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  1. Well, if it looks like a Windseeker, smells like a Windseeker, and quacks like a Windseeker, it very well may be a Windseeker.
  2. The current trains are heavier due to the audio and don't travel the course as quickly as the old trains did. While the restraints are a bit tighter, I understand the T bars are never coming back and honestly the restraints are fine. Heavier trains have more intertia, right? Or does the friction and slow wheels negate that?
  3. You rode Blue Streak 9 times and stayed on? How did they let you? CP is strict about that,
  4. Did you know that Gold Striker's original plans in 2009 had a different layout? The pre-lift was different, and the third-to-last turn before the brakes didn't extend out as far. Also, many of the crossovers are not the same, assuming the unusual low-quality rendering is accurate. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=57569 Detailed list of differences-I will refer to the old plans as GS09 and the real one as GS13- -GS09 has a pre-lift that twists under itself. -If GS09's rendering is correct, the first drop curves sooner and is tighter, and so is the s-bend -GS09 is twistier after the first turnaround -GS09 exits its second turnaround crossing over the turnaround's entrance -GS09 has a large, curving hill after the second turnaround that crosses the first turnaround. GS13 goes under itself at this part, with some smaller bunny hills. -GS09 exits the third turnaround dropping through the pre-lift turn and makes a straight shot to the 4th turnaround. GS13 curves around its pre-lift, which is much different. -GS09 has one long brake run. GS13 has 2 shorter sets before its turn into the station. -GS09 seems a bit more drawn-out than GS13
  5. No, America could deal with it. It's a few morons (like the $67m pants guy) that make America's companies paranoid about lawsuits in areas where nobody would sue them. Even on rides that were, oh, I don't know, DESIGNEDto be intense by a reputable company. Although, one could point to SFGAm being sued when a guy got stuck on S:UF, the court system should, oh, I don't know, prove he has a reasonable claim before dragging the park into this... unless he has a REALLY bad medical condition, being stuck on a lift or brake run for less than 30 minutes while hanging in your restraint, while uncomfortable, should NOT result in nervous system injuries, bruises, cuts, and permanent disabilty that is worth $50,000. The guy wasn't "hanging upside down" - if the ride experienced a failure severe enough to strand riders inverted, it would have been well-known by now. If you want to see the idiocy that is that lawsuit, look here- http://www.courthousenews.com/2014/07/28/69871.htm For anybody who has ridden it, does Insane whip you back and forth like GL or does it rock you into the "back and forth" acceleration?
  6. Screamscape- Considering that Screamscape sources are anonymous, this should be taken with a certain amount of sodium chloride. What IS stopping anybody "in the loop" from anonymously leaking info to Screamscape? It's fairly easy to make a throwaway email. I've emailed Screamscape before (I informed them of the repainting of waterslides in Soak City.) It doesn't have to be much.
  7. All they did was add special effects (not a bad thing), audio effects (debatable, but do those even work anymore?), repainted, and got rid of the center bar in the restraints, as far as I know. How would returning it to S:ROS make it better?
  8. What kind of track will the 4D Free Spin use? The I-Box style from the prototype?
  9. Does V2 here have the long seatbelts like the new ones at SFDK, the super-long Possessed ones, the short old SFDK ones, or the "microscopic" Wicked Twister ones?
  10. SFMM installed Green Lantern... since when did Six Flags care about capacity?
  11. Has anybody ever tried to buy this park? It has been closed since 2008. I don't live far from it, and it saddens me to think that a historic/rare coaster like Afterburner is rotting not far from my home.
  12. SFA - Six Flags' junkyard. Hopefully Six Flags will have the sense to de-neuter GL if it goes to SFA. Giga or Mega-Lite? I really wish, but SFMM doesn't realize that you can (gasp!) market something that isn't tall, weird, and loopy. Gigas do have the tall feature, but SF has recently been more interested in building short, intense rides on the cheap. Sometimes these turn out good and not that short (NTAG), sometimes they turn out a waste of potential (YOLOCoaster, and possibly iRat. Maybe SFDK Superman, but that WAS a small area and they made pretty good work out of it.) Those are good rides (I've been on YOLO and Superman, both are good), but it's sad to see YOLO be so short.
  13. If it has a Zac-Spin type layout I can see it fitting there (If it was torn down of course). I think he was aiming for replacement of the theatre. I doubt it's that tall. It's almost certainly shorter than Mantis, which is of similar height (almost 150ft.) The theatre itself is probably not even 100ft tall. I don't know, though. EDIT - stupid me, didn't read Magnumfreak saying it would be torn down. Yeah, if they put something there, it would be torn down.
  14. No, Americans are made of guts and PopTarts, but when it comes to Zac Spins and other intense thrill rides, we neuter the Heck out of them to make it look more safe and save money with less maintenance needed! Fixed, or at least what I'm perceiving the case to be. This is why trimless rides like Voyage get such high ratings. Sure it tears into itself now and then, but the park's CoasterCats team do an excellent job keeping the ride from tearing into you. Americans are made of guts and Poptarts? I must agree that the best way to destroy a ride experience is to add trim brakes. If you ride High Roller at VF with 2 trains running they trim the ride to almost a complete stop on the 2nd to last turn. If anyone gets out to NU and rides the zipline, could you give a review. I know that someone from the news went and did a report, but I want a review done without NU staring over their shoulder. Does it feel fast? GL is not trimmed (well, I think Insanes MCBR also trims it, I don't know.) GL is balanced.
  15. Hopefully this S&S will make one as insane as... well, Insane!
  16. No, Americans are made of guts and glory, but when it comes to Zac Spins and other intense thrill rides, we neuter the Heck out of them to make it safe and rideable! It's safe and rideable in Sweden!
  17. Those curved pieces.. Could they be for a curved brake run a la Mantis without the banking. But the blueprints don't look like a curved brake run - the last curve pre-brake has a rather small straight section before it. Could this be the pre-lift turn? But Gatekeeper uses normal spine for that IIRC... Hmm...
  18. ^The Gröna Lund model is better, allegedly. SFMM neutered GL. Do they think Americans are made of butter?
  19. http://m.news.hjnews.com/allaccess/logan-company-s-spinning-roller-coaster-promises-unique-experience/article_252562fa-013f-11e4-85f2-0019bb2963f4.html?mode=jqm_gal#&ui-state=dialog April 2014 - Coming to a US park!
  20. The test seat on Millie is much smaller. I risked it in the line and an op belted me 3 times. Bizarro had a bigger belt, I could easily fasten it myself. The restraint, I'm not sure as the ride op stapled me before I could push it down myself. On the issue of seatbelts and size, wasn't it the same issue as NTaG that the restraint was touching the rider's stomach and not their legs. I'm not sure exactly how many extra clicks but it seemed like 2 extra clicks on Shambhala and probably the same on Steel Dragon (but then again it might have been more as there was a hell of a lot more effort to get me into that seat). I'm not sure why they need those extra clicks, Shambhala is definitely not the most forceful B&M hyper. So I would have to be painfully stapled in? Why? I know that people in Europe and Japan tend to be less "large" than people in the US, but skinny people ride B&M hypers in the US and elsewhere every day without issue.
  21. The only one I can compare it to is Xcelerator (I think that still has t-bars?), which I didn't have any issues with. I haven't been on any of the other megalites though. I've never been on ANY Mega-Lite.
  22. They turn a ton of people away from MF at the test seat. If you're a fat guy (I am) they usually pull you aside and make you try it before letting you waste 2 hours in line. Although, in my experience the MF test seat is much less forgiving than the actual trains. One time I couldn't even get the test seat seatbelt within an inch of the buckle but I risked the line anyway and got on fine. I should try the test seat sometime to see the difference. Haven't used it in forever. The buckle on MF's real train is hard to buckle for me, but once it is buckled, it isn't all that tight. The T-bar is probably infamous due to having several incidents that were attributed to the rider's size, which led to severely shortened belts. How are Bizarro's restraints compared to MF? Better or worse? If worse than MF, how do they compare to El Toro? Finally, can anybody answer the Shambhala question?
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