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  1. I had to work 12 hours yesterday till 3am, then wake up at 8am today. More annoying I wasn't at 40 hours for the week so I didn't even get overtime.
  2. There is a new gift if you go ask for a present at your post office. Also don't forget to go to Best Buy for the cat tower!
  3. Some TPR members might remember my story... At a trampoline place I bounced off the wall and when I landed I twisted my knee. I tore my ACL and meniscus, and had fractures on my tibia and fibula. Couldn't really walk well for a month. Then after surgery I had to use crutches for a month. But I healed up good (took almost a year though).
  4. I just had some Diet Mountain Dew.
  5. I love all candy! But Skittles are at the top of my favorites.
  6. I stopped by Best Buy today and got my raccoon clock!
  7. I switched the screen protector on my phone and a couple bits of dust went under leaving some air bubbles. I hate that!
  8. I was playing this game before work instead of working out! It's kinda addicting.
  9. Name: Queen FC: 0430-8312-2055 Town: Hidden Fruit: Apples AC Name: Amy
  10. It's too hot, I'm ready for winter already.
  11. It looks entertaining with all the cirque like moves, and the dolphins of course. I like how colorful and bright it is, I would like to watch the show whenever I get to Discovery Kingdom again.
  12. Yay, I just got the motel this morning...All done!
  13. It's good to see an update again. It was great seeing you the beginning of the year, hopefully see you again soon!
  14. Daft Punk - "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"
  15. I've been dropping some eggs every day at people's towns who I actually know. I'm not going to send Lisa to anyones town either.
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