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  1. I'm sorry my question became so heated. I really want to just forget about it. I never meant to be rude so I'm really sorry if it came off as that. I know that Robb puts a lot of work into these trips and events and they turn out great. I only asked because the next thing wasn't for a while so I thought it might be a typing error. Ok? That's the only reason I asked. I thought if someone who was going was wondering about it too, that I clear it up. I've never been on a TPR trip or SFDK so I don't know how much you can done in 15 minutes. Yes, I now see that I should have worded my question differently. I'm sorry this whole thing started. And I completely understand what you said Robb. I'm really really sorry. I'm not complaining. I was trying to ask a simple question. I understand I should have worded it differently but I was never complaining!
  2. ^ It doesn't matter to me because I'm not going. Just wondering because that seems like not everyone will have time to get on.
  3. Why did the Liquidator close? It looked awesome in Malcolm in the Middle. They showed it having a huge splash when people flew out.
  4. I don't know when I'll get started on this. I have a few things done, but I don't have a lot of time to build.
  5. ^ I get what youre saying. I think that after people saw the first one it just really took off like fred and smosh. (if you don't know them search on YouTube) I think it's just a fad and that this isn't going to become huge. Also I don't think the subtitles were added becuasebit was Hitler, I thinkbit was more because of the actions. You could add lots of funny stuff to I along with those actions.
  6. ^ Thanks, I'll remember that. Does it help if you sit on either side?
  7. Mt.Olympus and probably Timber Falls this weekend. I can get my first ride on Hades and Hellcat. Can't wait for Hades front row action.
  8. ^ I thought it was in Japan, I didn't say anything becuase I had no clue what the park was. Do you know this shirt?
  9. Since it's been a really long time and noones guessed can you give a hint?
  10. Look what I found in 30 seconds. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=46026 Your answer. You need to look harder. It was on the smae page.
  11. This has already been answered. Look before just making a thread. Also it's not spam. It's called getting the word out. Not everyone can go on the site whenever they want so the emails keep them updated. And if you can't afford the trip, too bad. Robbs not going to stop sending you trip emails just because you can't afford one. The email list is a great thing that's just one more thing Robb does that takes time and makes the site awesome.
  12. I'm going to the Wisconsin Dells next weekend and we will be going to Mt.Olympus and Timber Falls. I have four questions. 1- Apollo's swing (Mt.Olymous) and Skyscraper (Timber Falls) are both rides you have to pay extra for. Are they worth it? I think they are both $10, correct me if I'm wrong, so I don't wanna pay unless I know they are good rides. 2- What go-karts at Mt. Olympus do you reccomend. Also has anyone been on the new indoor go-karts that can tell if it's just an oval inside or if it goes outside at all? 3- Timber Falls has two mini golf courses. I know at least one isn't connected to the park, is the other one by it or is it in the park? 4- It's my first time to Timber Falls so anything you know about the park would be great like wait times, best seat on coaster, how much time the park needs. Anything would be nice. Thanks. (I will post a Photo Trip of Timber Falls because two rides there are missing from the index. I'm not sure if I'll do one for Mt. Olympus maybe just a small one.)
  13. ^ The time machine/zepplin and the supports. My main problem is I can't find a good board to build it on.
  14. ^ I will. I haven't started modeling yet, just painting everything. I start within the week.
  15. ^ Thanks for the advice. I hope the new title catches peoples eye when they're scrolling through the forum.
  16. We also have raffles and this year we might get some inflatables for little kids.
  17. I guess I was trying to get my point across of how big of a difference in the first launch I was seeing. And from the station I couldn't see the front car so I don't know how high it went. The back car however, sometimes it didn't hit the twists and other times it went high enough that I couldn't see it unless the station roof was gone.
  18. When I saw the coaster right away I thought of Jack Rabbit at Celebration City. Is the ride like that coaster in anyway?
  19. When I was at SFGAM and waiting in line for V2 I noticed that the first launch was alwyas different. Sometimes the train went to the top of the spike, sometimes the last car didnt hit the twists at all. Why is that? Does it have to do with the weight on the train or how long between launches? Also does anyone know why they arent using the holding brake?
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