.com/story/26178506/breaking-urgent-notice
  17. Maverick is a fairly easy to thing to market... beyond-vertical drop, for instance. I wish they could market a Mega-Lite or similar. Maybe if it was themed with high-level special effects, it could be marketable.
  18. So all new B&Ms in the US are monotonous or forceless? Banshee called, she wants to say something. You could also make an arguement that wing coasters have weird layouts, "trying new things."
  19. ^Technically. wasn't Lightning Run Chance Rides? Aren't they somewhat separate entities?
  20. What ERT events can passholders get into? I know about the ones on the 10th and the 15th, are there any others? Also, do they have early entry, and if so, what rides? I have Six Flags passes, so I would like this info. New question edit: Also, do the vests lock on X-Flight?
  21. I read something that said that SFFT ran Rattler with one train on its last day and forced people to sit in certain seats, possibly to sell Flash Passes. I know at SFOG Batman & Great American Scream Machine have 1 or 2 rows roped off in the station for flash pass users, although if they don't have any, they'll take people waiting in other rows and open them up. I saw the same at Skull Mountain at Great Adventure. I didn't see them filling the rows, though. And the line was long and slow. And they were only running one train...
  22. Thanks, it took me a bit to make that. That would be hard to market, but not impossible. I may (or may not) be in the minority on this, but you will never ever convince me that changing Revolutions track profile (other than a minor tweak to the loop entrance/exit) is a good idea. What is there is pure genius; it's a work of art. I could nearly say the same thing for Mind Bender and Whizzer... just my 2 cents though. Maybe they can redo some of the old Arrows (envision a Phantoms Revenge-ish remake of Viper! Now that sounds good!) I know you love Schwarzkopf's rides. I do, too. I'm just picky about slow hills. As for Viper's Revenge, that would take quite a bit of creativity. Viper is in a fairly small area that isn't really the best place to make a hyper coaster. I'd love to see myself be proved wrong and have an airtime machine there, but it would have to be a pretty unusual layout. Although, Viper is the final Arrow 7-inversion coaster, so there is an arguement for keeping it.
  23. I read something that said that SFFT ran Rattler with one train on its last day and forced people to sit in certain seats, possibly to sell Flash Passes.
  24. If you had a speed hill and no trims, there would be a variation in pacing. Combine that with a redo of the area around the ride (potentially the entrance plaza.) I imagine the GP know about Revolution's roughness (I don't mind it, but then again I typically can brace myself and tolerate headbanging), so how about this- Scenario - Magic Mountain would be reprofiling Revolution and taking its trims off for its 40th anniversary. Modifications include the speed hill, reprofiling the slower parts of the ride, restoring the operations involving 3 or more trains. Here's how it could be marketed- "New for 2016 - Revolution is like you've never seen it before! After 40 years, Revolution will undergo a complete renovation. The original steel vertical looping coaster is now better than ever, with brand new ride vehicles designed for comfort. In addition, the track has been modified to create a fast-paced ride from the first drop to the final brake, while still keeping the spirit and design of this historic attraction. Revolution has been thrilling riders at the park for decades, and with these modifications, the ride will be brought into the modern era and continue to thrill riders for years to come."
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