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  1. I ended up using some clams for Vinny, because the last few tasks didn't drop the items right before my time was up. I'm just one red candy away to get pink Brian, but today I got blue..
  2. Just got sexy Stewie with a few hours to spare!
  3. Stewies items aren't dropping that often for me... But a jack o lantern showed up in my town, it says collect candy once a day till Oct. 4 to unlock pink Brian.
  4. I'm happy I got George Takei this morning, I wasn't sure if I would make it. But I did miss getting Iron Baby.
  5. I just opened the game and got 50 free clams!
  6. I just unlocked Brian's costume today. And I still need 15 blueprints for Stewie, that will take a while! And I don't have the option to get the new girl yet.
  7. And now a lot more items to collect to unlock Ron Perlman...
  8. I'm done with everything for now, and have no current tasks to do. I just need to save more money to finish clearing the land.
  9. ^ Thought so but I didn't see you on my list. I just sent you a request.
  10. I just got the camel, that's probably all the prizes I'll get since it ends tomorrow.
  11. I visited everyone one in my friend list, and with that I deleted those who haven't played in a couple weeks. Now I have a few spots to add anyone.
  12. I finally got Cleveland yesterday, now I'm just working on his alternate outfit. Hope I can finish since it's limited.
  13. Just heard an Aerosmith song and thought of Rock n Roller Coaster.
  14. I really wanted the hobo clown outfit, but I was 7 away. I don't know if it's worth 70 clams. But I am getting a clam almost everyday from towns. Tonight got a clam from Larry!
  15. I just started playing today, at level 3 now. I was able visit all my friends but some I couldn't do 3 times.
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