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  1. ^ THANK YOU so much! I will definitely be going with that ticket. What a deal! BGT is the last park of my trip and I fly home the next morning, so I will be sure to take advantage of this ticket so I don't have to get airport food! And thank you for the tips of where to head ride-wise!
  2. I'm going to Busch Gardens Tampa in just over two weeks and I am wondering what people think of the online ticket deal where you pay $85 and get admission + food all day. Does anyone know how this works? Are only some restaurants are available for the ticket or all restaurants? And is it unlimited food or limited to two meals a day or something? Even if it's only two meals only, that's fine!
  3. That picture makes me so excited to ride Cheetah Hunt in a couple weeks! Great picture!!
  4. Haven't been to the park since the first weekend of February and it is quite amazing to see the progress! I hope they plant some trees around the front side of the hill like they did around the back side/tunnel entrance area.
  5. I can't wait till they add the grass/plants around Coast Rider. This area should be pretty nice looking when it's done! I absolutely love the color of Coast Rider!
  6. The shaking definitely makes the ride a whole new experience. A car once went by right as we were locking into the top. I was way more frightened that ride than I was the first time I rode it. 400 feet in the air, swaying like crazy, and about to fall... not a good combo!
  7. Don't be scuuuurd. LL:DOD was my first drop tower ride, and I have a thing about heights Same! I was always afraid of drop tower type rides because of the height. I went with a bunch of friends and just did it! I love drop towers now! LL:DOD is now a must do every time I visit the park.
  8. I chose theme parks because I'm very much a visual oriented person. I love being immersed in a great themed area, like at a Disney park. I love being able to walk from the deep jungle in Adventureland to the streets of New Orleans, and then to the cartoon world of Toontown, all while enjoying excellent attractions! I do appreciate a good amusement park though!
  9. I really like where I live! It's pretty good for me being a general theme park fan not so much just coasters. SFMM is about 35 minutes away. Universal is 35 minutes also in a different direction. Time may vary depending how LA drivers are feeling that day, lol. Disneyland and Knott's are about an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half from me. Legoland is about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Seaworld San Diego is about 2 and a half to 3 hours away depending on traffic. I like my home!
  10. I chose Iron Rattler because it looks really neat how it winds around the mountain and through the tunnel while hauling butt!
  11. Knott's Network posted another picture of Coast Rider on facebook just now. The track is yellow.
  12. I know the UC schools (UCLA/UC Santa Barbara, etc.) have spring break next week. It seems to be pretty scattered for spring breaks here in California this year. Mine isn't for another three weeks (Cal State schools!) and I have some friends on break right now, while my old high school is out in two weeks. I think it will be a little more busy for the next few weeks but not unbearable!
  13. I love the genuine excitement in the POV video! Thanks Robb! This ride looks fantastic!
  14. ^ I was wondering that also. But I don't mind too much, as long as it is there to stay!
  15. So far I have visted: Six Flags Magic Mountain - 3 times Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - 2 times Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - 1 times I plan on visiting: Knott's Berry Farm - At least for Haunt, hopefully more! Universal Studios Hollywood Disneyland/DCA WDW Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom Universal Studios Florida/IOA And I may be going to Busch Gardens Tampa, not sure yet. Another maybe is California's Great America
  16. It looks like a roller coaster to me! LOL. Not skateboards! The new Joker colored paint and theming really made this ride look great!
  17. Is BGT big on making people get lockers? Like, is it a must do, or do most rides let you leave your bags in the station while you ride?
  18. On my last trip to Disneyland one of my friends told me that there's a trick that you can do on Big Thunder that might count for this thread. Something like if you sit in the backseat of the train, when your train starts to go down and turn around the hill with the goat holding the dynamite, you can toss a penny over the goat and catch it when your train goes around the goat to the other side. Something along those lines. Not sure if this is one that has gone around much too. If you time it, I could see it working! Don't want to try it for fear I might hit another rider in the face, lol.
  19. Thanks for the info! I'll be sure to check out the food from the Flower and Garden booths.
  20. I will be at Epcot in April with one of my friends, and I am wondering what people think the best foods at Epcot are? Like what country's pavilion, for example? Is there anything really bizarre or unique that we should try? lol. I'm really looking forward to visiting this park to experience the different pavilions!
  21. When did you see Magenta or anything in the video? I've seen a couple people say they were surprised it was white track/black supports and not other colors, and i'm pretty sure it looked white to me in the promo videos. I think you're misunderstanding what he's saying... Okay I definitely get it now, sorry. Just disregard, lol.
  22. When did you see Magenta or anything in the video? I've seen a couple people say they were surprised it was white track/black supports and not other colors, and i'm pretty sure it looked white to me in the promo videos.
  23. What a great experience! I have always been fascinated with the idea of going into space. I was so disappointed when I missed the Endeavour being flown around Southern California a couple of months ago, before they moved it into it's new exhibit here. I'm super jealous that you got to see a launch!
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