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  1. I just got Jillian's outfit, but I used about 20 clams to speed up the tasks a couple times. It was taking so long, I was tired of waiting.
  2. This was my first big coaster when I was little, it seemed so scary to me back then.
  3. I have all the shoes and lipstick, but not any bracelets or necklaces yet.
  4. True The person below me lives in a house.
  5. True The person below me is watching a movie.
  6. Yes Are your Christmas decorations still up?
  7. I might just be able to beat top hat yeti by tomorrow, I don't know about king yeti... And there's a chance I will get Jesus in time.
  8. False The person below me had a white Christmas.
  9. I tried doing that too, visiting from the beginning and next day start at the end. And I just got my nativity in time, it was getting close.
  10. Yesterday a tiny little corner of my tooth broke off, and I wasn't even eating when I noticed it.
  11. I couldn't wait any longer, I opened my gifts, and they're great! Thanks so much secret Santa!!! Cute card I love hot sauces. Yo Gabba Gabba is always fun. Domo shirt, notepad, sticker and keychain! Cute little sushi pillow. It's perfect, it fits right in with the rest of the sushi pillow family.
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