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  1. I was at Great America today so I took some construction photos of Buccaneer Battle opening May 15. The ride looks great, but a lot of work still needs to be done. I'll let the photos do the talking. Why did I put this at the end of the update? Is it just me or does that rabbit kinda look really slutty? The ride buildings look great! OMG! Coasters, construction and tractors or whatever that thing is, this is the greatest TPR picture ever! This is called dirt. We think it came from Mars and this is the first time it has ever been seen on earth. A good picture blocked by that stupid pole! Another ride sign. Here's the logo of the ride.
  2. When name a peep D lean and you get the custom routes camera editor thing, how do you use that? And anytime I press the record button on it it's at the bottom of the screen. How do I use it?
  3. I use the Casio Exilim S10. It's really lighweight and thin so if you can't film on a ride its easy to slip in your pocket. It has a great battery life and has special fetures for filming videos for You Tube and fireoworks. Even though it's a digitial camer it's ment for filiming. It has a little bit of video editing you can use on the camera. It comes with a downloadable You Tube uploader where you can upload videos on to You Tube without opening the internet. I really love mine. It even has smile option where it won't take the picture until the person it's on is smiling. How cool is that?
  4. I know this seems stupid but I can't figure it out. When you post something on a thread and you include something someone else, how do you get it to say so and so wrote and then have their writting in a white box? When I copy and paste it doesn't do that. What do I do?
  5. Riding a car or bike or anything like that on hills makes me think or coasters. Even just swinging. Anything with motion I guess. When I go on spinny chairs I pretend I'm on a Wild Mouse or anyother spinning ride.
  6. I'm probably going to head up to SFGAM this Saturday. It depends on the weather but as of right now it looks good. If I go I'll post construction photos of Buccaner Battle as well as my first trip report!
  7. Well thats four years old and I have some different ones up. Why does this have 25 views and only my vote? If you see this thread please vote.
  8. I dont think a thread like this has been made. If there is sorry. There are a lot of different coaster companies so vote on which one you like best. If I missed one sorry again. If you don't know any coasters built by a company I can also tell you that or search on www.rcdb.com
  9. My first was Rock N' Roller Coaster. Before I went on it I didn't know it had inversions and when I was on the ride I barely noticed I was upside down.
  10. I'm probably going to Cedar Point in August but before that I'll go to Six Flags Great America when Buccaneer Battle is open and maybe Little Amerricka or some parks in the Wisconsin Dells. With that my first coaster of 2009 is most likely Ragin' Bull. When I go I'll post trip reports.
  11. That was really funny, only on Robb's part though. Coasterboy didn't really get on of the jokes and was kinda the no fun boy. Robb pronouncing innuendo was hilarious. Does anyone know what song was playing starting at 00:57? Pussy, Money, Weed
  12. I have to get this dvd! I have the Around The World dvd so I got a little bit of Japan but this shows Japans "true colors" with some of it's wild parks!
  13. I know I was just a little sad. At least now I can find a lot of it on coaster tube.
  14. I watch the footage disks more, but I don't like how you include parks in the first disk but dont have any coaster fottage from them on the second disk. For the midwest trip I was sad that there was no King's Island or Six Flags, ( Kentucky and Great America ) coaster povs.
  15. Yes, I was right about Canada! The park wasn't right but at least I got the right area!
  16. MG wrote: Many of these photos have dates for the 4th June 2008. They have all been edited in Photoshop. Saw at Thorpe Park is opening this Friday but no other park in the UK is really open at the moment. Alton Towers is closed (I think!) until easter. This isn't helping at all. If you read one of the other where in the world are Robb and Elissa they say they brought multiple cameras that they got on different days and didn't set the date. So pictures from different cameras will have diffferent dates.
  17. Is the 10 Inversion coaster at Chimelong Paradise the same as Collosus at Thorpe Park?
  18. I know Mr. Starr. It's just what I thought of. But once again why go from Minnesota to England. And to everyone who said their going to Disney World, that route would make no sense.
  19. Thanks dandaman. I guess I was right after all! The Saw poster probably means the Saw coaster coming in at Thorpe Park but why would they go from Minnesota to England on a short trip?
  20. From what I said before I got confused about where British Columbia was. Sorry.
  21. One thing I can think of for 23 is that number 23 in Mitch Hawks coaster poll for wood is Coaster in Canada and in steel is Stormrunner at Hersheys Park. Going from California to Canada would take you through Minnesota.
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