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  1. I try to take little as possible to fit in pockets of cargo shorts if it's hot, or jacket with zippers if it's cool. iPhone with charger case, sunglasses, chapstick, Nintendo 3ds, and I switch to a small wallet. But now that we have a baby, I will have to take the diaper bag with all the stuff baby needs.
  2. I would see Back to the Future musical. I like most musicals, I would give it a chance.
  3. A guy at work laughed because I was eating pizza with a fork.
  4. Really great ride at a really great park. I can't even count how many times in a row I rode it during ERT!
  5. Yes! I finally got the Helter Shelter from the spin. Now I just need 2 snow sculptures to finish, but it's not a big deal if I don't.
  6. No, I don't think so. Do you like video games?
  7. Nice report, it looks like a pretty good water park. So crowded though.
  8. I use Facebook the most, followed by YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, in that order.
  9. I really like my gifts! Thanks so much secret Santa! Movies, food, and animals...my favorite things. Creepy clown movie Animal waffle maker! I'm excited to use this. A blowup giraffe! It's pretty big, Jacob can almost sit on it.
  10. I've been on this one, but it's been a few years. I can't really remember it.
  11. I've only won money in my spins, until tonight. Just got the snow monster!
  12. My gift arrived today. I will try and wait till christmas to open it.
  13. Finally... My people asked to build a police station.
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