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  1. That's for sure! It is the perfect mix of coasters, flats and other things (animals!) for me! I will definitely be making future trips to this park, especially when it's not Holiday in The Park, and everything is open!
  2. I went to Disneyland with a couple of friends about two weeks before Christmas last month and one of them needed to get their annual pass processed. He left us around closing to go deal with the pass, and we shopped thinking he'd be a little while. He used that system with getting a photopass person and he was done in less than five minutes! It definitely speeds up the process. It probably also helped that he did it so close to closing time, but still, super efficient. The same group went to SFMM a few days after to renew our passes for that park, and we were all wishing it was more efficient like Disneyland.
  3. Yea that space looks especially tight. It'll be quite scary through that at full speed.
  4. When I went to Discovery Kingdom on New Years Day this last week I totally had the same ride op for V2. She was a ton of fun and definitely knew a lot abouth the park. I enjoyed it! In general, it was my first time visiting SFDK and I was really impressed with this park. SFMM is pretty much my home park, being 30 minutes away, and I was really impressed with the presentation at SFDK. Everything seemed a lot cleaner and the staff were much more friendly than most of the people I encounter working at SFMM.
  5. The first time I rode Xcelerator at Knott's was a crazy adventure. I had sat out on a trip the year before but I was determined to conquer that fear. I was so scared the first time I rode it, I think that was the strongest i've ever gripped a lap bar ever! I turned around and rode it 10 times that visit after this though.
  6. THANK YOU for not saying X2! I agree that Tatsu is the top ride at SFMM. Haha, you are welcome! I still love X2 but I can't get over how awesome it feels to ride Tatsu, especially with that pretzel loop!
  7. Okay thank you! I live in SoCal, so I guess I'm spoiled with the year round operation.
  8. My friends and I were planning a potential trip from SoCal up to visit CGA and Discovery Kingdom around New Years. On the CGA website it says the park is closed until March. I have never really paid attention to this park, so I was wondering if this happens every year?
  9. Coming from an area where the theme parks operate pretty much year round, it is really interesting to see a park like this! Having everything get refurbished is really nice! Awesome pictures despite the fog!
  10. Musketeer


    Hi, I am considering heading to Universal Studios Hollywood this week but I am wondering how busy it is right now. How long are the lines this time if the year? Is it worth it? Thanks!
  11. Hmm, that's good. Not too far from my house, maybe an hour or so. Woopee, I have a new water park to check out!
  12. Great trip report. It looks like fun. Where is this park in California? We're looking for a waterpark that is fun other than Raging Waters and Hurricane Harbor.
  13. Waffle house + McDonald's = heaven on Earth. Period. Funny Update as always.
  14. That park looks great, but kind of small. Some of those coasters look crazy, especially that wild mouse. Too bad I can't go visit a park with an awesome wild mouse like that one, not "Mullholand Madness." Cool update.
  15. Wow, that looks great. I might have to go check it out this summer. Thanks for the update.
  16. Great trip report. That Mr. Six is really scary! They need to work on that.
  17. That is one crazy coaster. Very messed up but it does look like fun.
  18. Hi everyone! I'm Musketeer, aka Brendan. I'm a new member but a long time reader (since about when kidtums was first announced), and I really enjoy all the funny updates. You all seemed like a great group of people, so I thought I'd join! See you around, Brendan
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