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  1. No but someday I want to. Do you own an iphone36S?
  2. 1. Stewie- Thank you fat man, when the world is mine your death shall be quick and painless. 2. Stewie- Victory is mine! (Classic!) 3. Meg- I'm just gonna go kill myself Stewie- I'll be there shortyl 4. Peter- Brain you ain't going anywhere with out your leash! Brain- I dont need your damn leash and I dont need you Stewie- (jumping up and down) Lets get a Kitty!!!
  3. Hello everyone. My cousin has MD and every year we have a carnival/sports tournament thing to raise money. We have games, food and this were we might get some inflatables et up. The fundraiser is held in Pewaukee WI. Kids and adults will enjoy it so if you could go to this site that would be great. Thank you. http://friendsofmatttournament.yolasite.com Edit: Front page is almost done. If you know anyone that lives in the area tell them please.
  4. I just figured out you can only delete your last post and if you delete it than only the one before that so people would be urged to only put up one thing at a time and if it doesn't sell, change it.
  5. It's fine. Asking for a site would be way too much of me and as you said it would take a lot of money. Yes it could get messy. Thats why I was thinking that if you wanted to but stuff you would PM the person and when your item is sold you would delete your post. It probably will never happen, I just want to kno what other people think.
  6. I thought of something today that I was wondering if the site could ever have it. A thread used like Ebay or Amazon where people could put up park and rollercoaster (only!) stuff that they have and people could buy it. Bidding might be hard and get complicated so it would be a first come first serve thing. If you want to buy something you would PM the seller. Than if they sold it they could delete their post off the thread. The seller would decide how the buyer should pay like on Ebay. I don't care if this never happens and yes it is a little complicated. Maybe just adding a thing in the store where members can sumbit stuff they have and put it up for sale. It's just an idea I had.
  7. I don't know if someone asked this before, sorry if they did, but how do you make the DVDS? I'm not wondering about editing software, I'm wondering how do you get the copies of the DVDs and the boxes. Any stuff in the TPR store, where do you get all that from?
  8. Since STR8FXXXINEDGE still hasnt posted a picture in 5 days, I can post one. Good Luck.
  9. I was at Great America yesterday so here is my input on the rides I went on. Batman- Amazing. We sat in the front row, best ride you could have on it. V2- Being short I could barely get in the seats. Other than that, great ride, would be better if the holding break was on. Viper- Meh, I barely got any airtime, nothing compared to my last ride on it. Raging Bull- Front row was awesome. Really fun ride, the only problem was it broke down while we were in line. Superman- Not worth the wait. We waited about 2 hours for a 30 second ride. It was my first flying coaster so I didnt know what to expect. Really lame and short ride. Demon- Running really well! Didn't get hurt like last time. American Eagle Blue- OMFG. That was so smooth, it was running awesome. Great ride, I really think it's a can't miss. Giant Drop- First time on it. When your on the ride it doesnt seem to fall as fast as it looks.
  10. Bing commercial. Pause it at 00:24 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy7Grx3fb2M I've also seen a McDonalds commercial where they say: Someone even has to test the coasters, and they show someone riding Goliath at SFMM. Then at the end they show someone eating a Big Mac with Viper running in the background. Car Commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8JXnUqergs
  11. I'm going to SFGAM tomorrow with friends and I need help with one thing. I dont wanna wear shoes because of how warm it is and water rides etc. So my question is, if I wear flip flops or any sandal that might fall off on a ride, do they let you keep them at the stations for rides? I heard at SFSTL for Batman and other rides they make you sit on them or hold them. Is it the same way at SFGAM? Also any tips for getting in lots of coasters would be great. We want to get on Raging Bull, Viper, Demon, American Eagle (whatever side has a shorter wait) Batman and Superman. Buccaner Battle too, if the weather is nice. Any answers will help. Thanks.
  12. Just yesterday at a Fair I went to, the ride op (well not the op, but the guy standing by the entrance) for the Gravitron was really happy and pretty funny. He got all excited when I walked over from the Round-Up and he yelled," Yeah, this ride is better, we got music." Just a very happy, excited man.
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