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  1. Finally saw Wolverine yesterday, it was okay.
  2. Pics New ads like these were posted all over the park Last ride of the day Spooky... corkscrew lovers... I didn't forget you Nice view of the rest of the park "Which one's the yellow one, Medusa?"- My Mom Uh... you do know your backwards self just got here and... Fresh paint! Parachutes were open Dark Knight was VERY packed that day Blackbeard's always fun These things are kewl Bizarro's opposite is doing well Interesting... queue theming Even Mr. Six got a chance to ride! Trains look awesome! Now THAT'S bizarre one of the first trains The lucky ones... Mine train testing the star of the show Ka is still closed GASM Testing The reason we're here GASM up close
  3. People: Myself My mother Rides: Bizarro 8x (dead serious) El Toro 2x Batman: The Ride 1x GASM 1x Rolling Thunder (right) 1x RMT 1x Skull Mountain 2x Blackbeard 1x Parachutes 1x erUPtion 1x Parachutes 1x Big Wheel 1x Twister 1x Fling 1x TR: Myself and my mother were 2 of the lucky few people who got in the park for media day for free and we arrived at the park around 9:30. Since we had a while until Bizarro opened for us, we had a little snack at the Conestoga Wagon and quickly went on Runaway Mine Train. Then, I jealously watched the ribbon cutting ceremony and the Golden Ticket winners get to go on the first train. Before long, we were able to go on and I stopped to notice all of the new queue theming. I liked how they sort of kept the "Medusa Mining Company" moniker on the wall facade. I was luckily able to ride Bizarro 4 times in a row by occupying random empty seats, including the train with Mr. Six on the front row! My mother was also able to ride it twice, which to my knowledge is her first major coaster at GA since Lightnin' Loops. After an attempt to ride El Toro (which I abandoned after seeing the HUGE line), we headed out of the park for lunch at Burger King. When we got back into the park, I went to the Lakefront section and rode Skull Mountain twice, Blackbeard, and Fling. When I went over by Bizarro, it had already opened to the public and had its queue completely full. Luckily, I tagged along with two random guys with Flash Passes and got to the front . I was able to ride Bizarro another 4 times; lucky me! After Bizarro, El Toro's line never cleared up, so I decided to ride Rolling Thunder, which was about a half-hour wait, which felt like FOREVER. Also, before I rode, I noticed Josh getting on the ride. If you're reading this, then I'm the one you said "Bizarro..." to because I was wearing the purple Bizarro shirt. Then I headed over to the Boardwalk, and was able to ride the Parachutes, Twister and erUPtion. Superman had too long of a line and GASM was temporarily closed so I headed back to the Internet Cafe where my mom spent half the day reading magazines. We went on the Big Wheel together and then she went back to the Cafe while I rode Batman. I was able to get an empty seat on the front row . Since Nitro and Dark Knight each had really long lines, I went back to El Toro which had a much reduced line since the park was going to close soon. It was about a thirty minute wait for the third-to-back row, followed by a re-ride on an empty seat. Since I had only half-an-hour until the park closed, I went over to The Boardwalk to ride GASM, and Superman was down for the rest of the day, so it wasn't possible. I met up with my mother again and before long we were on our way home. Overall: 9/10. Aside from Ka still being closed and the ridiculously long lines, it was a perfect day at the park. Riding Bizarro 8 times wasn't bad either . I'll post my pictures later when I have time.
  4. Riddler's Revenge, which is the only one I've ever been on.
  5. I love Nitro the best, but I've also been on Apollo's Chariot and Goliath (SFMM).
  6. Super Mario Bros. Pac-man, Pokemon Red, Asteroids, etc.
  7. Either GASM or Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure, I forget.
  8. I love McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, KFC, and Carl's Jr.
  9. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.
  10. The Simpsons Family Guy is overrrated in my opinion.
  11. Holy crap! That's me with my hands up on the 4th row on the "Mr. Six looks scared" pic. I rode Bizarro 8 times that day! I have to put up my own TR pretty soon.
  12. Giving stupid updates to classic board games. I.E. Monoply that has a calculator so you don't have to use your brain & count it yourself. Scrabble where you stack the letters on top of each other Sorry! where the pieces have balls in 'em so you knock the other guy's piece oof the board The list goes on.
  13. In case anyone's interested, yesterday was the 10th anniversary of The Phantom Menace.
  14. Mine's just the symbol for Venom, the spidey villain.
  15. I'm going to Bizarro's opening day tomorrow and I can't wait!
  16. Hi, I'm Zack, I'm 14 years old, and I'm from Long Island. The park I mainly go to is Six Flags Great Adventure, and I have an account on the GADV.com forums (known as simply Zack), as well as the Great Adventure History and CoasterFanatics Forums (known as nbadude44). Other than roller coasters, I like The Simpsons, Star Wars, comics, Godzilla, etc. I've ridden 50 coastes so far and I plan to ride many more later in my life!
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