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  1. I messed that up too. I have three hours left to finish Rogers spaceship. And six muffins left for Francine. I'll probably have to spend clams to finish.
  2. I have so many tasks going on right now, and lots of items to collect. I need two items for Peters outfit, and now they added Fat Lois. And still working on Francine.
  3. Yes, I want them. Are you watching tv now?
  4. Frantic looks good, I'd like to go back to that park. My family lives close by so that's a good reason to visit.
  5. Sorry I'm late to post. I like Halloween, Disney, Japan, candy, animals, movies, tv shows, pretty much everything. But really anything would be good, surprise me!
  6. I only need one bubble beard and one pink paper, I should be able to get that. And almost done with Steve but Hayley will still be a while.
  7. I don't like going to work at 5 pm and it's already dark.
  8. I think I have enough items to brew everything I'm missing, but just not enough vials. I should be able to get Mr Weed in the next day, but I'll probably miss a couple things.
  9. I was saving stuff for a couple days too. I need one more bone for Freddy's car, just brewed the furnace and shed. And maybe the guys will cross streams later tonight...
  10. I finally did it... I put in an iTunes card and got Predator, Alien and Jason today!
  11. ^ I should get him tomorrow too, I'm pretty close.
  12. I want Predator too, not sure if I want to buy clams...
  13. Just saw this! I'm excited! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  14. ^ Sweeney Todd is on my musicals I want to see list. I did like the movie so I'm sure the musical is great.
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