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  1. I thought about it too. My town is a big mess.
  2. I think it's still fun, I play a few times a day but I always am behind. I thought I was going to get Gangster Tricia, got the items and noticed it's 20000 cookies! Not 2000 like I first thought. Don't think I'll ever get that... But I'll get Mr Washee Washee soon.
  3. Yes Do you have a YouTube account?
  4. Yay, they added tasks to get the tubas, I still need 15.
  5. False The person below me lives with their parents.
  6. I unlocked Chris last night, and I'm not going buy Brian's outfit either.
  7. I had a root canal this morning and (so far) feels good. Better than some cavities I've had done. I'm glad because I was a little worried it might be terrible.
  8. Yeah they seem hard for me. I'm a little past half way for all of them now. But I don't think I'll make it since some are 12 hour tasks.
  9. Mnt Dew Baja Blast, in a bottle.
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