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  1. I have to agree, power tower in either direction was pretty tame, even with my fear of heights. Dr Doom however, gets me every time. It really does have some great air time.
  2. Although short, I always liked the prelift drops on either side of Gwazi at BGT. Quite a surprise the first time you rode it and when it was new, it made you feel like you were in for a really good ride.
  3. On the issue of smoking areas at parks. I am very mindful of smoking areas as I do smoke. However, on a trip to Sea World last month, I was in a clearly marked smoking area that was down a dead ended path for smoking, when a grotesquelly oversized person in a motorized scooter, and friend in tow with funnel cakes, plopped down in the middle of the smoking area and complained loudly about all the horrible cig smoke the had to encounter while eating. (They never did smoke by the way) That to me is just as rude. I just shook my head.
  4. Jumbo Jet , Cedar Point, Waaayyy back in the day. Such a great ride, even though while there, it was always breaking down. Great memories as a kid, and even today my parents talk of it fondly.
  5. Excellent !! That was one of the most fun trip reports I've seen. You really managed to convey how much fun your trip was. I was laughing the whole time reading all the little stories you told with your captions!
  6. Isn't smorking something furries do? If so, I can see why it's not allowed.
  7. I can imagine a few OMG moments on this. Even if the first drop was only, say, 75 or 100 feet, from 500+ feet up there could be those OMG moments multiple times throughout the ride and drops. Looking forward to seeing and riding this one, hopefully close to home too.
  8. I really like the retheming of that whole area. Other than Scorpion, the area always seemed dated and a bit tacky to me. Much as I like Scorpion, I would skip it if the crowds were larger. It was a long trek to the area. If that area gets really busy because of all the newness, I really hope they bring back 2 train operations on Scorpion like back in the 90's and early 2000's. Otherwise it will be a long wait for the ride. Does anyone know whatever happened to the second train? It always used to sit on the transfer track there after ridership decreased once other coasters took over in populari
  9. I'm in the same camp here. Minimal is best. Who wants to lug around a bunch of c*** only to have to keep storing it for a ride? Just a wallet, phone/camrea and LOTS of asprin/ pain killers if the park has an SLC !!
  10. Ah yes, that's what I remember most of the old version. Not that it was painful, but that it went through way too fast, you really didnt even know the loops were there when you went through them. I was much more disoriented than feeling any sort of pain. Hmm, maybe I was just knocked senseless. It must have been hell on the track too, I would imagine.
  11. I don't get the whole concept here. Is it a land where I gorge myself on fancy chocolates and then try to kill a few kids ? It just doesnt sound right.
  12. GAAAWD I love Ms.Leslie! Pleases come and visit us here in St Pete; Fla ! It is truly the no pants haven ! (Well anywhere in florida lol )
  13. Simple, money, money, money, above all else it seems anymore.
  14. I love the look of those old NAD trains. To have the headlights working again would be orgasmic
  15. Ok, thanks. I'm surprised its that quiet. Still sounds good though.
  16. This looks like a lotta fun. I can vaguely remember riding the Flying Turns as a very young child at Euclid Beach. So looking forward to riding this one, alas, not until next summer though. Just curious, what does the ride sound like? I love the sound that woodies have. There's been a lot of pictures these past few days, but no comments on the sounds this beauty makes. The only thing I can imagine is something akin to a bowling alley as the balls go down the alley. (minus the striking pins of course). Any comments as to how it sounds ?
  17. I'm not sure they had the theming right for this whole park. To me it sounds as if it should have been called "Soft Rock Park", and used names like "Yanni -The Ride", The Michael Mcdonnald Experience, and The Streisand Swirl, etc.
  18. To me, I like the strict description of out and back. A coaster that goes out, turns around and follows basically the same path back. Examples are Blue Streak at CP, Racer at KI, RebelYell at KD, Starliner at Miracle Strip/ Cypress Gardens, for wood. Apollos Chariot for steel. Hands down, Blue Streak for wood and Apollo for steel. After that , there's modified O&B's, Modified figure eights, Dog leg O&B's etc, ie, White Lightning. All are good, but for pure out and backs, I go with Blue Streak at CP. Not to nit pick but there is a difference depending on how technical one wants to get.
  19. That's a really nice report there. AND I especially like the Sparks reference in the title. lol
  20. I would love to see them put up the screaming swings that I believe are sitting in the back lot behind the coaster. At least that's what was supposed to be in at one time, I think, and it looks like the parts are there. That would make for a really well rounded park IMO.
  21. Neat video. It's cool to see some of the really old rides that I rode as a little kid, like the Cuddle Up, (much better than tea cups) the Fly-O-Plane and the Swinging Gyms. Havent seen a cuddle up anywhere for years, but I know there's a Fly-O-Plane at some park in Georga, I believe. I also saw an updated version of Swinging Gyms(as we called them) a some festival a few years ago. Wouldn't it be neat to see a few of these oldies brought back ?
  22. I didnt mean corkscrew at GL, it was Double Loop that came before that. Sorry to confuse.
  23. I've always been fascinated by this coaster. The only one I can think of that "might" have been close was Idora's Wildcat. No lap bars, just a leather strap and a bar attached to the seat back in front of you. Incredible ejector air and the horseshoe turn also dubbed the rib cracker! I was lucky enough to marathon Her the last day of operation for a good 10 times at the end of the night. Was so saddened when the next spring she burnt to the ground. I dont believe the safety standards of today would allow such a ride to EVER get built again, such as CB's Cyclone either. Man, would I have loved
  24. That is so sad to see. I grew up in the 70's with GL only a few minutes away. Ah the memories. The first coaster in the world with 2 loops, before cedar points corkscrew. And even up till the six flags era with the impulse spike coaster, which CP tried to one up the next year with Wicked Twister, but for me the one at GL was/is better because of the straight up spike on the backside with the "lock" on the last drop. Good mems of my old home park, so sad to see in its condition now.
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