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  1. I had one of my favorites, Diet Dr Pepper.
  2. I'm thankful for Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea. El Toro, Millennium Force, Thunderhead, Boulder Dash, Euro Mir, that's all I can think of right now.
  3. I played Tiny Tower a lot, so I downloaded this but I haven't done too much with it yet.
  4. Win the lottery. Would you rather have tattoos or piercings?
  5. Yay my Springfield is back to normal. But my boardwalk tiles were gone, at least that's all that disappeared. I have my piece ready to be tapped.
  6. I just had 5 handshakes, clicked 4 of them and got 4 tiles. I don't remember whose they were though. I left 1 handshake for whoever can visit me, and I've been visiting everyone that has one available.
  7. I'll do this again, it's lots of fun. I like anything related to animals. Food. Video games. Halloween. Movies, bluray. Really anything would be great, surprise me!
  8. I might change my clock tomorrow too. I only got 3 of the creepy set items.
  9. At the dentist getting an old cavity fixed...
  10. Florida is my choice! I do like the CA parks but I'd rather go to FL.
  11. I haven't been playing too much, and the other day one if my townspeople Hazel was moving out. Couldn't change her mind, it's pretty sad.
  12. Someone at work double dipped (maybe more) in some food, and the plates are just inches away! Me and another co-worker just stared, couldn't believe that just happened.
  13. ^ Same. Fanta Orange Zero, at Olive Garden.
  14. You can get a lot from selling non native perfect fruit. You can only plant your own native perfect fruit and it grows 3 perfect fruits each time. (But you can only harvest 6 or 7 times, then it dies and you have to replant.)
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