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  1. I dont know how much time you may have, but if you are going thru WV on 77, make a quick detour to Huntington and check out Camden Park. Its not a big park by any means, but if it rains, the coaster there will give you one heck of a ride. Its a very old and classic park that most people have never been to, but worth a few hours of your time on the way to kennywood. I did it on a trip from Fla several years ago to Kennywood, CP and Kings Island and found it to be a fun little diversion from the drive up.
  2. My partner and I are doing a, what we call a "wine, wildlife, waterfall and roller coaster trip to Virginia from the 21st to the 28th of this month. Our itinerary includes doing a wine tour of VA, hiking White Oak Canyon for the waterfalls, wineries, Old Rag mountain , more wineries and culminating with a trip to Kings Dominion. My question is, I know 305 is down right now and is expected to be up soon, but has anyone heard when it may be running again ? My hopes are for this friday, but if not, maybe monday? To me that would be a great ending to our trip. Anyone heard anything yet ?
  3. OOh K, now I feel as if I just had a vekoma slc moment ! thanks for that
  4. for those that grew up in the area and know, and those that didn't, we called them muffleheads. Dont know why the name , but you knew to keep your mouth closed at night. Especially on the flats with lots of lighting!
  5. Growing up in northern Ohio near Lake Erie, I can testify that , yes, that is ice on the lake. There were times that, on my birthday in April, a foot of snow would fall. That is why, beatiful as the area may be, I now live in florida. I couldn't stand the cold anymore. I much prefer spending my winters riding coasters and spending a nice warm sunny day in march on the beach with a margarita. Still, that shot is pretty to look at.
  6. The one thing I like about "difficult terrain" is that is really does create some very interesting rides. Just a few examples are of couse, The Beast, and Kennywoods coasters too. There are way too many examples to list here. Overall, many good rides that way.
  7. Actually, I forgot to mention, Tumble bugs remind me of bacon frying. Drat, now I need to go fix myself a BLT !
  8. How about something really retro ? I love that SIZZLE sound that tumble bugs make as they wind up and as they go 'round the circuit. Classic and unforgetable.
  9. I dunno... After doing Sky Coaster at Fun Spot, just not too sure. Oh boy. Well at least once. Maybe they will have an adult diaper concession?
  10. Finally got my night rides on White Lightning. Returned to the park saturday night around 10 pm, after the massive downpour. The crowds were light as compared to earlier in the day. All I can say is that the speed was crazy after all the rain. WL was running great. After getting 3 rides at midight we finally left around 12:15 am. They were still running 2 trains even that late. Tha crew was fantastic. They were dispatching trains with remarkable efficiency. Kudos to Fun Spot on this great new expansion !
  11. I forgot to mention. Saturday may be busy. However, the do run a 2 train op on White Lightning. When I was there and they were running 2 trains, I was impressed. Dispatch times were fast and efficient.
  12. I love it. This little park just keeps getting better. Looking forward to the "opening" tomorrow !
  13. I can testify that, yes, reverse bungees are very intense and fun too. Last one I rode was about ten years ago and had the old style seats where the attendant strapped you in with nylon belts, as opposed to some of the newer ones I've seen with the over the shoulder restriants found on coasters like Montu etc. Night rides are best as you're shot into the dark and the spinning as you come down has you seeing the lights below on the ground before seeing the dark sky as you're flipping. Intense!
  14. Skycoaster at Fun Spot Orlando last week. Being pulled up 250 feet on a string and then released. Most terrified I've ever been on a ride.
  15. Gawd, we had such a good time doing the "B Rolls". Looking forward to this saturday. I need my Lightning fix. The best part is that they are open til midnight and, hard to believe, we haven't had any night rides yet. That will be fixed this weekend for sure. It's really cool seeing the footage with us in it too, brings back great memories. Thanx to all..
  16. Well if you should ever have a problem with a loose fit, try doing what my grandmother did. Her fave flats were the himalaya and trabant. She had an "orthodonic device" (false teeth) and would remove them and put them in her "pocket book" as she boarded. Hey, it worked, though a little gross seeing that.
  17. I always enjoy a good coaster show, and last years ICW was a lot of fun to watch. It will be just as fun to watch this years episodes I'm sure.
  18. Well I guess if there isn't a stippulation that the sale would require the park stay as a park, it sounds as if this could finally be over for the place. Amazing its held on this long. Sadly, goodbye Blue Streak, hello condo.
  19. Dania Beach Hurricane, opening day. I was in the florida coaster club and we had ERT from 8am to noon before the GP was allowed to ride for the first time ever. The club goal was to ride every seat, both right and left sides of the train to find our favorite seat. Well, mission accomplished. Got in 32 rides. BTW, my fave was row 3. Great airtime. Really miss that coaster now.
  20. Yeah! for White Lightning! Love the look of the front of the train. Had a great time yesterday thanks to Robb and crew and to Fun Spot. I must say I really am impressed with what Fun Spot has done. I know others have commented on how fast and fun White Lightning is, and how good Freedom Flyer is, but I feel I need to give a little love to some of the other rides there too. Sort of a mini trip report. Sorry no pics tho. We returned later in the day hoping to catch a few rides on White Lightning but Mother Nature was being very stormy and cranky and it was not to be. Some of the other rid
  21. It looks like we will finally be getting a good "woodie" in florida, since the demise of DB Hurricane (RIP). I crave the wooden coasters. I cant wait !!
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