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  1. I'm sorry, I'm not techy and don't know how to do a lot of the stuff you do. I just started doing stuff like this so no I don't know everything. I don't know how to edit videos or make websites that look nice. You've been doing stuff like that for a long time and I'm just a kid. I didn't think it was that horrible to not know how to make a MP3 file. Didn't you have to learn how to make them too? You had to learn and now I do. You could be a good teacher and just explain it or leave long sarcastic instructions. I'm sorry I wasn't born knowing how to do this.
  2. ^ As I said I don't know how to do MP3 files so I couldn't follow the instructions exactly. If someone tells me how to do MP3 files I will. Untill then that's all I have. Sorry. Edit: I think kicking me out of the contest is a little far. It should be on how you pronounce the coaster not how you submit your entry becuase that's not fair to everyone.
  3. http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=CIMG0649_t3bg That's my entry. I dont know how to do MP3 and that stuff so sorry.
  4. Looks amazing, would love to ride it, but the seats could be a matinence nightmare. I could see this being picked up my S&S Power.
  5. I have been wondering this for a long time and really want to know. Sorry if you consider this spam but I cant find the answer anywhere. What was at Animal Kingdom before Expedition Everest opened. What was in that big vast area. The coasters not too new or too old, so something must have been in that area before EE was announced. Just wondering if any one knows what was there. Someone on a Youtube comment said there was a Boomerang but I don't trust that. Does anyone know?
  6. 14/20, learned it by surfing this site for hours. Some were complete guesses that I got right.
  7. They should sell five dollar passes for the lockers. Put your pass in any one locker at a time, it opens, put in your crap, ride and take your crap out later. That would be better than paying a bunch of seperate times.
  8. ^ Thats just what I heard. After reading this I geuss that wasn't true.
  9. This makes me feel better. My sisters friends dad, owns a Panera Bread here in Wisconsin and Sfgam dropped him as a client because they said the park was closing. When was the interview taken? That would help me now whats going on.
  10. downunder wrote: Why would Little Amerricka get the Little Dipper when they already have the Meteor which is a clone of it?
  11. So I'm seeing lots of people make threads about one park so I thought of making this thread. This thread is about lots of parks though, not just one. Any news about Wisconsin Dells parks can be posted here. Things like new rides or rides being renamed. I'll start. According to RCDB, Timber Fall's Avalanche has been renamed Hellcat.
  12. Midwest!!!!! We got Cedar Point, Hellcat (A.K.A. Avalanche) Hades, Voyage and other amazing woodies. Plus the Wisconsin Dells has has at least seven theme parks or places with a few rides. Not to forgot the amazing airtime machine that is Viper. Midwest is the best!! Other regions propaganda no more!!! And no I didn't forget Beast and Son of Beast you Kings Island fanboys. Maverick all the way!
  13. Sorry if this sounds weird but can settle this for me, me friend and I got in an argurment at school about where homosexuals and lesbians are married. He said there only married in states that allow gay marriage, I said there married everywhere no matter what. Please tell me I'm right, I hate being wrong.
  14. I did a search and found nothing, anyway I've heard a little that my favorite home park, Little Amerricka, will be rebuilding Lincoln Park's Comet. Their website says nothing about it so I was wondering if it was true. I read they were rebuilding it and I heard the one from Lincoln Park was being moved their. Is any of this true? Does anyone know whats going on with this?
  15. ^ There are videos on S&S website, but I don't know if there by TPR, Vekoma and GCI had nothing. There's lots on Intamin's website, but again don't know if it's TPR.
  16. ^ Even though someone already said that I want stuff like that here. Wasn't some TPR footage at a IAAPA show.
  17. LOL to the Foghorn picture. They should put statues in the ground, not just set them down.
  18. I'm going to Six Flags this summer. At first we weren't gonna ride this, but now I want to! How fast does the line move and is the ride long or short.
  19. ^ I saw it on the DVD, and I didnt know if it was on the site, so people without the DVD might not know about it.
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