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  1. You could easily pull ride off a dark ride similar to Spiderman or DarKastle with a Doctor Who theme and still have it appeal with everybody. The show itslef is pretty action packed and filled with enough drama to keep people entertained.
  2. Hopefully Anaconda can get some new trains with this refurbishment. I dont recall the old ones being all that great. And those anniversary t-shirts are ugly. I'll stick with the new pins instead. I cant wait to see the park release those designs.
  3. The floorless coaster was posted here during construction. It's supposed to be a near clone of SFNE's Dark Knight coaster. The Premier launcher is news to me though. The indoor coaster looks pretty good. Large bunny hills and a small loop make for a really intense ride. I feel more shopping malls in the States would benefit from indoor amusement parks like the one in the video.
  4. I don't really care. I really like both Coke and Pepsi. Both taste about the same and both have their hit-miss sodas. Most of the brands they have outside of the flagship Coke and Pepsi are very similar anyway. I still prefer Mountain Dew over any of the other sodas and I hate drinking Sprite. If I had to choose, I'd probably go for a Dr. Pepper instead.
  5. Cedar Point used to be the roller coaster capital of the world. However Cedar Point is still the defunct coaster capital of the world with 15 defunct coasters. That's more defunct coasters than most parks have operating coasters. In contrast, Canada's Wonderland has never removed a single coaster in its entire lifespan.
  6. One less person in line for Manta and Kraken On another note, I'm glad Sea World is finally fighting back against all this controversy. Ignoring the crazy animal rights activists wasn't going to work in the long run anyway. I don't think Sea World intentionally harms its animals. The animals look to be pretty well cared for (at least on my visits to Busch/SW).
  7. Busch is rehiring and I still haven't filled out an application yet. I got my new phone activated and a new Christmas Town pin yesterday. Pretty good day if I say so myself.
  8. You can't really check with your doctor if you're gonna die in a car accident or something.
  9. I just scored a shiny new Motorola Droid X phone yesterday. It's beautiful, but it hasn't been activated yet. My current phone is an oldskool flip phone. Not sure what the name/brand is, but it's a Motorola. Hell I had a Verizon classic Razr phone for the longest time. The speaker crapped out, so I got a slight upgrade over the summer (phone can receive texts now). Once my Droid is activated, I'll be caught up with the rest of the world lol
  10. Finally picked up my new phone. I think I'm in love Smartphones are so amazing.
  11. Verbolten's fire alarm spiel is really carried over from Darkastle. It will tell you theres a fire alarm in Darkastle's building and to exit your sleigh quickly and carefully. CGA's Stealth was originally gonna be Mission Impossible themed, but Paramount wanted too much money for licensing. Paramount purchased three Flying Dutchman coasters that were supposed to go to KI and KD. After all the problems Stealth faced, they decided to back out of the contract. SF ended up with the remaining two. One of those two ended up in ots intended home, Firehawk. The other sits about an hour north of where it was supposed to go, Batwing.
  12. Again to be fair, many of the acts are trying to distance themselves from the controversy. Its not really fun to be bombarded with countless hate messages surrounding the documentary. Agree with their decision or not. From what i saw on my trip down there last year, the Shamu show was pretty lackluster at most compared to the park's other shows. It didnt really have all the cool tricks or interesting visuals of the dolphin show or Allure. Nor did it have the pet show's humor.
  13. All three shows are phenomenal this year. Deck the Halls is about as good as last year. Gloria is phenomenal with it's amazing actors and music score. Miracles is amazing. Probably even better than it was last year. I actually felt it was the best show of this year.
  14. Has anyone noticed that practically EVERY YouTube video/channel has a commercial you can't skip? When did they implement that? It wasn't so bad before when you could skip after a few seconds, but now you can't skip any of them. - Just something that really annoys me.
  15. Here's a picture of my skyline. Everything else in town is smaller than this due to crazy height restrictions. Nothing can be above four-five stories. If you drive along the outskirts of town, a lot of the hotels are a lot bigger than that, but that's because we have three different counties with different height regulations in this area.
  16. Granted, you now have enough money to visit stores that sell drink coasters or drink coaster factories. I wish I wasn't careful about what I wished for.
  17. Is your avatar a cross between a potato and a donkey?
  18. I love these announcements KD is doing. It generates some pretty good buzz for the park. - I hope Busch pulls something like this off for their 40th. It would be great to have little "new for 2015" announcements leading up to the announcement of their big new Festa attraction.
  19. Most looking forward to - Visiting my first SF park in a VERY long time. Riding my first Batman coaster, Nitro, Kingda Ka, and especially El Toro. - Visiting Canada's Wonderland for the first time since 1998. Riding Leviathan, Behemoth, and Guardian. Crossing Vortex off my bucket list. Trying plenty of unique flats. - Revisiting Hersheypark. Getting an autograph from the cocoa can and hanging out with the chocolate bars. Rerides on the coasters I hit last year and a first ride on Sooperdooperlooper. - Visiting KD for the first time in forever. Getting a photo with the singing mushrooms, riding 305/Dominator, celebrating the park's 40th anniversary. Revisiting Canada... such an amazing country. Seeing Quebec City without getting lost. Revisiting Montreal and Toronto. Getting me some Tim Hortons. And if things work out, visiting Waldameer or Knoebels. Whichever one comes first.
  20. I had a few dreams where I'd ditch work on my break to go to KD. Every time I'd end up at the park and wake up. Each time I get closer and closer to riding 305. It's like my dreams are teasing me. Most of my park dreams take place at Busch. Busch is open in a crazy storm. The water in the river gets high enough to pretty much swallow the coasters. I'm standing on the Italy bridge looking toward Verbolten. The waves and wind pretty much tear the ride apart. The storm is really heavy, so I decide to seek shelter. I come back an hour later and the ride is running with people on it, as if the storm never really happened. The river drop is fully repaired. Before Bolt opened, I had a dream where I was at the park on opening day. Got on the ride and actually got launched into an actual forest. The branches were low enough to touch and the special effects were actually real (real rain, real wild animals). I woke up before approaching the freefall.
  21. How Hersheypark made it this long without a teacup ride is actually kinda baffling. These additions are great! I'll be looking forward to taking my nephew on some of these next summer. And then maybe even convince him to try the woodies/Looper.
  22. From what I've read on other sites, the bands are distancing themselves from the controversy, not Sea World. .38 Special just pulled out because of some crazy backlash on their Facebook page not too long ago. For a while, all these artist pages were being hammered with hate comments. - Chances are you'll probably see them play at the Busch parks in the future once this whole Blackfish thing dies down.
  23. ^ Dragster has that same downward spiral. It's not a SF thing, it's a design thing I don't 'get' how Intamin OTSRs are all that bad. Storm Runner and Fahrenheit were incredibly comfy, not very bulky (like B&M ones) and the shoulder pieces are far enough apart to keep your head from being boxed around. The only harnesses I had trouble with were Cheetah Hunt's, and only because they like to clamp down on your legs more than anything. I'd say those are worse than Skyrush's harnesses.
  24. ^^ I guess considering organizations like PETA are media whores, ignoring them would probably be in the best interests at that rate. If its only 100 guests avoiding the park due to lack of concerts, the park is better off leaving the concerts out compared to the thousands of guests visiting the park every day at that point. And even then, the park can hold its own without the concerts. Especially if beer's involved.
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