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  1. Not to mention that SFMM needs every day they can get with construction! They are a year-round park, but that is no excuse to open up a ride late, especially if construction doesn't interfere with crowds.
  2. I wouldn't have a massive problem with them doing it during park hours if it was before the advertised "last day."
  3. Interesting concept of mine - Dark Knight should be an El Loco. It has a more adult theme, so why not a thrill coaster? If you had a taller building and underground trenches inside the building, you could pull this off. Imagine - "WHY SO SERIOUS" followed by a beyond-vertical drop.
  4. I hope that they get rid of that kink in the first drop. I also hope they don't slow the lift (like countless other Six Flags coasters.)
  5. Continuing this thread... THE HORROR- http://vhcoasters.com/2014/07/19/lewa-world-builds-knock-off-boomerang/
  6. http://vhcoasters.com/2014/08/15/six-flags-china-coaster-line-up-and-more-parks/
  7. The Top Spin has inversions, just only 2 inversions from what I remember. I wish that Top Spins would be able to calculate a cycle on the fly. I've heard the Towers of Terror at Disney parks do this for the drop sequence. For example, what if Huss programmed a Top Spin so a park could tell it - "2 minute cycle with 4 to 7 flips" and the ride would generate a safe series of flips that would not wear down the ride? A Top Spin can invert several ways - it can lock the gondola to loop, it can flip multiple times in a row with the proper swinging, and, of course, flipping after being plunged face-down. Imagine if the cycles were re-generated each time?
  8. Having now ridden Raging Bull, I wonder why they would put that horrible trim there? It could be an insane ride if the camelback trim, MCBR, and final trim did not grab the train, but instead the ride is neutered. At least the first drop trim doesn't activate... Why is the ride trimmed so much? Do trims really decrease maintenance costs on steel coasters by THAT much?
  9. Why is Raging Bull trimmed anyways? Does trimming really have that much effect on a steel coaster's maintenance costs?
  10. Maveshark is really intense. It beats you up a bit, but you learn to brace, and it beats you up in the best possible way. It isn't the painful deathtrap people make it out to be. It's probably my favorite steel.
  11. What if the ride needed extra supports? SD2K had to use much more steel than it would in most areas of the US because Japan has strict anti-seismic construction regulations, if I remember correctly. Wallygator's Monster is anti-seismic according to Wikipedia. That coaster used to be in Japan. It isn't out of the question for another B&M in Japan to be strengthened.
  12. Pleasant- Ninja, SFOG - Actually a fun ride and not all that bumpy. I do tolerate headbanging fairly well, though. Unpleasant- Viper, SFGAm - It is smooth, but the fan-shaped turns and spread-out layout make it rather forceless. You do get nice floater in the front, but the double-drop had no airtime in the front. The back has airtime on the double-drop, but few other places. For all the hype this ride gets, I think it could be a bit better. Former unpleasant- Nitro (formerly) - I got some crappy, forceless rides on Nitro last year. This year, it ran better. I like it now, but I was horrendously underwhelmed on my first rides.
  13. YES! The ride is fun and has an great first drop, but if they didn't let the MCBR trim the ride and turned off the trim brakes, it would be insane. Instead, we get a Sleeping Steer or a Calm Cow. Bull has 4 trim brakes including the MCBR. My experiences go something like this- -Pre-drop trim - Never on (GOOD! The drop is great!) -First camelback trim - Ruins the first camelback and is always on -MCBR - Always on, the ride would probably be better at the end without this, considering that most of the ride's airtime hills are near the end. -Pre-twisty trim - Sometimes on, sometimes not on. I personally think these trim brakes should all be ripped out and killed with fire, while the MCBR should be set not to go off unless there is a block emergency.
  14. Here are my experiences with racing coasters- Colossus - 100% non-racing, 0% racing American Eagle - 80% non-racing, 20% racing (and didn't even get to go on it while the red site was running.) Gemini - 60-80% racing, 20-40% non-racing. Gemini frequently runs solo in the morning, and has the issues of blocking off cars and running one train empty, but it typically races on reasonably busy days.
  15. Ah. Oh, well. I'm sure that, even if the admins don't agree with each other, SFNE Online and TPR can find common ground into finding the idea of Iron Cyclone to be totally awesome!
  16. Somebody on TPR's Facebook said Side A has already been gutted - metal strips on the track have been removed near the brake run and the brakes have been removed. Courtesy of Michael Mountain.
  17. Why is SFNE Online blocked? It seems like a lot of big SF fansites are... do they really hate TPR or Robb?
  18. I think it is Magic Mountain used to run 4 or 5 trains on Revolution (before SF, of course) IIRC from reading it somewhere. I never got why nobody has ever tried to build Schwarzkopf-style. It wouldn't be the exact same, but modern technology would make the complex block systems and heartlined track light-years easier.
  19. I'm guessing some of the remaining $20 million (assuming this isn't already in the $30 million budget) will go into doing something to the entrance plaza where the ride will fly over and the Hurler area where the ride will start.
  20. Well, they've been letting the other side rot for years IIRC. This was inevitable. They can't fix it just now. The problem has been there for a long time.
  21. Apparently, SFMM is handing out buttons to the first 5,000 people through the gates that say "I got my last ride on the big woodie." Wow. On another note, TPR's Twitter is complaining that the ride is only running one side on its final day. Hasn't the other side been left to rot since 2008 or so?
  22. One that they won't do- Quick Queue One that they might do (I hope not)- Abosolute Invertor
  23. ^Could NJ approve those? Maybe. Could they approve dual Zumanjaro/Ka running? I hope so, but probably not. Just get Intamin to approve some freaking tough plexiglass on the sides and on the top meshes, and I see no reason why NJ wouldn't approve dual running. (although I hope Plexiglas isn't too intrusive...)
  24. The ops at Compounce will put a train on if you remind them and the line is long? Don't they have to have maintenance help or get approval or something? Or is that a corporate thing?
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