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  1. ^ LOL. I really could have believed that post as a Disney fanboy post. I am really looking forward to seeing this place in action! It looks like a perfect place for all the princesses to gather.
  2. I think this will be a great ride too, despite it's length. I really like Premier rides and anything that launches is pretty awesome anyway! If this ride really has lap-bar only cars, that will make it even better!
  3. I think the white really makes the Sky Coaster pop! Definitely a good choice. I wish all this was going to be open for my visit to Florida in April!
  4. I think the Blue Bayou had the best food I've ever had in a theme park. Expensive, but totally worth it at least once!
  5. I am about 30 minutes from SFMM and a little over an hour from Knott's and Disneyland. Those are my closest parks!
  6. I think that makes sense! lol. Pay them back and then you can download more!
  7. Thanks for all the ideas everyone. I think the Mears shuttle is the best for our situation. They've all got their perks and downsides but since we're trying to save money, we'll just have to deal with some downsides.
  8. I may be out in Florida with a friend in April to conquer the Disney Parks and the Universal ones. We won't have a car though. I have been reading online for ways to get from Disney to Universal, but I thought i'd pitch the question to the locals or people who have tried this before. What is the best way to get from Disney property to Universal and back? Where should we try to depart from? Downtown Disney seems popular on the internet as a departure place. I'd love to hear about all the options, cheap, more expensive, efficient and not so efficient just to come up with some ideas. Thanks.
  9. Green Lantern is definitely one of my favorite in the park. However, if I see a line out the building I usually skip it. It packs quite a punch for such a small coaster. The restraints are a little snug, but I haven't found them unbearable. I haven't had a bad experience on this ride!
  10. I was always scared of big rides when I was a kid. Heck, even Dumbo scared me cause it went "too high!" But even with that fear, something about Disneyland always intrigued me. Just because I thought of it as this magical place. When I finally got to about 6th grade I discovered TPR, probably when I was looking for Disneyland pictures or reviews or something, lol. TPR definitely opened my little eyes to the world of Theme Parks and roller coasters. I read so much and then when I finally visited SFMM, I was hooked. I loved the thrills, and then being able to visit a place like Disneyland for the environment. I love that different theme parks offer different experiences, which makes me want to travel and visit more!
  11. In December my friends and I decided to marathon the Matterhorn around closing. I won't be doing that ever again in these bobsleds, lol. It beat my back and my rear end up pretty good!
  12. I am looking at applying to be a Cast Member starting in the summer at DLR. Does anyone know when would be the best time to apply would be? Now or closer to summer? I would want to start late May after my semester is over. Any tips?
  13. I actually really like the building and what they did with it. I think that the building looks super interesting and perfect for what it houses.
  14. The pictures speak the truth. The theming at Universal is only matched by Disney, and in quite a few places, passes Disney. The parks are always clean. As you can see in the update, two lands at Islands of Adventure just went through a massive repainting (Toon Lagoon and Seuss Landing). This is the case if you've ONLY ever been to American amusement parks along with Universal and Disney parks, perhaps, but there are quite a few parks out there that also have theming that is just as good as Universal, some of them just as good as Disney. Parks like Europa, Phantasialand, Efteling, and even Alton Towers come to mind. There are actually many parks all over Asia, Europe, and even Australia that do a FANTASTIC job on theming and story telling. For example, that dark ride section of Superman: Escape at Warner Bros Movie World is better than any theming on any of the coasters at Islands of Adventure. And that's not knocking IOA or anything, but to say that Universals theming is only matched by Disney is simply not true. --Robb Okay, thanks all! I've always thought Alton Towers looked great in pictures too. I may have an opportunity to head to WDW and the Universal parks in April for a week or so, and I am excited to check those out. I really appreciate a beautiful park and some great rides! I need to get a job to start going on some TPR trips to see other places!
  15. How do the Universal parks compare to the WDW ones on theming and cleanliness and stuff like that? I've seen so many pictures of the Universal parks through the years and they really look stunning. Is the quality up there with Disney in real life? Because the pictures definitely make it look like that is the case!
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