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  1. I too, like the look of #1. The twitter part is nice. To me page #1 just has a more complete look.
  2. If you have been to the Disney parks before, why not try the others. The flex pass does really offer a wide variety and will give you a whole different and memorable experience. It would be a great chance to try something different to say the least. Some of the rides at the other parks have quite the WOW factor, and shouldn't be missed.
  3. LAWDY !! That thing is a Monster ! (ok, Mr Guy T and the peanut gallery too, no, ahem, comments on that one.) This is going to be a skyline changer for the entire city of Tampa. If you know the area, one can already see Shiekra from the west side of Tampa on I-275, so this will really look impressive. I haven't been over that way yet, but can't wait to see. I can't imagine the view from this ride, as riding Shiekra, you can see downtown St. Pete (my home) and out to the Gulf of Mexico. The view on the ride up this thing is going to be incredible. Not to sure about my wits on the drop portion t
  4. That should be cool to see, after all, it was my home park as a little kid. Looking forward to it.
  5. I love the references to Crystal Beach which, sadly I only got to visit once. You are so right in saying nothing beats a coaster on the waters edge. Enjoyed your report. Makes me want to check IB out now.
  6. Banshee. Oh boy do I remember that. I was living in ohio at the time and remember the public uproar over the name Banshee. I really didn't get it then and I am glad that's not an issue now for KI.
  7. All those additions sound "nice", but to be honest, quite boring. I am not a fan of all those chain restaurants. I mean, If I am travelling from far away, why would I want to go to a place that I can find at any mall/strip center in anywhere USA? Why not put in a wallymart too while they are at it ? It all sounds very generic to me. Give me local and/or unique anyday over a chain place.
  8. I have to agree about Gwazi. I have never seen such painfully slow loading and unloading operations anywhere. I guess they want to make the entire experience from the loading to the actual ride to have a toally imersive painful experience. However, I really don't know what happened from the first days it was open. It originally ran with three trains per side, but that didn't last very long. A car from one of the now extra trains sit at the entrance to the ride, for photo ops or test seats? I guess?
  9. Thank you for all the hard work. I have always said to my friends that the ride OPs at the Point are some of the most efficient anywhere and most other parks in the US need to take lessons from the Point. Yes, the lines may be long, but the crews really do generally work their hinds off. It really is amazing at times.
  10. At least it looks like something more interesting than your typical mouse coaster out there now. Well, maybe for a one ride only experience.
  11. Boy oh boy, there's too many to mention. Mostly though, Its the old classics that really get me going. Such as whips, calypsos, tumble bugs, rock o planes and a really cool one that always makes me laugh, especially if you cram 4 adults into the red bug raceway (its original name years ago) at Kennywood. Try it sometime , crammed full of adults, you cant help but howl at the whole absurdity.
  12. Hmmm, maybe instead of slathering it in mild sauce they could slather it in sriracha sauce .
  13. I have found that mid to late august is a great time to go to most parks up north. The kids are in school or about to be. Lines are much shorter and the crowd tends to be more adults without children. The caveat is that the parks close around 8pm usually, meaning you need to plan which coaster will be your "night" ride. But to me it's a worthwhile trade off. Multiple/marathon rides vs a few night rides. I have also had good luck at the northern Cedar Fair parks very early in the season, then again, weather can be a bit chilly.
  14. A lot of it depends on when you are going to the parks. This past summer we went to Kings Dominion in late august and everything was a walk on with most trains being only half full. The exception of course was Volcano, we had a 3 train wait for the front row. However we usually only go to the parks in their individual off seasons as I hate lines. If I went during peak times , much as I would hate to spend the extra cash, a fast pass would be very worth it if you hate any sort of lines.
  15. I too think concrete trenches look odd. They seem to me that either, 1, oops! we miscalculated on the drop and had to dig down to compensate, or mostly, 2,) we ran out of money to finish the roof on what was supposed to be an underground tunnel. A natural grass depression is by far scarier to me while riding. It really gives a much better low to the ground or terrain feeling.
  16. Why a ride simulator? How about making it part of the nightly fireworks show. Ya' know, blow up the whole dino land to simulate the end of the dino era. Then do it up royal on the last night of the season and REALLY blow the whole thing up in one MASSIVE end of the world as dinos knew it type thing !
  17. I am sooo jealous of your cocert trips over there. Unfortunately here, most of the big concerts seem to usually be about monster trucks, driving around in a pick em up truck with a 12 pack, gun racks and throwin chick'n bones out the winders, singing about the saddest day of their lives when the dog left them and the wife stayed. you get the drift. Those shows over there look so immersive and fun.
  18. I always like a pov that is filmed from the rear of the trains with the camera facing forward. I think they give a better idea of any airtime or hairtime the ride may have by looking at the riders in front of the camera. To me it also seems that you also get a more realistic idea of how the drops etc are, rather than just the front of the train pov. Either way, I enjoy pov's, especially after riding a coaster, then seeing the pov. It brings back all the good memories of the ride. (Or in some cases, the bad)
  19. Is anything going on at CP other than the tired Mean Streak topic ? How about the gemini area redo ?
  20. I am hoping for a late may or early june trip so that may just work out. Talked to my partner and he seems to like the idea of meeting up too.
  21. Ok, this is getting to be too much. No one should be allowed to show off this much fun in such a short time span. I really want to go now. Again, wonderful to see someplace most of us will not get a chance to go to. Keep on giving us these awesome reports.
  22. Funny this topic should come up as my partner and I are going to do something very similar next year. I love Kennywood and usually stay over night (or 2) in Pittsburg. Pitts can be an interesting side trip unto itself. Taking an evening ride on one of the Incline Railways to the top and visit one of the neat restaraunts overlooking the city all lit up could make for a romantic anniversary dinner. Plus the Strip District and many ethnic areas are neat too. We are planning on starting at my partners parents home by Kings Dominion, travelling through PA to hit Knoebels, Kennywood , Conneaut, Wal
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