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  1. I made a little commercial for themeparkreview. See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrIRmEwScc4
  2. When I try to put up RCT3 pictures it says there too big and videos won't load. Is there a way I should be posting pictures instead of just upload them how the game save them on my computer?
  3. WI only had small parks. Little Amerricka (It is spelled that way so don't ban me for bad spelling) is really cool. They have four coasters. 3 steel 1 wood. The wood one (Meteor) is incredibly smooth. You could make a perfect pov on it. The steel coasters each have some rough parts but are fun. They are putting in a full-size model of the comet from Lincoln Park. They also have some great kiddie rides, go-karts, bumper boats, haunted house, really long but cool train ride that goes through farms, giant slide, scrambler, tilt-a-whirl, mini golf, ferrris wheel, bumper cars and roll-o-plane. They are looking for a log flume and looping coaster. (Wisonsins first!) Wisconsin Dells Parks: Mt. Olympus - 6 coasters (4 wood, 2 steel) I think 8 go-kart tracks, giant swing, kiddie rides, bumper cars, ball pit, flat rides and water park. Timber Falls - 1 wood coaster, log flume, bumper boats, mini golf, and sky scraper thrill ride. Rivereview Park and Waterworld - 2 small steel coasters, Catch-n-Air, other kiddie rides, waterpark, go-karts. Knuckleheads (indoor) - 1 small steel coaster, frog hopper, go-karts other rides. Extreme World - Go-karts, bungee jump and various versions of bungee jumping. Bay Beach - No coaster, kiddie rides, bumper cars, ferris wheel, scrambler, tilt-a-whirl, other rides. A lot like Little Amerricka
  4. First off I know this seems like clutter, but as soon as I get the answer I will delete this. So please please don't lock this. Ok so if you have the Midwest Mania dvd what is the song playing during the Kennywood coaster segment. The segment that shows povs of the coaster. The last one is what is the song in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azrneQj-GSE It's of the Wild-und Freitzeitpark Klotten park in Germany. I don't know if its the same segment from the dvd. So if you know the song and band please tell me. Thanks!
  5. I know. A coaster with trains on top and below the track. It might be hard for inversions but It would be cool. A coaster in an underwater dome would also be cool.
  6. X-works is a motocycle company in Wales. Why would they need coaster parts?
  7. Looks like a mini-maverick. Did anyone else noticing the track changes at the bunny hills. Look at about 1 minute or so into the video.
  8. Well here people can find a bunch of great parks. Making a new thread for every park is cluttering up the forum.
  9. What you do is just upload a video, photo or youtube link to a video of your Roller Coaster Tycoon park. Here is my park "Moutain Peak Park"
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