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  1. I usually laugh on rides now filled in with the occassional "ouch" or "Whooo/Wheee!"
  2. It's so interesting to see all the Gatekeeper construction photos and watch that giant crane move around! Obviously it's meant to do that, but it sure is cool to see that massive thing move! And the wideshot cam of the entrance called "Gatekeeper Construction Cam" on CP's website is really neat! This ride is gorgeous!
  3. A couple weekends ago at Magic Mountain my friend and I were able to ride Superman: EFK multiple times at opening without anyone else. We got in 4 or 5 rides with just us two. This is the closest i've been to having a ride by myself.
  4. So many of these topics! But they're kinda fun! Mine was Matterhorn at Disneyland!
  5. I've always thought Dollywood looked beautiful and your pictures prove that even more. It's absolutely the perfect setting! Great pictures!
  6. I always enjoy looking out over all of Magic Mountain from the lift hill on X2. Lots of trees with the coasters poking out over the top. It's quite impressive to see!
  7. Everything about this is perfect. This made me laugh a lot. I am definitely going to avoid Carnival cruises forever! This whole situation they're in is ridiculous.
  8. Had a great day at the park today! Got to ride the left side of Superman and they were using the far side of Tatsu's station! Crowds were light all day. Practically walked right on to X2. Lots of new footers put in for Full Throttle. Footers around the tunnel Looking at the mess around Goldrusher It was a beautiful California day Line: The Ride wasn't so busy today! Walk on! Footers surrounding the tunnel Looking at the YOLOcoaster from the sky There will be a loop here someday Gertrude was out and about More pictures of some cement and dirt And I leave you today with something I haven't been able to do since I started frequenting the park about two years ago. The Left Side of Superman!
  9. Going up to the mountain today. Hoping everything is open like last week!
  10. By far the best launch coaster I've ridden is Xcelerator at Knott's. I never get tired of it! It's really quite impressive and intimidating to watch this train full of people go from sitting still in the station to moving 80mph in such a short distance.
  11. ^ One of my highlights from 2012 was riding ToT at DCA, but with no sound! I had only been on it once before (that day) and when we got on for a ride at night, the ride operator said that someone in another shaft had their feet up so they had to stop all the shafts to get that kid off the ride. When the ride started for us, it had all the video projection stuff but there was no audio! I am not the biggest fan of drop rides so I was definitely nervous. It really made it feel like you were just the tower's little toy being thrown around. Just going back to Disneyland for the first time in a few years was such a treat in 2012! Cars Land is stunning!
  12. LOL, I didn't even think about that when I posted the article. Full Throttle everywhere on that article!
  13. Full Throttle is going to have a theme song? http://www.kpho.com/story/21020166/six-flags-entertainment-and-roadrunner-records-announce-groundbreaking-partnership-and-release-of-first-ever-original-song-for-coaster-by-australian
  14. Seeing the ride from above makes it look so impressive! And super twisty!
  15. I've visited SFMM probably 7 or 8 times since the summer and I have never seen them run two trains. Even before summer, when they had two trains, they were only letting people board one train. The lines were ridiculous for Riddler every time I went in 2012. Last Saturday I managed to get a ride early in the morning with no wait, but later in the day it was about an hour wait! I usually just avoid it completely!
  16. ^ Me too! Something about the wingrider trains is so appealing to me! Also, I love going through this thread. There are some amazing pictures in here.
  17. I'd pick California Screamin' from DCA. It has everything I want in a coaster, a launch, a little airtime, it's pretty long and it goes upside down. Plus, since it's not the most wild ride I could see myself riding it when I get older!
  18. I remember reading the Lil' Robby Robb comics when I first found TPR in 7th grade and was just beginning to find my love of theme parks. I would totally love to see some new comics!
  19. I love when there are lakes at theme parks just to get pictures like those! It makes the rides look so beautiful.
  20. For the event, are we able to just go to one day and not the other? I know I know, why would I want to do that and miss a day? But I may potentially have a conflict on the Saturday of the event. Has this been possible in the past? Thanks
  21. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. And yeah, I'm not upset by the shirt, but I thought it was something we could get a chuckle from.
  22. I was also at the park today to take some pictures and hang out with some old friends. While I was wandering around I noticed this shirt in one of the stores. Does the rollercoaster on it look like The Hulk from IOA? I thought that was silly, since it is a Six Flags shirt.
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