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  1. RiscIt

    Email Opt Out?

    Thanks for the link. Very helpful. The attitude... not so much.
  2. *Have* you released a ride lately? I may even re-install NL if that's the case.
  3. There was a time when this board was just about nice coaster videos... Now all my forum membership here seems to get me is 2-3 messages a week about a DVD for sale or a trip I'll never be able to afford. Is there a promotional email opt-out? The messages have a "Powered by PHPlist, www.phplist.com --" footer but no unsubscribe options or even a "you are receiving this message *because*...." line (a serious mass-email breach of etiquette in my book, but that's another rant entirely)... In any case... Is it possible to be a member of the forum without getting all the promotional emails and if so how? Thanks in advance.
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