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  1. Hint: It has the word World in the name but not the word Magic. And no Im not just saying this so you thinnk it isnt magic world and then it is BeemerBoy.
  2. Thats to throw you off. I'm not stupid enough to do that so no it's not magic world.
  3. I don't know if it was just a good day when I went but I didnt experiance anything wrong with the ride ops that everyone else is saying.
  4. ^ Well that was last year so maybe the ride ops were different and better.
  5. I got some wooden dowwels for supports and for the track some very bendy foam that works well for zero-g rolls becuase it's so bendy ad twisty.
  6. When I went operations were great. They interacted with the riders and got the trains moving. The indoor theme park is more for familys with little kids. It's not the best but before they got it if it rained and everything closed the only thing was the indoor water park. Every park should have some covered rides and even though you didnt like the indoor park, I saw lots of other kids having fun in it. I do agree that Opa is slow. Thats the only ride I saw with bad operations. They hit the brakes and stopped every car like three times. I also saw where you sit makes your car spin more/less. It's a kiddy woody what do you expect? Anyways despite operarions and that stuff, you'll love the park. I hope Hades runs good for you cuz Im going to Mt.O anyday from the 23-26 when Im going up to the Dells.
  7. ^ Yes I am, but I'm making it as time machine not Led. It really only changes some of the theming I guess.
  8. I entered a picture of DEmon at SFGAM on the second loop taken while waiting in line.
  9. I'm going on the 7th and theres a concert (Raven) starting at 7:00 so a couple questions since I've never been there on a concert day.Where are the concerts and does this pull a crowd to that area so rides there get a long wait time and ones far away get short wait times ? I know Raging Bull and big coasters pretty much always have long lines in the summer but do flat rides get shorter wait times? Final question, out of the two log flumes which one do you reccomend on a day when we are trying to get a lot in? And no, we are not getting flash passes because we just dont wanna pay for them.
  10. ^ Well I guess it's the highest I've ever seen. The only looping sitdown coaster I live by is Demon at SFGAM, so I guess I don't know that other looping coasters have high height restrictions.
  11. I have that on my camera to. It's really fun to just play with and works great how you used it for coasters. But sometimes what it counts as a smile isnt really a smile just a weird face or something.
  12. Thats a pretty tall height restriction. That will cut out lots of potenial riders.
  13. So what rides did you really ride, not just take pictures of? Did you use the Q-bot? I'm going up with three friends on July 7 and I want to get on idea of how much we can get on.
  14. themeparkman25, your models are amazing. I hope someday I can make one as great as yours but because this is my first and a learning experience it will be quite simple. I just needed a little project for over spring break and I'm only 12 and making this by myself so what can you expect. I do have plans for making the time machine that sits next to the ride and the lake most of the ride is over. Don't know about other theming, maybe just a simple station. Soon I have to get to a hobby store and get the stuff and I'll post construction pics so you can see how I do on my first model. Any little tips and tricks any one has would be great.
  15. Since this my first model, I wanted something with a simple design so I picked Time Machine/Led Zeppilen, so I need stuff I can bend well for the inversions.
  16. I'm very interested in making rollercoaster models but I have no clue what to make them with. I dont want to buy sets like Knex and stuff like that. I dont need it to be a working model so if you've made models before, what are some things you use to make them? Don't worry about prices I just want to know what to use.
  17. Good idea. Noones posted a building in a park, at least not since I started following this thread. It looks weird. I dont have a park but because it looks so F****d up I think its in Japan or Denamark.
  18. I went to RCDB, refreshed the page three times and each time the random rollercoaster was the Dragon Wagon at Neverland Ranch. So yeah it's on purpose that it's there. Even coaster nerds have ways to honor MJ.
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